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Post Mechonis Core

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Return to Colony 6

The Chapter will open with more scenes as Junks has made it’s way back to Colony 6. Once you regain control, you’ll only have Melia as she seeks Fiora so make your way to the Main Entrance and then head south to trigger a scene. Fiora and Melia’s conversation is cut short as the sirens sound so quickly make your way back into the Colony and over to Junks to trigger more scenes.

Once you regain control, you’ll have a series of battles against Telethia. The first group should be lower level then you already are but the second battle is a rematch against the Sunrey Telethia while the final battle is against a Lv 72 Sani Telethia, the toughest of the bunch. As with all Telethia based battles, you’ll want Melia in control (especially with Shulk out of action) with Mind Blast set so that you can remove the Soul Read Arts they use. Other than that, they shouldn’t pose too much threat so long as you act quickly, they all have deadly Arts and prolonging any of the battles gives them a chance to make use of them. Despite how the story presents them, these Telethia are nothing too special and you should be able to defeat them without too much trouble so long as you attempt to take them down as quickly as possible.

The rematch with Sunrey Telethia is a lot easier this time.

More scenes take place following your victory and you’ll eventually regain control in Junks as the final objective of the party becomes clear, head into the Bionis and destroy Zanza’s curse once and for all. Heading to the Bionis Interior is the beginning of the end, you’ll have a few more areas to contend with but at this point, everything you can do in Xenoblade is now open to you. The guide will focus on tackling all of the content available to you before you take on the final areas of the story.

Quests around Colony 6

To begin with, you can now perform the final Commerce upgrade for Colony 6’s reconstruction (you’ll need to head to the game’s final two areas to fully complete Colony 6), here’s where you’ll find the items:

  • Commerce Lv 5 - Ocean Elixir of Life is dropped by Kyel Lexos, which can be found near the Freight Road in Colony 6 after the events at the Mechonis Core. Alternatively, if you are able to buy items from the Arch Nopon Sage, then you can buy it for 7,900 Noponstones. Ancient Sardi Meat is a rare drop obtained from slaying Throne Sardi in Colony 6. There are a few near Hazzai Cape, but you’ll likely need to save/reload to respawn the enemies a few times to obtain the required amount. Hill Fireflies are a collectable and they are found on the Bionis’ Leg. Fortune Feathers are a collectable located in Agniratha and Art Core Coils are a collectable found in Galahad Fortress. If you no longer have access to Galahad Fortress, you can obtain Art Core Coils from near Hope Farm in Colony 6, after the events at the Mechonis Core, provided you have reached Special level 2.

When you reach Level 5 in Commerce you will be gifted Titan Arms. At the same time, this will trigger another Defence Quest.

Defend Colony 6 - Ancient

This time around, you’ll need to deal with two Lv 63 Ancient Rhogulias that can be found down on the Splintered Path which you can access via the Watchpoint Junction Landmark. Once again, they should be too low a Lv to offer up any resistance so simply head there and defeat them to complete this simple Quest.

Make your way to Fallen Arm now and invite Shilx over to Clony 6 and then take a tour around Colony 6 to find a whole host of new Shops have opened up, selling some new Arts Manuals you should pick up. More importantly, there’s a secret that you can now access by changing the time to 03:00 and heading to the southwest of the main entrance. You’ll find the Arts Manual for Fiora’s Final Cross along with the Z Armour sets for Fiora with Z Speed being arguably Fiora’s strongest Armour set in the game. With your shopping out of the way, next on the agenda is taking care of the Colony 6 Quests available to you.

Homs Determination

Once you’ve completed the Odd Smoke - Resolution Quest and are at least 3✰ Affinity at Colony 6, return to Perrine to pick up this Quest. Perrine wants to show Jer’ell what being Homes really means and to do that, she wants to speak of the exploits of Shulk and his friends. Your first task is to head to Bionis’ Leg and defeat 8 Sloth Gorgols, you can find these around the north of Kamos Guidepost and the northwest of Raguel Lake but beware, they’re around Lv 76. Next up, you’ll need to take down the Unique Monster, Territorial Rotbert who can be found on Gaur Plain. Beware that he is Lv 81 with the Topple Spike ability and will go into the Craze Aura around 30%. Once both objectives have been completed, return to Perrine to complete the Quest.

A Dauntless Trader

After completing A Gutsy Trader and the event at Mechonis Core, as well as reaching over 3✰ in Colony 6, you may pick up this quest from Werner. He will ask you to consult the Nopon Residents of Colony 6 about how to bring back the butterflies. You will need to talk to Nopo’rikh or Norara. Nopo’rikh is available between 03:00 and 15:00 around the Armu Farm, and Norara is active between 06:00 and 15:00.

