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Valak Mountain Quests

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Monster Quests

Monster Quests ask that you defeat multiples of a certain enemy type.

Monster Quest 1

Client Monster Rewards
Nopon Merchant (Zokhed Pass) 2 Monta Moramoras - Zokhed Pass 23000G

Monster Quest 2

Client Monster Rewards
Nopon Merchant (Zokhed Pass) 5 Sparas Paguls - Nagul Waterfall 25500G

Monster Quest 3

Client Monster Rewards
Nopon Merchant (Zokhed Pass) 3 Bow Chilkins - Hollow Bone 28000G

Monster Quest 4

Client Monster Rewards
Nopon Merchant (Zokhed Pass) 1 Sesna Lexos - Mechonis Wound (Daytime) 30000G

The Sesna Lexos is found near the Mechonis Wound landmark during the day.

Unique Quests

Whilst these Valak Mountain quests are not always given by Unique NPCs, the quests themselves are more complex than the monster slaying, collection, and search quests.

Chilkins and Antols

Client Rewards Affinity
Nopon Researcher (Nopon Camp) 10000G, 3300 EXP, Spike Defence IV, Chill Defence IV, Paralysis Defence IV None

Upon reaching the Nopon Camp on Valak Mountain, you will be able to receive the quest, Chilkins and Antols from an unnamed Nopon Researcher. He asks you to defeat 5 Poleaxe Chilkins and 5 Ent Antols so that they can conduct their research of Valak Mountain in peace. There are many Ent Antol around but they appear to be most common around Mechonis Wound or on Bagnar Snowfield. Poleaxe Chilkins can be found on Bagnar Snowfield too, so farming both groups of enemies shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you have defeated the required amount of both enemy types, head back to the Nopon Researcher to complete the quest.

Valak Mountain Research

Client Rewards Affinity
Nopon Researcher (Nopon Camp) 11500G, 3800 EXP, Chill Defence V None

Upon completion of Chilkins and Antols, you will be able to pick up this quest from the same Nopon Researcher. He will ask you to visit two locations and report back with your feedback on the scenery. The Nopon Researcher wants you to visit Befalgar Pedestal and Kana Peak.

  • Befalgar Pedestal is a Secret Area found southeast from Zokhed Pass. As you descend the mountain from Zokhed Pass you will notice a large icy landbridge overhead, head north east to walk up a ledge to reach the bridge. Walk across the bridge and then continue down a narrow path south that brings you to a wall you must climb across to continnue. You will then come to a closed off area with a tunnel to the east. Take the tunnel until and climb out of it and you will reach Befalgar Pedestal.

Befalgar Square is a Secret Area.

  • Kana Peak is quite difficult to get to, since it is on a narrow mountain ridge and there is no path on the map to indicate where to go. The easiest way to go is to fast travel to Mechonis Wound and then head southeast to Nagul Waterfall. Then from there, walk up the hill path going north, until you reach about half way up the path. Keep in mind that there are no paths to indicate where you can walk to reach Kana Peak. So keep an eye out for a ridge on the left hand side of the path up from Nagul Waterfall. At first, you might not even think you can walk on it but if you’re careful you can navigate across the mountain ridge until you reach Kana Peak.

(1 of 2) Around this area, there will be an unmarked narrow ridge you can walk up

Around this area, there will be an unmarked narrow ridge you can walk up (left), when you’re on the ridge you’ll have to walk carefully until you reach Kana Peak (right)

Once you have examined both views, you can head back to the Nopon Researcher and tell him your findings. He will ask you which view you liked best, your choice does not impact rewards or future quests, so you can just pick your preference here! Picking your favourite view will complete the quest.

The Freezing Nopon

Client Rewards Affinity
Nopon Researcher (Hollow Bone) 12000G, 4500 EXP, Heavy Leggings none

This quest is given by a Nopon Researcher found on upper level of Valak Mountain. But to get to him you need to use Jakt Geyser east of Nopon Camp to shoot yourself onto the ledge that he’s found on. He will ask you to fetch him several different hot foods to warm him up.

Material Dropped by Monster Location
3 Hox Flints Porcu Hoxes Lava Cave (Valak Mountain)
2 Antol Fire Pouches Ent Antols Mechonis Wound (Valak Mountain)
1 Feris Aged Ale Noto Feris Lava Cave (Valak Mountain)

Once you have found all the required materials, you can head back to the Nopon Researcher to complete the quest.

Quests Available After Completing The Magma Rock (Story Quest)

Bad Timing

Client Rewards Affinity
Nopon Researcher (Bionis’ Wrist) 13800G, 5000 EXP, Heavy Gear, Heavy Armour None

To activate this quest you must have already completed story quest, The Magma Rock so that you are able to thaw frozen ice blockades. The Nopon Researcher who gives this quest is trapped behind an ice wall that you can defrost using the magma rock. The Nopon Researcher can be found half way between the map marker for Ignia Hill and Great Glacier. Once you have found him, he will ask you to defeat 4 Cunning Chilkins so that he can escape the cave. Upon accepting the quest, the Chilkins will be behind you blocking the way out. After defeating them, talk to the Nopon Researcher again to complete the quest.

