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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Jarrod Garripoli, Seren Morgan-Roberts
First Published: 01-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 07-07-2020 / 16:43 GMT
Version: 0.8 (????) 07-07-2020 / 18:04 GMT

Makna Forest is a lush jungle area that the player comes to after travelling through a limited section of the Bionis' Interior. It is home to a lot of new types of enemies not seen before, plus it is also home to the only Nopon settlement in the game. However, you won't be able to access every single area in the Makna Forest on your first visit, due to a broken bridge towards the northwest that gets repaired after completing a sidequest later on in the game. Makna Forest has a unique weather condition called "Heatwave," which is obvious when the birds stop singing and the air is hazy.


Note: The items are listed in the exact order as you input them into the Collectopaedia, so it's easy to know which one(s) you are missing.

Category Items Reward
Vegetables Schorl Mushroom, Kelp Mushroom, Honey Rhubarb Sleep Resist III
Fruit Dark Mango, Pure Cherry, Bitter Kiwi, Juicy Grape Sky Gloves
Flower Enigma Lotus, Humming Nettle, Princess Daffodil, Black Iris Blaze Defence III
Animal Ash Fox, Soft Sea Cucumber, Fossil Monkey, Venomous Lizard Sky Shoes
Bug Scarlet Ladybird, Shield Bug, Hades Beetle, Benign Cricket Slow III
Strange Lemonade Sky, Forest of Gossip, Gravel Disk Debuff Plus II
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is Ironwall Gnasher (weapon for Riki)


Landmark When Available
Makna Path First Visit
Agni Tablet First Visit
Waypoint Beacon First Visit
Lakeside First Visit
Nopon Arch First Visit
Twisted Tree Gate First Visit
Village Entrance First Visit
Windmill Pavilion First Visit
Glowmoss Trihenge First Visit
Pod Landing Site After Prison Island
Valak Pass After Prison Island
Divine Sanctuary (Secret) First Visit
Seahorse Islet (Secret) First Visit
Sparkling Pool (Secret) First Visit
King Agni's Tomb (Secret) After Prison Island


Location When Available
Bridge One First Visit
Bridge Two First Visit
Bridge Three First Visit
Sap Cave First Visit
Great Makna Falls First Visit
Contaminated Area First Visit
Eks Watering Hole First Visit
Clear Waterfall First Visit
Yellow Flower Grove First Visit
Decayed Forest First Visit
Precipice Bridge First Visit
Abyss Basin First Visit
Hode Lair First Visit
Repaired Bridge Four After Prison Island

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Ammos Orluga 34 On Precipice Bridge; Northeast of Glowmoss Trihenge
Arena Orluga 34 On Precipice Bridge; Bottom of Abyss Basin
Bagrus Nebula 96 Near Waypoint Checkpoint; Replaces Caris Nebula (Heatwave)
Bois Hode 29 South of Windmill Pavilion
Bosque Hode 30 South of Windmill Pavilion
Buio Vang 40-42 Near Pod Landing Site
Caris Nebula 36 Near Bridge Two and Three (Clear)
Deinos Sauros 98 North of Glowmoss Trihenge
Fool Sardi 35 In large river connecting Great Makna Falls and Seahorse Islet
Hasal Apis 30 On ledge before Divine Sanctuary (Any weather besides Rain)
Hyle Hode 31-33 South of Windmill Pavilion; Bottom of Abyss Basin
Inferno Deinos 31-35 Near Eks Watering Hole (Heatwave/Sunny)
Itmos Upa 30 Along large river connecting Great Makna Falls and Seahorse Islet
Jungle Quadwing 29 On hill below Agni Tablet; On tree south of Waypoint Beacon (Any besides Rain)
Klanis Apis 28 On ledge just before Divine Sanctuary; Lakeside
Korlba Pterix 97 Circling mountain east of Clear Waterfall (Heatwave/Clear)
Laeklit Mammut 96 Right outside Village Entrance
Lupus Feris 32 East/Northeast of Village Entrance
Makna Ansel 32-34 Near Eks Watering Hole/Clear Waterfall
Makna Antol 40-43 King Agni's Tomb
Makna Brog 33 Sap Cave; Along river connecting Great Makna Falls and Seahorse Islet
Makna Eks 33 Eks Watering Hole
Makna Eluca 28 Near Agni Tablet; Yellow Flower Grove
Makna Feris 31 In between Waypoint Beacon and Nopon Arch
Makna Piranhax 30 Eks Watering Hole, Clear Waterfall
Marmor Apis 40 Near King Agni's Tomb (Night or Heatwave)
Petra Apis 27 Lakeside; By Agni Tablet (All but Rain)
Plasma Deinos 29-32 Around the Eks Watering Hole
Sabulum Orluga 31-33 On Precipice Bridge; South of Windmill Pavilion
Scout Hode 30 South of Windmill Pavilion
Suelo Orluga 43 Near Pod Landing Site
Teneb Vang 32 Inside Hode Lair; Inside tunnel leading to Divine Sanctuary
Terra Orluga 31 Outside Village Entrance
Venaes Nebula 34 Near waterfalls; Replaces Caris Nebula (Rain)
Whapol Sardi 32 Eks Watering Hole, Clear Waterfall

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Agile Albratro 33 On river level, underneath Bridge Three
Breezy Zolos 37 North of Windmill Pavilion
Brutal Gravar 46 Inside King Agni's Tomb; Does not spawn until Mystery of Makna Ruins 2
Elder Gragus 34 East of Nopon Arch, on higher ground
Illustrious Golteus 98 Flying around Precipice Bridge (after Mechonis Core)
Lazy Bluco 34 Yellow Flower Grove (Night)
Magnificent Digalus 99 Decayed Forest (after Mechonic Core
Obsessive Galgaron 35 Inside Hode Lair (requires Beat Kilaki to It! quest to reach it)
Shimmering Forte 33 East of Eks Watering Hole (Day/Heatwave)
Unreliable Rezno 96 Lone island in Great Makna Falls; Part of Final Challenge of the Sage quest

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