  • Talk to Nopo’rikh (Route A) - Nopo’rikh will tell you to fetch 10 Death Lychee from Prison Island. You may only collect this collectable if you have reached the new area of Prison Island in the Main Story quest, after the events at Mechonis Core. If you have not reached this area, it is advised that you go with Route B, as both routes yield the same outcome and rewards. If you can travel to the new Prison Island areas, then you may do so. Once you have the 10 collectables, head back to Nopo’rikh to give him the items.

  • Talk to Norara (Route B) - Norara will ask you to collect 5 Mystic Dahlias from Alcamoth. You will not be able to fast travel into Alcamoth after the events at Mechonis Core, however, you can still reach the area by teleporting to Centre Gate in Eryth Sea and using the portal to reach Alcamoth. You will notice when you arrive in Alcamoth that it is over run by Telethia that will attack on sight. You may choose to fight or avoid them, whilst you roam the area in search for the collectable. Once you have the required amount, head back to Norara to give her the items.

Once you’ve completed either route, head back to Werner to finish up this quest.

Delivering the Undeliverable

To receive this quest, you’ll need to have invited Shilx to Colony 6, which requires Housing and Commerce at Level 5 and a population of 120. As well as this, Berryjammy needs to also live in Colony 6. Shilx will ask you to deliver a package to a person whose name ends in ‘n’. The person you’re looking for is Gorman, who can be found right outside the Reconstruction HQ at night. After delivering the package, return to Shilx, who will then ask you to take the next delivery to a 16-year-old girl. You can decipher this by looking at the Colony 6 Affinity Chart. You will find that Berryjammy is the only 16-year-old in Colony 6. She can be found near the market stalls between 18:00 and 03:00. After giving her the delivery, return to Shilx to complete the quest.

Finding the Unfindable

After completing Shilx’s previous quest, Delivering the Undeliverable, you’ll be able to pick this quest up from him. He will ask you to collect 2 Energy Aubergines. These are a rare item, and can first be found in Mechonis Field. However, after the events at the Mechonis Core, you no longer have access to that area. Instead, you’ll be able to find Energy Aubergines in Colony 6, but only after you have reached Level 4 in the Special category of Colony 6 Reconstruction. Alternatively, you can head over to Bozatrox on the Rotating Bulkhead and trade for them at 4✰ affinity, but be aware that their trade value is very high.

Nic’s Final Test

After completing Nic’s Training and reaching 4✰ affinity with Colony 6 residents, you’ll be able to pick this quest up from Nopo’rikh. He will first ask you to go defeat the Indomitable Dauton, who can be found near Soter Ruins in Satorl Marsh. When you walk up to the platform to defeat the enemy, you will likely also trigger a fight with a few lower level Baelzeb Gogols. You’ll probably have to fight them as well as the Indomitable Daulton because they surround him closely. When you return to Nopo’rikh, he will then tell you to return to Satorl Marsh again and defeat 10 Grove Quadwings. They can be found at night all across Satorl Marsh, but most commonly in Barren Moor and near Dark Swamp. When you have defeated 10 of them, return to Nopo’rikh to complete the quest.

The Indomitable Daulton is a challenging fight!

Melancholy Tyrea

When walking between Hope Farm and Watchpoint Junction after the events at Mechonis Core, you’ll trigger this surprise quest. You’ll find Tyrea unconscious. During the cutscene, you’ll take her to Junks on the Fallen Arm. During the cutscene you’ll see a large three-headed Telethia attack Colony 6. When the cutscene ends, you’ll be tasked with the objective to chase the Telethia and defeat it. You can find the Mysterious Telethia on a beach between Agnis Tablet and Great Makna Falls in Makna Forest. After you fight the Telethia, you will trigger another cutscene where Tyrea reveals that the Telethia is First Consort, Yumea. Finishing the cutscene will complete the quest.

The Mysterious Telethia used to be First Consort Yumea.

That should be all of the Colony 6 Quests that you can reasonably do for the moment, for the last set you’ll need to progress the story to reach Collectables in the final areas and gain some Levels.

Quests around Colony 9

Next on the tour is Colony 9 so head back there and pick up the next batch of Quests that’s now become available. Be aware that two of the three Quests that are available initially require Shulk and Reyn as party leaders.

A Young Captain’s Trust

After you have completed the other Young Captain quests and reached 4✰ affinity in Colony 9, you may pick this quest up from Miller in the Military District, but only if Shulk is the party leader. He will tell you to go find Emmy Leater, since she has run off. He wants you to hand her a letter. You will find her in the Mining Base of the Ether Mines. When you find her and hand her the letter you will complete the quest.

Completing this quest will unlock Shulk’s fifth skill branch, Bravery.

