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Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Agniratha is the capital city of the Mechonis, although the Machina people do not live there anymore. It is located in the head of the Mechonis and the player gets there from the Central Factory. In order to access the Seven Sage Cloister, you need to complete all of the optional quests in Agniratha, then interact with the Capital Control Terminal to receive the Cloister Key. Take the nearby elevator to the Data Centre and you can open either of the Observation Doors on the side, leading to the Seven Sage Cloister.


Category Items Reward
Fruit Juicy Blueberry, Sweet Lime, Spicy Banana Auto-Heal Up III
Flower Lewisia Silver, Freesia Cyst, Bellflower Crystal Topple Resist IV
Bug Electric Cricket, Scissor Bug Ether Def Up IV
Nature Missing Tree, Fortune Feather Ether Def Down IV
Parts Fancy Bolt, Blue Light Amp, Fairy Tale Diode, Grape Spring Daze Resist IV
Strange Eryth Blue, Dramatic Night Tension Swing III
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Debuff Resist IV gem


Landmark When Available Area
Factory Transporter First Visit GF
Central Tower First Visit GF
1st Control Platform First Visit 2F
4th Control Platform First Visit 2F
Meyneth Statue First Visit 2F
2nd Control Platform First Visit 3F
3rd Control Platform First Visit 3F
Shrine Transporter First Visit 3F
Meyneth Shrine Story Event 3F
Seven Sage Cloister (Secret) First Visit 3F


Location When Available Area
Cleas Pillar First Visit GF
Residential District 1 First Visit GF
Residential District 2 First Visit GF
Calcos Pillar First Visit GF
Helas Pillar First Visit 1F
Dios Pillar First Visit 1F
Zedonia Plaza First Visit 2F
Telethia Bridge First Visit 2F
Data Centre First Visit 3F
Legislative District First Visit 3F
Judicial District First Visit 3F
Worship Terrace First Visit 3F
Meyneth Cloister First Visit 3F

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Defensive/SHAME 64-65 Legislative and Judicial Districts
Exterminator/EMBER 65 Zedonia Plaza
M36/SACRE 53 Zedonia Plaza
M37/EAGER 62 Residential District 2
M55/DREAD 62 Section below Zedonia Plaza
M56/UNION 61 Residential District 2
M67/HASTE 61 Residential District 2
M67/RADAR 63-65 Around Zedonia Plaza, Legislative and Judicial Districts
M67/REALM 63 Residential District 2
M68/MISER 63 Residential District 2
M87/GRAND 65 Dios Pillar, Helas Pillar, Calcos Pillar, Cleas Pillar
M97/CYCLE 66 North/Northeast of Helas Pillar
Mass-Produced Face 67 Dios Pillar, Helas Pillar, Calcos Pillar, Cleas Pillar
Offensive/BRAVE 64 North of Zedonia Plaza

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Destructive Bors 64 By Telethia Bridge
Experienced Tristan 64 North of Zedonia Plaza
Meditative Varla 65 By Telethia Bridge
Sentimental Flamral 66 Judicial District
Soothed Aglovale 65 Legislative District
Vagabond Allocer 63 North/Northeast of Helas Pillar
Wise Gremory 68 On bridge near Zedonia Plaza
Wrathful Orobas 67 South of Dios Pillar


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