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Quests Available After Reaching Colony 6 Area

Proof of Status

Client Rewards Affinity
Daza 850G, 320 EXP, Break II None

Daza has tasked you with seeking out a Nopon Coin that can be found on the Splintered Path. Head back north and take the lift down to the lower level. From here, follow the path to the southwest, avoiding the Rhoguls if possible, it’s easy to fall off the edge here. Hug the path along the eastern cliff and eventually you’ll come across the Coin, pocket it and turn in this simple Quest to accept the next one.

Safety First

Client Rewards Affinity
Daza 900G, 400 EXP, Pelt Bottoms, Pelt Top None

Daza’s still concerned about his safety and as a result, has asked you to cull the local area of monsters. You’ll need to take down four Yellow Antols, six Soft Hoxes and three Water Upas, all of which can be found below where you found the Nopon Coin a short moment ago. The Water Upas however may be troublesome to find, they’ll only appear if it happens to be raining or there’s a thunderstorm, should you see one, make them your priority. You can change the weather by keep advancing from day to night until you get the desired effect. Once you’ve slayed all of the monsters, make your way back to Daza to give him the good news and complete the Quest.

Secret Mission

Client Rewards Affinity
Daza 1000G, 500 EXP, Slow III, Top Secret Data None

Daza’s final task for you is a top-secret mission, asking you to take a letter to Gerugu on Bionis’ Leg. Travel back to Spiral Valley on Bionis’ Leg and head west to find Gerugu and deliver the letter before returning to Daza again and complete this short Quest.

Quests Available After Reaching Sororal Statues in Satorl Marsh

The Road Home

Client Rewards Affinity
Otharon 3200G, 550 EXP, EXP Up I, Ap Up I None

This quest will become available after your party reaches Sororal Statues in Satorl Marsh. Return to Colony 6 and Otharon will be stood outside the Main Entrance. He will tell you he has big plans to restore Colony 6, and asks you to bring back the refugees from the Refugee Camp. Raguel Bridge is overrun with monsters, so you will need to defeat the enemies on the bridge so the refugees have safe passage back to Colony 6. The fight is quite tough, first you’ll have to fight several level 30 Black Smoke Hox. Then once they’re defeated, a greater quantity of level 32 White Smoke Hox arrive on the bridge. Fortunately, if you die to the White Smoke Hox, you won’t have to fight the Black Smoke Hox again. Once you’ve defeated the 6 White Hox, head over to Juju in the Refugee Camp. He will give you the option to stall the move back home - choose this option if you still want to complete some of the Refugee Camp quests. If you’re all done then go ahead and pick “Let’s go” to complete the quest.

To Colony 6!

Client Rewards Affinity
Dulland 12000G, 8800 EXP, EXP Up I, AP Up I None

This quest is only available if you don’t complete The Road Home and you’ve progressed in the main story, up until you reach Hidden Machina Village on Fallen Arm and spoken to Miqol there. Other than some extra gold and experience, everything from the other quest remains the exact same. You will be fighting six level 30 Black Smoke Hoxes, then six White Smoke Hoxes, all on the Raguel Bridge. Since you should be a much higher level than them, they should be pushovers. Once you clear those all out, report to Juju at the Refugee Camp to finish the quest and begin your reconstruction effort for Colony 6.

Quests Available After Reconstruction of Colony 6 Begins

Satata’s Younger Brother

Client Rewards Affinity
Satata 4200G, 700 EXP, Iron Armour, Iron Leggings None

Once you have begun Reconstruction of Colony 6, Satata can now be found at the Reconstruction HQ landmark in Colony 6. He will ask you to find his brother’s misplaced keepsake. The keepsake can be found at the Mining Base of Ether Mine. The Mining Base is conveniently a landmark that you can fast travel to if you’ve explored enough of the Ether Mine. Once you’ve picked up the Mushroom Cap, head back to Satata to complete the quest.

Rest in Peace

Client Rewards Affinity
Satata 6500G, 850 EXP, Jungle Shoes None

After completing Satata’s Younger Brother, he will ask you to take the Mushroom Cap keepsake to where his brother and his brother’s wife can be found. He wants you to find a spot where Great Makna Falls can be viewed completely. This can quest can only be completed once you have access to Makna Forest, which happens in Chapter 7 of the Main Story. Once in Makna Forest, you will need to find the landmark and Secret Area, Divine Sanctuary. To find this you must first head southwest from Waypoint Beacon and you’ll find yourself climbing up a large tree. Navigate yourself across the branches and jump down onto a path that leads to a tunnel that heads west on the map. After a short walk, you’ll pop out on a cliff edge. From here you’ll be able to spot another cave tunnel. In both of these tunnels you will have to face some level 32 Teneb Vangs. Once you’ve reached the end of the tunnel, you’ll reach the Secret Area. This area has a gorgeous panorama of the Great Makna Falls. Head to the edge of the cliff and examine it to throw the Mushroom Cap. Once completed, head back to Satata in Colony 6 to complete the quest.

