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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Central Factory

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Central Factory is where the Mechon are manufactured and also where any captured Homs are taken. It is located in the chest of the Mechonis, with the party arriving here from Mechonis Field. You will come here in two stages, once during your initial visit and the second time after the events in Agniratha. In order to get to the Training Ground Roof, you will need to reach the second floor portion of the map. There, you will find the Central Lift. As you’re riding this, you should notice a ledge to the north. Jump off when you pass it by and you will be able to reach the above area from there.


Category Items Reward
Vegetables Meaty Potato, Blue Root Strength Up IV
Animal Prism Centipede, Cable Mouse, Oil Fox Blaze Defence IV
Bug Dew Beetle, Glider Cockroach Ether Up IV
Nature White Styrene, Black Styrene, Blood Oil Lock-On Resist IV
Parts Angel Engine X, Leaf Coil, Warrior Screw Talent Boost III
Strange Smoke Cylinder, Sacred Panther, Parts Noble Arts Heal IV
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Machina Driver III (weapon for Reyn)


Landmark When Available Area
Port Terminal First Visit GF
Control Tower First Visit GF
Central Warehouse Lift First Visit 2F
Factory Vent First Visit 2F
Tower Boarding Gate First Visit 3F
Regeneration Control First Visit 3F
Agniratha Transporter First Visit 4F
Ventilation Conduit After Agniratha 5F
Bridge to Apocrypha After Agniratha 5F


Location When Available Area
Central Gate First Visit GF
Landing Strip 1 First Visit GF
Landing Strip 2 First Visit GF
Maintenance Entrance 1 First Visit GF
Maintenance Wing First Visit GF
Storage Depot First Visit GF
Main Factory Gate First Visit 2F
Central Lift First Visit 2F
Central Tower Lift First Visit 2F
Training Ground Roof First Visit 2F
Large Mechon Store First Visit 2F
Mechon Factory First Visit 3F
Central Tower Roof First Visit 3F
Face Maintenance Bay First Visit 3F
Apocrypha Generator After Agniratha 5F

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Crisis Response Unit 60 Mechon Factory (quest exclusive, but respawns)
Defensive/GUARD 58-60 Northeast of Main Factory Gate, Mechon Factory
M36/FAIRY 58 Storage Depot
M38/ESSAY 57 Landing Strip 2, 1F accessed from Landing Strip 1 and 2
M44/ANGRY 57 Landing Strip 1 and 2, Storage Depot
M53/THANK 59 Around Main Factory Gate
M57/BEAST 56-57 1F accessed from Landing Strip 1 and 2, Up ramp from Control Tower, Storage Depot
M67/SONAR 60 On walkways on 2F
M68/MARCH 56 By conveyors in southwest corner of Landing Strip 1, 1F accessed from Landing Strip 1, Storage Depot
M88/WORST 59 1F accessed from Landing Strip 2
M96/AWAKE 63 North of Tower Boarding Gate
M96 Crisis Unit 61 Mechon Factory (quest exclusive, but respawns)
M108/SPADE 65 Northeast of Main Factory Gate
Mass-Produced Face 63 Behind hangar doors in Control Tower
Offensive/DIARY 59-60 Guarding controls at Control Tower; Northeast of Main Factory Gate; Large Mechon Store
Offensive/FOUND 58 On thin strip at Control Tower
Offensive/LYRIC 58 Summoned by M44/Angry enemies

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Balanced Palamedes 62 Northwest of Central Tower Roof (after opening up elevator there)
Beautiful Vagul 60 Storage Depot
Faithful Lancelot 59 Control Tower
Magestic Mordred 70 Northeast from Face Maintenance Bay
Mild Florence 58 1F accessed from Landing Strip 2
Sinful Lamorak 63 Room that opens southwest of Tower Boarding Gate
Synchronised Gaheris 61 Among crates in central area of 2F
Temporal Gawain 65 Control Tower; Behind hangar door that must be opened
Venerable Focalor 64 Training Ground Roof
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