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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Eryth Sea

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Eryth Sea is a large sea that is situated on the Bionis’ neck, where there are a large number of floating islands that are connected by transporters. On your first visit to this zone, you will be restricted to the eastern side of the map. It isn’t until a story quest that requires you to help fix the transporters that the western half of the map is opened, allowing you to find all landmarks and locations. Eryth Sea connects to both Alcamoth and the High Entia Tomb. There is a special “weather” condition in Eryth Sea called Shooting Stars, where you have shooting stars falling to the ground.


Category Items Reward
Vegetable Pink Asparagus, Tropical Radish, Dolphin Carrot, Gold Burdock Critical Up II
Flower Sea Berry, Despair Clover, Doomsday Poppy, Night Lily, Razor Teasel Mithril Armour
Animal Sea Frog, Mane Cat Aerial Cloak II
Nature White Tail, Marine Marble, Oil Branch, Dilemma Rock Mithril Leggings
Strange High Violet, Steel Hauyne Ether Up III
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Heavy Armour (Chest Armour)


Landmark When Available
Latael Shore First Visit
Centre Gate First Visit
High Entia Tomb First Visit
Syrath Lighthouse First Visit
Central Seal Island After story quest
Soltnar Seal Island After story quest
Khatorl Seal Island After story quest
Ether Plant After story quest
Faras Cave (Secret) First Visit


Location When Available
Anu Shore First Visit
Bionis’ Occipital First Visit
Ether Crystal Deposit First Visit
Hode Refuge First Visit
Hovering Reef 1 First Visit
Hovering Reef 2 First Visit
Hovering Reef 3 First Visit
Hovering Reef 4 First Visit
Hovering Reef 5 First Visit
Hovering Reef 6 First Visit
Hovering Reef 7 After story quest
Hovering Reef 8 After story quest
Hovering Reef 9 After story quest
Hovering Reef 10 After story quest
Kromar Coast First Visit
Secluded Island First Visit
Showdown Cliff First Visit
Sleeping Dragon Isle First Visit

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Aora Telethia 88 After Mechonis Core
Archer Hode 34 Showdown Cliff, Hovering Reef 2
Arel Telethia 86-87 After Mechonis Core
Asara Telethia 89 After Mechonis Core
Bono Nebula 35 Hovering Reefs 1/4 (Clear weather)
Buono Nebula 33 Latael Shore, Anu Shore, Hovering Reef 5 (Day, no Rain; Shooting Stars)
Bulganon Nebula 85 During thunderstorms
Carbon Tude 88-89 Sleeping Dragon Isle, Under Hovering Reef 9
Chloro Laia 34 Hovering Reefs 2/4/5/9 (Night)
Ciconia Ekidno 38-40 Hovering Reefs 7/10
Cruz Pagul 33 Latael Shore, Island below Hovering Reef 5, Secluded Island, Anu Shore
Eryth Ansel 36 Hovering Reefs 2/3/4/5/7/9 (Day)
Eryth Hiln 33 Latael Shore, Secluded Island, Anu Shore, Sleeping Dragon Isle
Eryth Rhana 87 Anu Shore, Shore north of Ether Plant
Flavel Andos 34 Hovering Reefs 1/3/6/8
Flutes Kromar 37 Hovering Reefs 6/7
Goldi Kromar 86 Kromar Coast, Secluded Island
Kurian Hode 35 Hovering Reef 10, Khatorl Seal Island
Lograt Kromar 86 Kromar Coast, Secluded Island, Anu Shore
Lunar Grady 32 Latael Shore, Sleeping Dragon Isle
Maleza Kromar 36 Hovering Reefs 6/7/8
Otol Kromar 39 Soltnar Seal Island
Palti Kromar 35 Hovering Reefs 6/7/8, Soltnar Seal Island
Pelargos Ekidno 40 Khatorl Seal Island, Hode Refuge
Perna Eluca 32-33 Latael Shore, Hovering Reef 3
Possessio Hode 36 Hode Refuge
Pulse Orluga 36 Showdown Cliff, Hode Refuge
Racti Lexos 39 Hovering Reef 9, Below Hovering Reef 5, Soltnar Seal Island
Sol Grady 85 In water surrounding Hode Refuge/Sleeping Dragon Isle/Secluded Island
Somati Kromar 38 Soltnar Seal Island
Stella Eks 38 Anu Shore, Hovering Reef 7, Below Hovering Reef 5, Hovering Reef 10, Khatorl Seal Island
Tarifa Hode 35 Hode Refuge, Hovering Reef 10
Tocos Orluga 39 Khatorl Seal Island, Hode Refuge
Trava Kromar 86 Kromar Coast, Secluded Island, Anu Shore
Tussock Kromar 39 Soltnar Seal Island
Unine Hode 33 Showdown Cliff, Hovering Reefs 2/3
Watcher Hode 34 Hode Refuge, Hovering Reef 10
Zeldi Kromar 84-87 Kromar Coast, Anu Shore, Secluded Island

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Bizarre Ragoel 88 Anu Shore
Clamorous Dablon 92 Northwest coast of Sleeping Dragon Isle (Thunderstorm)
Cumulus Danaemos 41 Khatorl Seal Island
Deadly Medorlo 93 Central Seal Island (After Mechonis Core)
Flabbergasted Jerome 38 Beneath Hovering Reef 5
Funeral Gozra 42 Hode Refuge
Lightspeed Sonid 44 Anu Shore (Top portion)
Peeling Kircheis 38 Hovering Reef 7
Proper Bandaz 39 Secluded Island (Night, Shooting Stars)
Sacred Zagamei 89 Underneath Hovering Reef 9
Stormy Belagon 87 Kromar Coast
Subterranean Zomar 40 Soltnar Seal Island
Tempestuous Edegia 39 Hovering Reef 10
Turbulent Belmo 36 Hovering Reef 1
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