(1 of 2) A perfect panorama of Great Makna Falls

A perfect panorama of Great Makna Falls (left), location of Secret Area, Divine Sanctuary (right)

A Selfish Girl’s Mistake

Client Rewards Affinity
Anna 4200G, 680 EXP, Pierce Resist II None

Anna can be found near the Reconstruction HQ landmark in Colony 6. She tells you that she told Nikita and Kiroki to head into the mine to kill monsters, and now they’re in danger. You are tasked with finding them and getting them to safety. Kiroki can be found in the Drainage Control Room in the Ether Mine. Nikita, on the other hand, is slightly trickier to find. She will be on the lower levels of the Splintered Path near Colony 6. In front of her is the quest-exclusive monster, Lazy Hox. It is not required to defeat the enemy to complete the quest but it is difficult to maneuver around it without being seen. Talk to Nikita to save her from the monster, then return to Anna to complete the quest.

What is Love?!

Client Rewards Affinity
Ewan 3500G, 620 EXP, Bleed Defence III None

After relocating to Colony 6, Ewan has asked you to speak to people about love, so that he can learn how to write a romantic novel. The quest will give you vague descriptions of people to speak to, but to make it simpler, you need to speak to the following: Olga, Gorman, Anna and Satata. Once you have spoken to them, return to Ewan to complete the quest.

What is Courage?

Client Rewards Affinity
Ewan 3700G, 650 EXP, Daze Tension III None

After completing What is Love?!, Ewan will tell you that he needs to go on an adventure to gain courage. He will need some protection from you and your party, so you will need to accompany him. There are two possible areas that you can go to help Ewan, but both endings are exactly the same, so the outcome won’t be different.

  • Ether Mine (Route A) - Head down a narrow tunnel south of Test Pit 1 to the Secret Area called Glowmoss Lake (if you have already found this area then just fast travel to the landmark). When you reach the lake, you will see Ewan cowering in a corner and the quest-exclusive level 29 monster, Elegant Marinn by his side. Defeat the monster and talk to Ewan to complete the quest.

  • Satorl Marsh (Route B) - If you want a tougher fight, then head over to the Glowing Obelisk landmark and make your way over to Soter Ruins. Be careful here, there are several high level enemies here that will attack you on sight. Cross the first bridge in Soter Ruins then head west towards a narrow bit of land between the cliff and the lake below. You will find Ewan being attacked by the quest-exclusive level 33 monster, Hungry Volff. Once defeated, speak to Ewan to complete the quest.

Matryona’s Answer?

Client Rewards Affinity
Matryona 4500G, 700 EXP, Blaze Attack II (A), Blaze Defence III (B) 2✰

After completing What is Courage?!, you’ll find Matryona outside Reconstruction HQ at 21:00 and she wants to send her reply to Ewan in the form of a painting. There are two possible items you can track down for her which will impact the relationship between the two.

  • Lake Drop (Route A) - Return to Bionis’ Leg and journey to Raguel Lake in order to find the Lake Drop. It is on the shoreline in the southeast corner of the lake, just north of the Tranquil Grotto area.

  • Nasty Weed (Route B) - For the more negative ending, make your way to Satorl Marsh’s Crown Tree landmark and head east to find the item. It should be noted that taking the B route will end in worse Affinity between Ewan and Matryona and should be avoided if possible.

Chemist’s Reopening

Client Rewards Affinity
Olga 3600G, 620 EXP, Recovery Up II None

Speak to Olga at Reconstruction HQ and she will inform you that she wishes to reopen the Chemist’s Shop and in order to do so, she’ll need your assistance in tracking down some ingredients.

  • You’ll find a Chewy Radish in Colony 9 via Collectables or by trading with Jackson in Colony 9.

  • The Red Durians are located on Bionis’ Leg via collectables, track the Quest to locate one.

  • Finally, a Sirius Anemone can be found right here in Colony 6, once again, track the Quest and it should lead you straight to one.

Once you have the ingredients in hand, return them to Olga to complete the Quest.

