Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Colony 9

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Colony 9 is the first major area of the game and a Homs settlement, with it being the home of Shulk, Reyn, Fiora, and Dunban. It is located on the Bionis’ right calf and the entrance to Tephra Cave can be found on the western side of the map. One must be careful exploring some of the areas of the map, as there are plenty of high level monsters roaming, although it is possible to get all Landmarks and Locations right away, if one is careful. With it being the first real town in the game, you will find plenty of quests to do and be introduced to a lot of mechanics.


Category Items Reward
Vegetables Sweet Wasabi, Cool Potato, Red Lettuce, Chewy Radish Quick Step III
Fruit Dance Apple, Black Kiwi Agility Up II
Flowers Strong Dandelion, Moon Flower, Dawn Hydrangea Poison Defence III
Bug Prairie Dragonfly, Giant Hornet, White Beetle, Sorrow Beetle Regnas Gauntlets
Parts Blue Chain, Rabbit Diode Ether Up II
Strange Plate Snow, Rainbow Zirconia Strength Up II
  • The reward for completing the entire area’s Collectopaedia is the Carbon Driver weapon for Reyn.


Landmark When Available
Gem Man’s Stall First visit
Mechon Wreckage Site First visit
Main Entrance First visit
Ether Light First visit
Central Plaza First visit
Fortress Entrance First visit
Tranquil Square First visit
Outlook Park First visit
Tephra Cave Entrance First visit
Cylinder Hangar Story related


Location When Available
Commercial District First visit
Military District First visit
Residential District First visit
Dunban’s House First visit
Weapon Development Lab First visit
Anti-Air Battery 1 First visit
Anti-Air Battery 2 First visit
Anti-Air Battery 3 First visit
Tephra Hill First visit
Cliff Lake First visit
Agora Shore First visit
Hazzai Cape First visit

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Baby Armu 31 Agora Shore
Baby Armu 8-10 South of Anti-Air Battery 1
Beach Krabble 1-5 South of Anti-Air Battery 1; Cliff Lake
Chordy Skeeters 34 Agora Shore
Clinger Antol 35-38 Northern Agora Shore; Inside cave north of Cliff Lake
Colony Krabble 8-9 Cliff Lake (Night)
Colony Piranhax 5-8 Inside cave below Outlook Park; In Cliff Lake; In water below Tephra Cave Entrance
Common Caterpile 1-2 Path between Mechon Wreckage Site and Main Entrance
Cute Brog 5-6 Around Anti-Air Battery 1 and Cliff Lake
Hand Bunnit 1-3 Lower part of Tephra Hill
Heavy Brog 38-39 Agora Shore; In cave near Cliff Lake
Junk Bunnit 6-9 Near Cliff Lake and Mechon Wreckage Site
Knuckle Bunnit 4 Upper part of Tephra Hill
Lake Flamii 6-8 Near Anti-Air Battery 1
Light Skeeter 7-9 Southwest of Anti-Air Battery 1
Little Bunnit 1-3 Path between Mechon Wreckage Site and Main Entrance
Little Vang 4-6 Outside the Main Entrance Landmark (Night)
Marble Krabble 7-12 Hazzai Cape
Pawn Piranhax 2 Water below Outlook Park (Night) with Lake Magdalena
Plain Armu 35-38 Agora Shore
Praying Caterpile 3-4 Near Anti-Air Battery 1; On Tephra Hill
Resplendent Flamii 68-74 Around Anti-Air Battery 2
Ridge Antol 4-5 In cave below Outlook Park; Shore near Anti-Air Battery 1
Shadow Vang 35-38 Agora Shore; Cave behind Cliff Lake
Solid Krabble 33-35 Hazzai Cape (Night)
Stone Krabble 5-9 Hazzai Cape; South of Agora Shore
Throne Sardi 70-72 Waters near Hazzai Cape and Anti-Air Battery 2; Shore north of Anti-Air Battery 2
Wood Bunnit 3-5 Tephra Hill

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Dark Murakmor 18 Anti-Air Battery 3 (Night)
Enchanting Grune 13 Beach below Tephra Cave Entrance (05:00)
Evil Rhangrot 6 Tephra Hill
Flailing Bracken 73 Shore north of Anti-Air Battery 2
Gentle Mother Armu 37 Agora Shore
Gentle Rodriguez 40 North end of Agora Shore
Impenetrable Redrob 38 South side of Hazzai Cape (Night)
Itinerant Redrob 6 Cliff Lake (Day)
Lake Magdalena 6 Underneath Outlook Park (Night)
Lakebed Orthlus (1) 40 Agora Shore
Roguish Frengel 39 Cave north of Cliff Lake
Shadeless Matrix 44 Tunnel north of Cliff Lake (Night)
Speedy Ramshyde 10 Cliff Lake
Verdant Bluchal 5 Beach south of Anti-Air Battery 1
  • (1) Lakebed Orthlus is a Unique Monster that is required for the Preparing for Adventure 3 quest.


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