Chilkin Changes

Client Rewards Affinity
Dakuku (Nopon Camp) 15000G, 3200 EXP, Blaze Defence V, Daze Resist II None

Once you have completed, Bad Timing, you will be able to activate this quest from Dakuku who can now be found at the Nopon Camp. He will ask you to investigate the Chilkin Lair, which can be found south of Bagnar Snowfields. Once you have investigated, several level 39 Ent Antols will spawn. This has the potential to be a tough fight, since there are many Antols and a fair few Vangs flying around the lair as well. You can opt out of fighting if you wish as it is not required to complete the quest. Head back to Dakuku at the Nopon Camp to finish this quest.

The Balance of Power

Client Rewards Affinity
Dakuku (Nopon Camp) 21000G, 8500 EXP, Snaer Striker, Stellar Gear, Stellar Gauntlets None

Dakuku will only give you this quest if Dunban is party leader. He will ask you to defeat the Antol Leader, Barbaric Sitri and the new Chilkin Leader, Banquet Vassago. Both can be found in Antol Den, which can be tricky to get to. You will need to use the ice slide from Hollow Bone landmark to reach it. You must jump twice to reach it; the first time is early into the slide and the second time will be when you’re about to come to the end of the slide. It may take a few tries to get it, since the slide can be a bit difficult to maneuver down without tripping and taking fall damage. Once you’re up on the ledge above the Nopon Camp entry, you will spot several Ent Antols and their boss, the level 47 unique monster Barbaric Sitri. It will be quite a tough fight since he is a high level and there are a lot of Antols around. Be careful when fighting, since your positioning is key to minimising the amount of enemies you aggro. In fact, in one of the larger Bonterra Pods, the quest-exclusive level 48 Chilkin Leader, Banquet Vassago will be hiding inside. If the pod hears you, then he will burst out. If he does not burst out of the pod, then you may want to just attack it to release him. This fight also has the potential to be quite tough, as there may still be some Antols around for you to aggro, as well as some Chilkin enemy reinforcements that will join in later into the fight.

(1 of 2) The Antol Leader, Barbaric Sitri

The Antol Leader, Barbaric Sitri (left), the Chilkin Leader, Banquet Vassago. (right)

Once you have defeated both leaders, head back to Dakudaku to complete the quest. Upon finishing the quest, Dunban will unlock his fourth skill branch, Obstinence.

Completing this quest will unlock Dunban’s Obstinance Skill Branch.

Quests Available After the Events at Mechonis Core

The Missing Partner

Client Reward Affinity
Kurralth 24000G, 30000 EXP, Empire Pike, Night Vision IV None

If you did not do Adventurers in Peril, then you will be able to pick this quest up from Kurralth. Kurralth can be found at Harict Chapel following the events at Mechonis Core. He will ask you to find Zain who is somewhere on the Three Sage Summit. After you have spoken to him, return to Kurralth to complete the quest.

The Final Giants’ Ruins

Client Reward Affinity
Zain 88000G, 175000 EXP, Damage Heal VI, Arts Stealth VI None

After you have completed The Missing Partner or Adventurers in Peril, you’ll be able to pick this quest up after the events at Mechonis Core. Activating this quest will trigger the activation of The Giants’ Treasures, which must be completed first before you can proceed with this quest. It requires that you collect 3 different Giants’ Treasures from across the Bionis.

After you have collected all of the treasures, head back to Three Sage Summit and walk over to the large doors at the top. If you have obtained all of the treasures, there will be three glowing orbs on the door’s surface, and it will open when you walk up to it. Opening the door will complete the quest, but it will also trigger the spawn of the Level 99 quest-exclusive enemy Invited Slobos.

When you enter the sealed area, head up the stairs and you will find a treasure chest containing a Titan Plate, Titan Greaves, Ardi Drones and Final Cut within.

The Giants’ Treasures

Client Reward Affinity
Zain None
This quest requires that you complete numerous other quests in order to obtain the various Giants’ treasures.
  • Daring of the Giants - You obtain this from completing the quest The Giants’ Treasure, which is given by Kacha in the Nopon Merchant Camp in Satorl Marsh. To access that particular quest, you must do Kacha’s Kidnapping and The Giants’ Key.

  • Heart of the Giants - You can obtain this from completing the Mystery of Makna Ruins quests, for which there are four. During Mystery of Makna Ruins 4, you will be rewarded the Heart of the Giants.

  • Truth of the Giants - This will likely be the last Giants’ treasure you collect, since the others can be picked up at reasonably low levels. This one, however, requires that you head into the high level areas of Tephra Cave, only available to you after the events at Mechonis Core. To pick up this item, you’ll have to start with The Book of Bafalgar and then do all the relating quests from then until The Gratitude of Bafalgar, where you will be rewarded the Truth of the Giants.

After you have all the treasures, this quest will be completed automatically and you may then proceed with The Final Giants’ Ruins.

The Giants’ Ruins glow when you have obtained all three of the treasures.


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