For the Restoration and Making a New Path

Client Rewards Affinity
Gorman 4400G, 680 EXP, Spike III None

Gorman has asked that you fetch the Divine Rock from the top of Spiral Valley, so that he can perform a ceremony to ensure Colony 6’s reconstruction is safe. He tells you that a fierce monster is blocking the path to the Divine Rock. Once you have finished speaking to him, you will activate another quest from him, called Making a New Path. If you would prefer to avoid the monster, then you should follow the instructions for the second quest. You will most likely want to avoid the monster since the Unique enemy, Immovable Gonzalez is level 90. If you are able to fight him, then the Divine Rock is just up a ramp that’s right behind him. You’ll be able to retrieve it and return to Gormon to complete the quest.

Making a New Path - if you choose to avoid fighting the monster, then head over to the Ether Mine to collect 3 pieces of Dynamite so that Gorman can destroy boulders and create a new path to the Divine Rock that avoids the enemy. The dynamite can be found near Test Pit 2, Test Pit 3 and Test Pit 4. Once collected, head back to Gorman in Colony 6 to complete the Making a New Path quest.

Once Gorman has used the dynamite, you will be able to retrieve the Divine Rock without having to defeat the Immovable Gonzalez first. He will blow up a spiral pathway that begins in Windy Cave. To get to he spiral pathway, you’ll have to walk through the tunnels to Windy Cave, which can be a tricky task in itself. Take care to avoid all of the high level monsters, including Pandora Pods and Admiral Arachno, who will attack you if they hear you. Once you’ve reached the main area of Windy Cave, the spiral pathway up to the Divine Rock should be right in front of you. You’ll emerge from the pathway right behind the monster, then all you have to do is walk up a ramp to the Divine Rock. Return to Gorman to complete the quest.

(1 of 2) If you're tough enough you can face the Immovable Gonzalez head on

If you're tough enough you can face the Immovable Gonzalez head on (left), or you can choose to be sneaky (advised) and use dynamite to create a pathway behind him. (right)

Quests Available After Reaching Makna Forest

A Gutsy Trader

Client Rewards Affinity
Werner 4000G, 620 EXP, Nopol Boots None

To unlock this quest, Werner must now reside in Colony 6 and you must have Commerce and Nature at level 2 in the Colony 6 Reconstruction quest. Werner used to be found at the Mecon Wreckage Site in Colony 9, but if you speak to him after you have reached level 1 Housing in the reconstruction, then Werner will decide to move. As well as this, you must have also reached Makna Forest in the story quest. Once all of these prerequisites have been satisfied, you may activate this quest from Werner. He will ask you to fetch him 6 Flier Wings and 7 Flier Straws both obtained from Fliers. Flier Wings are obtained from Fliers in Colony 6 and Flier Straws are dropped by Fliers on the Bionis’ Leg. Clima and Colony Fliers are found during the day near Watchpoint Junction. Flier Wings are a rare drop so you will have to farm for a while to obtain 6 of them. But this should be relatively easy if you just keep fast travelling to the Watchpoint Junction landmark and killing Fliers until you have the required amount. Flier Straws are also a rare drop, but if you travel to Jabos Rock Rest Area on the Gaur Plain then you should find a fair few Fine Fliers around. You will likely have to use the same fast travel technique to farm enough of the Flier Straws too. Once you have all the required materials, return to Werner in Colony 6 to finish the quest.

Quests Available After Reaching Alcamoth

Cook-off Counter Attack!

Client Rewards Affinity
Hoko 5000G, 1800 EXP, Sleep Resist V None

In order to activate this quest, both Hoko and Talonyth must now reside in Colony 6. For Hoko to move, Housing and Commerce must be at level 2, and for Talonyth to want to move they must be at level 1. Talonyth lives in Alcamoth so to have him move you must have reached Alcamoth in the main story quest. Once all the prerequisites have been satisfied, Hoko will offer up this quest. He tells you that his cooking is awful and he needs better ingredients to beat his rival, Talonyth.

Material Dropped by Trade
3 lots of Thick Armu Milk Daughter and Leg Armus - Gaur Plain (Bionis’ Leg)
3 White Brog Liver Detox Brogs - Crown Tree (Satorl Marsh) Bokoko overtrade (Satorl Marsh)
3 Juicy Wild Meat Stella Eks - Khatorl Seal Island, Hovering Reef 7 and 10 (Eryth Sea) Caul and Lecrough at 1✰ in Alcamoth

Once the required materials are collected, head back to Hoko in Colony 6 to complete the quest.

Cook-Off Comeback?

