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Shulk is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles and calls Colony 9 his home, where he works as a young scientist to improve the lives of everyone around him. When he begins the game, Shulk is seen researching the Monado, a powerful sword that is the only thing that’s capable of hurting the Mechon. Shulk believes the Monado is hiding many powers, which is why he spent his whole life researching it. After an event, Shulk learns to wield the Monado and unlocks the power to see the future.


Shulk is a character that seems like he is required to be in the party at all times, due to his Monado Arts and while this is true, especially in the case of fighting Mechon, Shulk isn’t entirely needed. One advantage of using Shulk in battle is the fact he has access to all of his Arts and doesn’t need to substitute them out for others. Another plus for Shulk is that he has a lot of Arts that require specific positioning, meaning they can contribute to building the Party Gauge if used right. Of course, the AI is not exactly the best at utilizing these positional Arts to their full advantage, but it’s not completely braindead. The AI is definitely not the best when using Monado Arts, so you may want to control Shulk if you’re using him in your battle party.

Speaking about Shulk’s Monado Arts, they are quite varied and make Shulk a wonderful support character. Monado Purge allows him to get rid of spike shields, even if for a very short duration, while Monado Shield and Speed allow characters to avoid major damage. By far the best Monado Art in the game, Monado Armour is a party-wide buff that essentially mitigates all damage taken, up to 75% at max level. Considering when you have access to pumping up the Monado Arts to their max level, then this will be especially useful in the long run. One of the few problems that Shulk has is his HP is rather low among the cast; it’s the third lowest, actually, meaning he might have some HP issues if he manages to gain aggro. However, his Strength and Agility are pretty good and despite his lack of weaponry, the Monado will actually level up with Shulk.

(1 of 2) A lot of Shulk’s Arts require him to be in specific positions

A lot of Shulk’s Arts require him to be in specific positions (left), Back Slash can be one of Shulk’s most powerful skills (right)

Best Gifts

The following are the best gifts to give Shulk to help boost his Affinity with for other playable characters.

# Hearts Gift Item
Love Source
Azure Hollyhock, Blue Chain, Digital Filament, Grape Spring, Pauper’s Cup, Rainbow Slug, Shield Bug, Winding Gear
Art Core Coil, Black Blossom, Black Panel, Blue Blood, Blue Light Amp, Cable Mouse, Dramatic Night, Modern Blue Gear, Mud Squirrel, Mystery Firefly, Orb Daisy, Rumble Stonefly, Sirius Anemone, Steel Hauyne, Strong Screw, Thunder Compass, Water Boatman


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