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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Final Marcus

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

As the lowest level superboss and the only one to spawn prior to the events of Mechonis Core, some don’t even consider Final Marcus a true superboss. However, being level 100, he will be named a superboss as part of this guide. He is definitely the easiest out of the five superbosses in the game, considering he’s only one level above your max, and you probably don’t need to do the entirety of the preparations above, since he’s not fully challenging. Final Marcus is found at Three Sage Summit on top of Valak Mountain, but only at night and when there isn’t a blizzard. You will know a blizzard is happening when the lights from the crystals on Valak Mountain aren’t shining at night.

Overall, Final Marcus can be fairly easy and might be nothing more than a regular Gogol, if you’ve done all of the preparations for the other superbosses already. His attacks are definitely strong, but he doesn’t have many of them. Light of Demise, especially if you don’t have a full Debuff Resist of 100%, is worrisome, as it can inflict both Bind and Paralysis. This is his only Ether-based attack, as the other two are purely Physical and if built right, Final Marcus should have a hard time even trying to land one of those. At the beginning of the fight, he will always use either Strengthening Will or Iron Will; whichever one he uses is completely random.

  • Strengthening Will - A self-buff that increases his Strength, while lowering his Physical Defence. He will either use this or Iron Will at the beginning of the fight only.

  • Iron Will - A self-buff that increases his Physical Defence, while lowering his Strength. He will either use this or Strengthening Will at the beginning of the fight only.

  • Thrust - A Physical attack that hits a single target, with a chance of dealing Knockback for medium damage.

  • Light of Demise - An Ether-based attack that hits in a frontal arc and can inflict both Bind and Paralysis. It can also cause Blowdown, but doesn’t cause Daze.

  • Mountain Impact IX - A Physical-based attack that is probably Final Marcus’ strongest Art, being medium to medium-heavy damage. Causes Knockback and has a chance to inflict Confuse.

(1 of 2) Final Marcus will always start the battle with one of its two buffs

Final Marcus will always start the battle with one of its two buffs (left), Mountain Impact IX is definitely Marcus’ strongest move (right)

One of the biggest problems with Final Marcus is his damage spike shield of 640, which left unattended, can kill melee-based parties rather quickly. Spike Defence gems will do wonders here, especially when linked to Dunban’s Steel Protection skill in his Prudence skill tree (this should put you at 95% Spike Defence with a maxed out gem that is 75%). Mountain Impact IX can be mitigated if you have Shulk’s Monado Shield to level 9 and use it before the boss uses it. Final Marcus is susceptible to Break, Topple and Daze, the last of which is unique to him, as far as superbosses go.

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