Client Rewards Affinity
Hoko 5450G, 2000 EXP, Heavy Gauntlets 1✰

This quest can be activated when Ma’crish and Pokapoka have moved to Colony 6. To have Ma’crish move in, Housing and Special must be at level 2 in the reconstruction process. For Pokapoka, you will need Housing at level 2 and have a population of at least 30 people. You must also have completed the quest Cook-Off Counter-Attack. Since completing his last quest, Hoko’s food has gotten much better! He has asked you to get some even more ingredients so that he can make food that is better than Talonyth’s.

Collectable Location Trade
4 Charcoal Legs Ether Mine Talonyth at 1✰ (Colony 6)
4 Honey Rhubarb Makna Forest Kuriku and Pepa at 1✰ (Frontier Village)
4 Tropical Radishes Eryth Sea and Colony 6 Ricoth at 1✰ (Alcamoth)

Once you have all of the required collectables, head back to Hoko to complete the quest.

Cook-Off Final Blow?!

Client Rewards Affinity
Talonyth 6000G, 2050 EXP, Heavy Boots 2✰

Because of your help, Hoko‘s food is now the best in town and no one likes Talonyth’s food anymore. He has asked you to fetch him a Sky Frying Pan so that he can improve his cooking. The Sky Frying Pan can be found near the Sky Stage north of Viliera Hill on the Bionis’ Leg. Once retrieved, head back to Talonyth and he will then ask you to collect the Nature’s Stove from near the Eks Watering Hole in Makna Forest. It is easy to locate, it is just to the east of the watering hole, on a small shore. Once you’ve retrieved the stove, take it back to Ma’crish to complete the quest.

A Delectable Delicacy

Client Rewards Affinity
Pokapoka 6500G, 1900 EXP, Confuse Resist IV 2✰

To activate this quest, you must have completed Cook-Off Comeback? and have 2✰ affinity in Colony 6. Pokapoka must also have moved from Frontier Village to Colony 6 and to achieve this you need to have Housing at level 2 in the reconstruction process and a population of at least 30. Once you’re able to activate this quest, Pokapoka will ask you to fetch him 3 Bunnia Hams which are dropped by Ether Bunnias in Satorl Marsh. These Bunnias are found most commonly just north of Glowing Obelisk, nearby the Nopon Refuge. Once you have collected 3 pieces of ham, head back to Pokapoka to complete the quest.

Missing Lodger

Client Rewards Affinity
Ma’crish 4500G, 2000 EXP, Lock-On Resist IV None

Ma’crish can move to Colony 6 once Housing is at level 2; she is originally found in Alcamoth. This quest can be picked up once the Special category is also at level 2 in the Reconstruction process. Ma’crish has asked you to locate the missing Nopon, Nopo’rikh who hasn’t returned home yet. He can be found in the Armu farm near Reconstruction HQ. Finding him and telling him to return home will trigger him to move into Colony 6, he is a new NPC that appears once this quest has been accepted. Head back to Ma’crish to complete the quest.

Nopo'rikh can be found in the Armu Farm of Colony 6.

Looking for Freedom

Client Rewards Affinity
Nopo’rikh 7200G, 2000 EXP, Sky Cap (Route A), Shell Leggings (Route B) 2✰

This quest can be unlocked once Missing Lodger has been completed and you have 2✰ affinity with Colony 6 residents. Hoko will tell you that Ma’crish treats him more like a pet than a person. He wants to teach her a lesson and has asked you to collect Smelly Perfume from the Poison Swamp in Satorl Marsh. This quest has two routes, each one yields a different reward.

  • Collect Smelly Perfume (Route A) - If you choose this route then you want to head to Poison Swamp in Satorl Marsh. You will have to swim through the poison and this will damage you over time, so be careful not to stay in the poison for too long. Once retrieved, head back to Nopo’rikh to complete the quest. The affinity between him and Ma’crish will change to a negative link labelled, I’m Free!

  • Report to Ma’crish (Route B) - If you choose this route then head over to Ma’crish and tell her of Nopo’rikh’s plan. She will ask you to fetch some Pure Perfume instead, to trick Nopo’rikh. You can collect Pure Perfume from Great Makna Falls in Makna Forest. Just jump of the ledge into the water from the Divine Sanctuary landmark and swim to the small island infront of the falls. The Pure Perfume can be retrieved from the small island. Head back to Colony 6 and hand the perfume to Nopo’rikh. Once he’s been given the perfume, speak to Ma’crish again to complete the quest. The affinity between Nopo’rikh and Ma’crish will change to a positive link labelled, I’m Not a Pet!

(1 of 2) Smelly Perfume is found in Poison Swamp

Smelly Perfume is found in Poison Swamp (left), and Pure Perfume is located near Great Makna Falls (right)


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