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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Shulk Weapons

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This list provides indepth information on the best Shulk weapons in the game.

Top 3 Shulk Weapons

Shulk’s weapon damage is dependent on his level, the weapons’ damages in this list are based off of Shulk at level 99.

Monado Abyss

The Monado Abyss is obtained as a reward for completing Replica Monado 3. The Monado Abyss has an auto-attack damage of 831-999. When you first receive this weapon, it will have the highest maximum auto-attack damage, however, by the time you max your level at 99, all of the replicas will also have the maximum damage of 999. This weapon offers 25 points of Physical and Ether Defence, as well as 5% Block Rate. Of the top weapons, the Abyss has the highest Critical Rate at 15%. This weapon is one of the more powerful replicas because it has three gem slots. This weapon is a well-balanced and powerful sword. It offers high damage without sacrificing on defence.

Here, Shulk wields the Monado Abyss.

Replica Monado

The Replica Monado is given to you after you progress far into the Main Story Quest. The Replica Monado has an auto-attack damage of 831-999 like the Monado Abyss. In fact, this weapon is very similar to the Monado Abyss (when you’re level 99), as it has the same Physical and Ether Defence at 25 points. It also has 5% Block Rate. The Abyss is perhaps preferred here due to its higher Critical Rate though, since the Replica Monado has a 10% Critical Rate. This weapon also has three gem slots, arguably making it stronger than a couple of the Replica Monados that only have two gem slots.

Monado Rudra

The Monado Rudra is obtained during the Replica Monado 2 quest. At level 99, this weapon’s auto-attacks are stronger than Monado Abyss’, at 970-999. The higher minimum auto-attack damage means the weapon will have consistently higher attacks than both the Replica and the Abyss. This Monado 25 points of Ether and Physical Defence like the other Monados in this list, as well as 5% Block Rate. This weapon also has three gem slots like the other top Monados. Where this Monado falls slightly in comparison to the other two, is that it only has a Critical Rate of 5%. This means the player must decide between higher chances of dealing Critical hits, or dealing more consistent auto-attack damage.

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