A Young Captain’s Revival

After you have completed the other Young Captain quests and reached 4✰ affinity in Colony 9, you may pick this quest up from Miller in the Military District, but only if Shulk is the party leader. He will tell you to go find Emmy Leater, since he suspects the sword had poison on it. To begin with, you’ll need to track down 4 Poisonous Gourds which you’ll find in Satorl Marsh. Next up, speak to Raoul, Kantz and Emmy Leater who can all be found at the Fortress Entrance during the day. Finally, return to Miller and give him your verdict, your answer has no bearing on the quest but the correct answer is in fact Kantz.

Birthday Shoes

To access this quest, you must have already completed Education-Crazy Suzanna and A Young Captain’s Trust or A Young Captain’s Revival. Kantz will ask you to fetch 2 Azure Flamii Wings so that he can make shoes for his son’s birthday. Azure Flamii Wings are dropped by Opulent Flamii found on north shore of Colony 9, near Anti Air Battery 2. It is a bit of a rare drop, so you may have to farm a fair few Opulent Flamii to retrieve the drops. Once you have them, return to Kantz to complete the quest.

The Elite Captain’s Anguish

Once you have completed A Young Captain’s Revival or A Young Captain’s Trust, you will be able to pick this quest up from Raoul at the Fortress Entrance. He will ask you to speak to both Minnie and Dorothy to determine who should become his next Lieutenant. Once you speak to both women, you will activate their respective quests, Getting to Know Minnie and Getting to Know Dorothy. To complete this quest, you must finish Minnie and Dorothy’s first.

Once you have completed both Getting to Know… quests, return to Raoul. He will then ask you for advice on who to choose as his Lieutenant. The rewards are the same, however it would be advised to choose Minnie, since the affinity links developed are more positive than if Dorothy is picked.

Getting to Know Minnie

Minnie is found at night in the Residential District. Upon speaking to her during The Elite Captain’s Anguish. She will ask you to defeat 5 Vicious Rhanas near the Residential District. They can be found below the Residential District, just south of the Central Plaza landmark. Once you have defeated the Rhanas, head back to Dorothy to complete the quest.

To progress with The Elite Captain’s Anguish, this quest and Getting to Know Dorothy must be completed first.

You must defeat 5 Vicious Rhana for Minnie.

Getting to Know Dorothy

Dorothy can be found near the main entrance into Colony 9. Upon speaking to her during The Elite Captain’s Anguish, she will ask you to collect 5 Heart Peaches in Alcamoth. If you do not have those already, then you will have to return to Alcamoth. Post-Mechonis Core Alcamoth is an abandoned city overrun with Telethia, you will still be able to go there, but you cannot fast travel directly to the city. Instead, you’ll have to head to the Centre Gate in Eryth Sea and use the portal to enter the city. You’ll need to collect 5 of the Heart Peaches, which might take a few fast travels back and forth to the city. Once you have the peaches, return to Dorothy to complete the quest.

To progress with The Elite Captain’s Anguish, this quest and Getting to Know Minnie must be completed first.

A Token of Friendship

Head to Shulk’s Weapon Dev. Lab in the Military District and examine the metal shelves near his desk to activate this quest. Shulk will decide he wants to make a new weapon for Reyn. He needs the following to make the weapon:

Material Dropped by Trade
3 Gogol Horns Gogols on the Bionis’ Leg and Satorl Marsh
3 Thick Rhana Hide Eryth Rhana on Anu Shore (Eryth Sea) Oleksiy - overtrade (Only when he’s in Satorl Marsh during the quest, Stopping the Elopement)
3 Aged Chilkin Hair Poleaxe Chilkins and Chilkin-type Unique Enemies on Valak Mountain

Once you have collected all of the required materials, head back to the Weapon Dev. Lab in Colony 9. Examine the metal shelves once more to create the weapon, Vangarre Driver for Reyn. It may not do as much max damage as a few of Reyn’s other weapons, however it does have three gem slots, which is always advantageous.

(1 of 2) The Baelzeb Gogol is found north east of the Glowing Obelisk landmark in Satorl Marsh

The Baelzeb Gogol is found north east of the Glowing Obelisk landmark in Satorl Marsh (left), The Eryth Rhana is found on the shore to the north of the High Entia Tomb landmark (lots of swimming required to reach the beach!) (right)

The only other Quest you have to do here, Friendship Tokens, requires you to head to a high level part of Tephra Cave that is now accessible. You’ll be going there shortly but it’s best to take care of slightly lower level content first to boost your Level a little. Next on your list is the final trip to Frontier Village.

Frontier Village Quests

Once again, another trip to Frontier Village is needed as yet more Quests have opened up here. The good news is, this is the final set of Quests in what has seemed like a never-ending barrage of Quests from the home of the Nopon.

