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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Valak Mountain

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Valak Mountain is a very large area that is covered in snow, found on Bionis’ right arm. Valak Mountain can be a bit of a confusing area, as there are some hoops to jump through in order to get to a few of the areas. First and foremost, some paths are blocked by chunks of ice and you will get the ability to melt those during the main story segment. There is a path near the Zokhed Pass landmark, which will eventually lead to an ice slide that should net you access to Three Sage Summit.

The other area that can be a bit hard to reach is the Antol Den. Once you have the Hollow Bone landmark, fast travel to it and there will be a cave right in front of you. This will lead to more ice slides and two jumps you need to make in order to reach the ledge with Antol Den. After the first jump, try to stick to the side when performing the second jump, as that might give you a little extra height.


Category Items Reward
Vegetables Sour Radish, Ice Cabbage, Girl Courgette, Amethyst Vanilla Heavy Boots
Fruit Ether Plum, Fire Apple, Ruby Mangosteen, Sour Grape Chill Defence III
Flower Fortune Mallow, Black Peony, Fatal Belladonna Confuse Resist III
Animal Wet Rat, Ice Monkey, Crystal Frog, Mud Squirrel Aura Heal II
Nature Gypsum Branch, Black Ash, Emerald Snow, Rabbit Stone, Broom Icicle Heavy Gear
Strange Frost Glass, Large Handcuffs Chill Plus III
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Cerasus Cutlass (weapon for Dunban)


Landmark When Available Area
Zokhed Pass First Visit Upper Level
Mechonis Wound First Visit Upper Level
Hollow Bone First Visit Upper Level
Befalgar Pedestal (Secret) First Visit Upper Level
Three Sage Summit (Secret) First Visit Upper Level
Nopon Camp First Visit Lower Level
Harict Chapel First Visit Lower Level
Lava Cave First Visit Lower Level
La Luz Church First Visit Lower Level
Nofol Tower First Visit Lower Level
Bionis’ Wrist First Visit Lower Level


Location When Available Area
Serik Waterfall First Visit Upper Level
Apis Lair First Visit Upper Level
Nagul Waterfall First Visit Upper Level
Kana Peak First Visit Upper Level
Agul Mountain Range First Visit Upper Level
Chilkin Lair First Visit Upper Level
Url Crevasse First Visit Upper Level
Bagnar Snowfield First Visit Upper Level
Bionis’ Right Elbow First Visit Upper Level
Valak Peak First Visit Upper Level
Antol Den First Visit Lower Level
Jakt Geyser First Visit Lower Level
Sealed Tower First Visit Lower Level
Ignia Hill First Visit Lower Level
Great Glacier First Visit Lower Level

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Atomis Ansel 45-46 Lower level of Valak Mountain (Day)
Atomizek Ansel 46 Lower level of Valak Mountain (Night)
Bonterra Pod 42 Chilkin Lair, Antol Den
Bow Chilkin 39-42 Eastern side of Bagnar Snowfield; Url Crevasse
Costa Aries 43 Around Ignia Hill (Day)
Crista Apis 42 Apis Lair
Corladio Apis 42 Apis Lair
Ent Antol 39-41 Chilkin Lair; Around Mechonis Wound
Entma King 45-47 North/Northwest of Mechonis Wound
Feltl Eks 98 Bionis’ Right Elbow
Fork Chilkin 44 Hatches from Bonterra Pods
Fuchsia Chilkin 43 Near La Luz Church/Url Crevasse, Around northern part of Bagnar Snowfield
Gloria Slobos 99 Three Sage Summit (Night)
Glory Slobos 97 Three Sage Summit (Day)
Hista Aries 44 Around Ignia Hill (Night)
Krawla Slobos 45 Around Nofol Tower (Night)
Krawli Slobos 46 Around Nofol Tower (Day)
Latio Apis 41 Apis Lair
Lophos Moramora 44 Near Zokhed Pass and Nagul Waterfall; Around Mechonis Wound (Night)
Monta Moramora 43 Near Zokhed Pass and Nagul Waterfall; Around Mechonis Wound (Day)
Noto Feris 44 Lava Cave
Poleaxe Chilkin 41-44 North of Bagnar Snowfield; Url Crevasse
Porcu Hox 43 Lava Cave
Reef Nebula 43 Commonplace (Nofol Tower, along with Vague Barbas, etc)
Sesna Lexos 47 Around Bagnar Snowfield (Day)
Setor Eks 94-96 Bionis’ Right Elbow
Sierra Vang 42-43 Chilkin Lair, Lava Cave
Snowal Taos 48 North/Northeast of La Luz Church (Night)
Snowi Taos 47 North/Northeast of La Luz Church (Day)
Sparas Pagul 40-42 Nagul Waterfall; North of Nofol Tower
Teterra Pod 40 Chilkin Lair
Ucan Nebula 45 Lava Cave
Zefa Ories 44 Ignia Hill (Day)
Zegia Ories 45 Ignia Hill (Night)

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Agile Barbatos 47 Northern end of Ignia Hill
Avalanche Abaasy* 120 Three Sage Summit (Night; Blizzard)
Banquet Vassago 48 Antol Den (during The Balance of Power quest)
Barbaric Sitri 47 Antol Den
Blizzard Belgazas* 114 Great Glacier
Conflagrant Raxeal 45 Lava Cave (during story quest)
Exposure Wolfol 97 Lava Cave (after completing story quest)
Final Marcus 100 Three Sage Summit (Night, Clear/Snowing)
Glorious Buer 45 South of Sealed Tower
Hidden Gamigin 49 On large bridge southeast of Ignia Hill marker (Night)
Moonlight Paimon 46 Lava Cave
North Star Gusion 50 Url Crevasse (Night, Snow/Blizzard)
Vague Barbas 46 Large area southwest of Befalgar Pedestal
Wandering Amon 98 Bionis’ Right Elbow (Night)
  • Both Avalanche Abaasy and Blizzard Belgazas only spawn after the events at Mechonis Core
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