Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Mechonis Field

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Mechonis Field is located within the left leg of the Mechonis and is quite large, despite the map shown in the game. You arrive here from the Fallen Arm and will face nothing but Mechon while exploring this region, meaning you will want to be prepared. Thankfully, you will start finding that the enemies will drop Anti-Mechon weapons. The only tricky area to get to on this map is the Spent Fuel Tank, which is located on B1F. On 1F, you will make a spiral ramp up to 2F, but at the base of the ramp, you can look over and see a pool below you. Jump down, into the pool of water, and you will arrive at the Spent Fuel Tank.

In order to reach the Machina Refuge, when you arrive at the Great Battle Scar, use the vent to launch yourself up to the next section. Instead of going south here, continue north and climb up to the ledge. Follow the path all the way to the end, putting you at the top of a very long slope. Your goal on this slope is to get to the second ledge sticking out, noting that you can hold in the opposite direction of you going down to slow your descent. Once you get to the second ledge, there will be one more little climb to reach the Machina Refuge.


Category Items Reward
Vegetables Juicy Steakplant, Acerola Pea, Energy Aubergine, Sweet Pepper Taurus Arms
Flower Azure Hollyhock, Utopia Crocus Agility Up IV
Bug Scarlet Crawler, Shiny Scarab, Water Boatman Daze Up IV
Nature Ivy Nest, Mossy Panel, Bronze Wood First Atk Plus III
Parts Retro Diode, Modern Blue Gear, Snow Transistor Lightning Attack IV
Strange Tweet Tweet, Flame Frame Fall Defence IV
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Taurus Helm (Heavy Helm)


Landmark When Available Area
Left Leg Cooling Outlet First Visit GF
GF Main Power Switch First Visit GF
1F Main Power Switch First Visit 1F
3F Main Power Switch First Visit 3F
Lower Bulkhead Bridge First Visit 3F
Upper Bulkhead Bridge First Visit 4F
4F Main Power Switch First Visit 4F
Great Battle Scar (Secret) First Visit 4F
Machina Refuge (Secret) First Visit 4F
1st Zebrai Bulkhead First Visit 5F
2nd Gamalt Bulkhead First Visit 5F


Location When Available Area
1st Lift - B1F First Visit B1F
Spent Fuel Tank First Visit B1F
1st Lift - GF First Visit GF
2nd Lift - GF First Visit GF
2nd Lift - 1F First Visit 1F
3rd Lift Engine Room First Visit 1F
2F Observation Post First Visit 2F
3rd Lift - 2F First Visit 2F
3rd Lift - 3F First Visit 3F
Bulkhead Controls First Visit 3F
Ether Gear Store First Visit 3F
Patella Exhaust First Visit 4F
Power Supply Area 1 First Visit 4F
Power Supply Area 2 First Visit 4F
High-Velocity Lift First Visit 4F

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Defensive/ONION 56 Near 4F Main Power Switch, 3F Main Power Switch
M37/WITCH 55 Near 2nd Lift - 1F
M37/ZEBRA 54 Around GF Main Power Switch, 1st Lift - GF
M45/VIOLA 55 South of 3F Main Power Switch, Ether Gear Store
M55/GRACE 54 Around GF Main Power Switch
M57/FAITH 54 Around GF Main Power Switch
M66/TRICK 54 Near 3F Main Power Switch, Power Supply Area 1 and 2
M68/CHORD 55-57 Around GF Main Power Switch, Ether Gear Store
M76/MOIST 58 Near 4F Main Power Switch, South of Power Supply Area 1
M84/GRUNT 57 Around GF Main Power Switch
M91/DOGMA 59 North of Lower Bulkhead Bridge, South of 3F Main Power Switch
Offensive/HONEY 56 North of 3F Main Power Switch, Can be summoned by M45/VIOLA
Offensive/SCOUT 56 North of 3F Main Power Switch, Can be summoned by M45/VIOLA

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Amorous Arca 57 Bulkhead Controls (upper level)
Commander Oracion 61 Spent Fuel Tank
Destroyer Salvacion 59 2F Observation Post
Infernal Crocell 58 North of Power Supply Area 2
Revolutionary Bifrons 60 Northeast of 4F Main Power Switch


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