Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Collection Quests

These quests require that you go out and find collectables. You don’t need to fight any enemies to retrieve these items, but you will need to head out into the different regions and pick up blue shinies until you have the required collectables.

Collection Quest 1

Client Collectable Reward
Nopon Villager (Sacred Altar) 2 Cool Potatoes - Colony 9 5000G

Collection Quest 2

Client Collectable Reward
Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) 2 Pure Cherries - Makna Forest 10500G

Collection Quest 3

Client Collectable Reward
Nopon Villager (Chief’s Residence) 4 Ash Foxes - Makna Forest 7500G

Collection Quest 4

Client Collectable Reward
Collection Quest 4 Nopon Villager (Contemplation Terrace) 5 Venomous Lizards - Makna Forest

Material Quests

These quests require that you defeat enemies in order to obtain materials that they might drop. Some drops are rarer than others, so certain materials may require that you farm a certain enemy type until you have gathered enough of the same material to complete the quest.

Material Quest 1

Client Material Reward
Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) 2 Magic Stones from Deinoses - Eks Watering Hole (Makna Forest) 8000G

Material Quest 2

Client Material Reward
Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) 5 Fancy Orluga Masks from Orlugas - Precipice Bridge, Frontier Village Entrance (Makna Forest) 12000G

Material Quest 3

Client Material Reward
Nopon Villager (Riki’s House) 5 Apis Gold Nuggets from Latio Apis, Crista Apis, Corladio Apis - Apis Lair (Valak Mountain) 10000G

**Material Quest 4 **

Client Material Reward
Nopon Villager (Sacred Altar) 3 Upa Embers from Upas - Eks Watering Hole (Makna Forest) 16500G

Search Quests

Seach quests will ask you to find lost items for non-unique NPCs. The lost item will show up as a red shiny that you can pick up like a normal collectable.

Search Quest 1

Client Rewards
Nopon Villager 5000G, 3000 EXP

A Nopon Villager located near the Pollen Works has lost a Flower Bracelet they wanted to give to their girlfriend! He asks you to find the Flower Bracelet for him. The bracelet can be found under the Entry Bridge on the lower level of Frontier Village.

Search Quest 2

Client Rewards
Nopon Villager 4000G, 1600 EXP

A Nopon Villager located near Riki’s House has lost his Deinos Hook and has asked that you find it for him. The Deinos Hook can be found on the 8th level of Frontier Village, on the southeast shore of Apex Lake.

Search Quest 3

Client Rewards
Nopon Villager 3800G, 1800 EXP

A Nopon Villager located in the Underground Store beneath Central Plaza and Sacred Altar has asked you to find his lost Shiny Ball. The Shiny Ball can be found to the west of the Chief’s Residence on the 6th floor of Frontier Village.


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