Restoring the Capital

After the events at the Mechonis Core, Nelo can now be found near the Nopon Tower in Frontier Village. He will ask you to help restore Alcamoth by defeating 5 Aora Telethia that roam around the imperial city. To get to Alcamoth post-Mechonis Core, you’ll have to fast travel to Centre Gate in Eryth Sea and use the portal to reach the city, you cannot fast travel directly to Alcamoth landmarks anymore. The Aora Telethia can be found most commonly on the First Floor of the city, nearby Melfica Road and the Imperial Palace landmark. Be careful when fighting the Aora Telethia, as they usually fly nearby some terrain Telethia, who will aggro on you if they see you, making the battle significantly harder. When you have finally defeated 5 of them, head back to Nelo in Frontier Village to complete the quest.

The Aora Telethia is a flying Telethia found in the abandoned city of Alcamoth.

Restoring the Capital 2

After completing Restoring the Capital, you will be able to pick this quest up from Nelo. He will ask you to fetch 5 Refined Part Ms and 5 New Cylinders. Refined Part Ms are dropped by Offensive Security Units and Offensive Seeker Units found on the Fallen Arm. They can also be traded for at 1✰ with Mixik in Hidden Village. New Cylinders are dropped by Hover Astas found in High Entia Tomb, there are a fair few of them to the west of the Valley of Emperors landmark on B2F.

Once you have all of the required materials, head back to Nelo to complete the quest.

Broken Ether Furnace

After activating the surprise quest, Vidian Rescue Mission and completing Restoring the Capital, you will be able to pick this quest up from Kaleka who now resides in Frontier Village near the Nopon Tower. She will ask you to help her fix the Ether Furnace by collecting 10 Refined Part Ls and 2 pieces of Frost Glass. Frost Glass is a collectable found on Valak Mountain and can also be traded for with Dakuku at 5✰ affinity with Upper Bionis residents. Refined Parts L are a drop obtained from defeating M85 Meteor Artillery on the Fallen Arm. 10 is a rather high number to collect, so it would be advised that you trade with Natalia at 1✰ affinity (Hidden Village) for a portion of the required amount. Once you have all of the required materials, head back to Kaleka to complete the quest.

Broken Ether Furnace 2

After completing Broken Ether Furnace, you’ll be able to immediately pick this quest up from Kaleka. She will ask you to go back to Alcamoth and mend the Ether Furnace Controls. The Ether Furnace Controls can be found southeast of the Great Hall, right at the end of the corridor. When you activate the controls, you will need to defeat the Primordial Telethia that spawns behind you, blocking your exit from the small alcove. When you defeat the Telethia, be sure to head to Whitewing Palace first to speak to Vidian, completing her Quest in the process and then head back to Kaleka in Frontier Village to complete this quest.

The Ether Furnace control is south east of the Great Hall.

A Memento of Daddy

Atael has asked you to find something precious to remind him of his Father, Vol’aren. She says that the precious item has been buried near the Fountain of Hope in Alcamoth. Just east of the Fountain of Hope, Telethia Vol’aren will spawn. You will need to defeat the Telethia before you can return to Atael to complete the quest.

The precious item is found east of the Fountain of Hope. Collecting it will trigger the spawn of Telethia Vol’aren.

Bana the Betrayer

This is the final instalment in the Red Pollen Orb quest chain that began with Dangerous Ambition. Gadada has found out that Bana is the real Kingpin! He asks you to confront Bana at Apex Lake on the highest floor of Frontier Village, at night. After you speak to him, you will trigger a fight with him. He becomes the quest-exclusive enemy, Frenzied Bana. When you defeat him, speak to Gadada again to complete the quest.

When you confront Bana, he will transform into Frenzied Bana!

Safer Energy

This quest will be available to you after the events at the Mechonis Core if you completed The Master’s Successor and chose Gadada as the Successor. He will ask you to fetch Research Data from a Nopon Researcher. The researcher you’re looking for is Mefimefi. She can be found from 06:00 to 18:00 in either Colony 9 or Colony 6 depending on whether you asked her to relocate to Colony 6. Speak to Mefimefi and she will give you the Research Data. Return to Gadada to complete the quest.

Presents for Priceless Pupils

You need to complete either Safer Energy or Distilling Active Ingredients to be able to access this quest. Dobadoba will ask you to head over to Anti-Air Battery 2 in Colony 9 and fetch him 2 Fallen Objects. One of the Fallen Objects will be on a small islet directly beneath the Anti-Air Battery location, and then the second will be on the small shore to the north. There will be a few higher level Flamii enemies around, so you may have to fight your way to the items.

Once you have retrieved the two Fallen Objects, head back to Dobadoba and he will ask you to give one to Gadada and then one to Cherri. After handing them both gifts, return to Dobadoba to complete the quest.

Finishing the Quests at Frontier Village is a good stopping off place to continue with the next area of the story, this will allow you to gain access to more materials for Colony 6 and unlock another set of Quests. There are many more Quests to complete around the Bionis and there’s another area full of Lv 90 enemies that you’ll soon visit but for now, it’s a good idea to break the many quests up a little.


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