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Central Factory Quests

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Central Factory Quests

The quests available in Central Factory are mainly Story quests, however, there are three Surprise Quests available, which are entirely optional.

Eliminate the Backup!

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Central Factory - Storage Depot (2F) 24500G, 23500 EXP, Blaze Attack IV, Paralysis Resist IV

The Storage Depot is to the north east of the Control Room in Central Factory. This quest will be activated as you walk towards the Storage Depot. You will be tasked with defeating the level 60 unique Mechon enemy, Beautiful Vagul. It is surrounded by several other lower level Mechon units that are unavoidable, meaning they will join in on the fight when you aggro Beautiful Vagul. If you are having difficulties with the amount of enemies to deal with, then you can hard focus on the Beautiful Vagul and defeat him before the other enemies, then opt to run away once the quest has completed.

The Beautiful Vagul is a unique Mechon enemy found in the Storage Depot at Central Factory.

Roof Battle

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Central Factory - Training Ground Roof (2F) 30000G, 38500 EXP, Chill Attack IV, Arts Seal Resist IV

It is a little tricky to reach the Training Ground Roof without previous knowhow or some assistance, since the Main Story never requires that you go to the First Floor of Central Factory. You need to take the Central Gate Elevator from the Ground Floor. It travels straight up to the Second Floor to the location labelled Central Lift. You can also access the First Floor by taking the lift downwards as well. Around half way down the lift’s path, there is a large platform to the north that you can jump onto. This will take you to the First Floor, and then to reach the Training Ground Roof, you will need to walk all the way down the platform and head up the ramp, which will take you back up to the Second Floor but in an area inaccessible from the rest of the floor. When you walk up this ramp, you will receive this Surprise Quest. It will ask you to defeat the Venerable Focalor, which is a level 64 Unique Mechon enemy. Upon defeating it, the quest will automatically be completed.

The Venerable Focalor is found on the Training Ground Roof.

Daring Assault

Client Location Rewards
Surprise Quest Central Factory - Third Floor 27000G, 20000 EXP, Retrieved Armour, Retrieved Leggings

This quest will be activated when you walk through the Third Floor of Central Factory. You will be asked to defeat 1 M96 Crisis Unit and 2 Crisis Response Units. They should be right ahead of your path, as the Surprise quest is activated when you walk towards them. The M96 Crisis Unit is a level 61 Mechon, whilst the Crisis Response Units are at level 60. The quest wil be completed when you defeat all 3 enemies.

The Surprise Quest will be activated when you walk towards the M96 Crisis Unit.

Quest Available After the Events at Meyneth Shrine

New Weapon for Fiora

This quest is easily missable, but definitely worth completing since you will receive some great new Blades for Fiora.

Client Location Rewards
Junks Staff Central Factory - Ventilation Conduit 29500G, 32000 EXP, War Blades

A Junks Staff will tell you about a Weapon Creation Machine in the Control Tower of Central Factory. When you receive this quest, fast travelling will no longer be available in Central Factory, so you will have to walk and use the series of lifts around the area to make your way back to the Control Tower, which is on the Ground Floor. So from the Ventilation Conduit, you want to walk north until you reach the Bridge to Apocrypha. Then, use the lift to the left, which will take you to the Third Floor. Head south to the Tower Boarding Gate landmark and then take the lift to the east, which will take you to the Central Tower Lift on the Second Floor. From there, you will need to take the Central Lift, which is directly ahead of you, down to the Ground Floor.You will arrive at the Central Gate, from which you will need to travel south towards Landing Strip 1 and then west to Main Entrance 1. Finally, use the climable wall to make your way down to the Control Tower, where you will find the Weapon Creation Machine. Use it to create the War Blades for Fiora; this action will complete the quest. Enjoy the walk back up to the Bridge to Apocrypha!

Activating the Weapon Creation Machine will create some War Blades for Fiora.


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