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Sword Valley Quests

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Sword Valley Surprise Quests

During your run through Sword Valley you will come across four Surprise Quests as you make your way to Galahad Fortress. These quests are entirely optional, but they will expire when you reach the end of Mechonis Field.

Secure Dolgan Outpost

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Dolgan Outpost Anytime

You need to go into Dolgan Outpost so you can activate the Gate Lock Release for the 4th Gate. When you do so, you will activate this quest, however, it is not required to continue the story quest or reach the button to activate the 4th Gate. You will have to go up to the 1st floor of the outpost, where you will find the level 49 unique Mechon enemy, Prudent Purson, who is flanked by two lower level Mechon enemies. The fight might be a little tough if you are not playing as Shulk, so consider switching party leader if you need to, during the run through Sword Valley. You can also buy some Anti-Mechon Weapons made by Dickson, at the Supply Convoy. They are likely to be a significantly lower level than the weapons you already possess so consider carefully whether they’re worth it.

This quest is completed once you have defeated Prudent Purson.

Secure Enalda Control Base

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Enalda Control Base 32000G, 8000 EXP, Orion Gloves

This Surprise Quest is activate when you head towards Enalda Control Base. You must head inside the Control Base in order to activate the Gate Lock Release for 3rd Gate. This time it is likely you will have to fight the leader that has taken control of the Base. The level 50 unique Mechon enemy, Tranquil Morax is blocking your way to the Gate Lock Release. He is also accompanied by two lower level Mechon enemies. This fight will be tougher than the last Surprise Quest, so take care to use the Monado’s Arts as frequently as you can.

This quest is completed once you have defeated Tranquil Morax.

The Tranquil Morax guards the Gate Lock Release.

3rd Gate Front Line

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Gate 3 40000G, 15000 EXP, Orion Shoes

This Surprise Quest is activated when you open the 3rd Gate. You will be asked to defeat the level 53 Unique Mechon enemy Reinforcement M104, which will be no easy task. In front of it, are several other enemies of varying type and strength. On the front line, there are many level 47 M54 Armoured Units, then behind them are some M63X Android Units and M63 Harvester Units. The Reinforcement M104 stands behind them, flanked by two flying Mechon enemies. Your best bet is to use the Lure tactic to lure each line of enemies to you, starting with the Armoured Units. Be careful with your positioning as you do not want to be aggro-ing too many enemies at once.

This quest will be completed once you have defeated the Reinforcement M104.

Secure the Radio Tower

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Radio Tower 45000G, 22000 EXP, Topple Resist IV, Daze Resist IV

This Surprise Quest is activated when you walk nearby the Radio Tower, which is in the Southern most parts of Sword Valley. You will be tasked with the objective to defeat the level 55 Unique Mechon enemy, Lightning Ronove. Like the 3rd Gate Front Line quest, there are several enemies surrounding the Lighting Ronove. To make it an easier fight, you should avoid fighting all of them at once by using the Lure tactic on the frontline enemies. The frontline consists of M54 Attack Units. Flanking the Lightning Ronove are two level 48 M63 Destruction Units. When fighting the Lightning Ronove, the Break, Topple, Daze combo is your best bet to ensure he doesn’t get any huge attacks in on your party. If you reach a full party gauge during your fight with the frontline enemies, consider saving the Chain Attack until you fight the Lightning Ronove.

This quest will be completed once you have defeated the Lightning Ronove.

The Lightning Ronove is surrounded by other Mechon enemies, making the fight significantly harder.


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