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Melia is a member of the High Entia race, living in the Royal City of Alcamoth. She can be very polite and especially formal, which is shown in her way of talking. Despite this, she does still have a sense of humour, although her jokes tend to be told with a straight face. Riki calls her Melly and she does not mind this nickname for her.


Melia’s main role in combat is to pretty much deal damage, although she is a bit of an odd one, in that, her Arts don’t automatically attack the enemy straight away. Instead, when they are used, they produce an elemental summon that appear above Melia’s head, while also providing a buff for the team (if they are within range). Melia can have up to three summons at a time, even if all three are the same. Once she produces a summon, she then has to use her Talent Art, Elemental Discharge, to send that summon at the enemy. Of course, discharging the summons will remove the buff.

So, you have a choice to either fire off the summons as you make them, or keep one or two for the buffs. There is a bit of a strategy to Melia’s playstyle, but it should be noted that the AI usually fires off the summons right away, which is why you shouldn’t really have her in the party if you’re not controlling her. Her three best summons, for damage, are Bolt, Earth and Ice. You will want to be careful with using Fire, Ice, and Wind, as they are area-of-effects and might draw in more enemies while you’re in the middle of battle. Outside of the above, she has an instant Break -> Topple combo, with Spear Break and Starlight Kick, but this is honestly a waste of two Art slots.

As you’re launching the summons at enemies, the Talent Gauge will slowly build up and once it’s full, she enters Elemental Burst mode. The Talent Art icon will flash and any Discharge will deal double the damage. Depending on her Tension level, there is a chance of Melia losing the Elemental Burst effect and returning to normal. During Elemental Burst, though, she gains access to two Arts, Burst End and Mind Blast. The latter allows her to inflict Seal Arts on an enemy, as well as remove auras.

The biggest downside to using Melia in battles is the fact she’s kind of useless during Chain Attacks, unless you prepare beforehand. If you don’t have elementals summoned, then she’s not going to do much during Chain Attacks. However, if you are controlling Melia and prepare the summons before initiating it, then the face the Elemental Discharge is a Talent Art, it can link into any other colored Art without breaking the bonus chain. Lastly, Melia is very fragile and you definitely don’t want to gain aggro with her, as she will be dropped quickly.

Best Gifts

The following are the best gifts to give Shulk to help boost his Affinity with for other playable characters.

# Hearts Gift Item
Love Source
Amethyst Melon, Doomsday Poppy, Mystic Dahlia, Spirit Clematis, Forget-You-Not, Night Lily, Chimera Rabbit, Venom Platypus, Prism Centipede, Purple Lamp, Rumble Box, Steel Silk


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