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Ben Chard
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The Heart-to-Hearts in Alcamoth will not all be available to you as soon as you reach the area. Some of them will not unlock until much later into the story quest, or until you have met new people and developed certain affinities with them. These Heart-to-Hearts give affinity boosts depending on the answers you give during cut scenes. If you choose the optimal answers then you will get the maximum amount of affinity that the cut scene gives out.

Fiora and Melia: Melia’s Imperial Villa

Location Affinity Prerequisites
Imperial Villa Green Affinity

Optimal Answers:

  • Thanks!
  • So it’s not just me then…

Dunban and Fiora: Brother and Sister

Location Affinity Prerequisites
Fountain of Hope Green Affinity

Optimal Answers:

  • I could get used to it too.
  • You worry too much.

Dunban and Fiora discuss their futures.

Melia and Reyn: A Breathtaking Sight

Location Affinity Prerequisites
Sky Terrace Pink Affinity

Optimal Answers:

  • I quite agree.
  • I got that impression.

Melia and Shulk: So Close, Yet So Far

Location Affinity Prerequisites
Audience Chamber Lilac Affinity

Optimal Answers:

  • It’s not a bad thing.
  • Nothing would change.

Fiora and Riki: The Forefathers

Location Affinity Prerequisites
Great Hall Green Affinity

Optimal Answers:

  • Forefathers were important?
  • Make weapons! Fight Dinobeast!

Melia and Sharla: Ancient Astrology

Location Affinity Prerequisites
Melfica Road (west) Lilac Affinity

Optimal Answers:

  • Of course I do!
  • Yes, I do.

Melia and Sharla bond over the starry night.


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