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Reconstruction of Colony 6 (1)

Ben Chard
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A Brief Detour

The party enters Makna Forest, an important step on the journey to reach the Bionis’ head and Prison Island. However, it’s time to make a detour to wrap up some Quests and begin an important Side Quest, the reconstruction of Colony 6. Begin by heading back to Colony 9.

A Young Captain’s Challenge

Emmy Leater will offer this quest upon you reaching Makna Forest, as well as after you complete A Young Captain’s Rise. The lieutenant colonel qualification test is about to begin and it’s not looking good for Emmy. She asks for your help, asking for either a Carbo Shield or a Nopon Claymore. You can only get one of these items for her, which will block off the other route. Both routes lead to different quests after finishing this one.

  • A Route - In order to get the Nopon Claymore, you will need to venture to Satorl Marsh, specifically the Sororal Statues landmark. Nearby will be a Nopon Merchant, so speak to him and he’ll give you the sword, in return for 4 pieces of Bunnia Scent Wood. To get this, you will need to travel to the Glowing Obelisk landmark in Satorl Marsh and head north to find Ogre Bunnias. They drop the Bunnia Scent Wood, so slay them until you get four; if you don’t get enough on a first one, then fast travel back to the Glowing Obelisk and some more should respawn. Bokoko, at the Nopon Merchant Camp, will offer the wood for trade (1). Bring the wood back to the merchant to get the sword, then return it to Emmy Leater.

(1 of 2) Ogre Bunnias are the only ones who drop the Scent Wood

Ogre Bunnias are the only ones who drop the Scent Wood (left), The location of the Carbo Shield for the B Route (right)

  • B Route - Should you take this route, you will have to find a Carbo Shield for Emmy. This will be located in the Colony 6 area, so fast travel to Freight Road or Main Entrance landmark in the area, then venture north of the Main Entrance. Head up the ramp and to your right will be a red orb, which will be the Carbo Shield. Bring this back to Emmy to finish.

With that Quest out of the way, go ahead and head back to Colony 6’s Watchpoint Junction and take the slope up to the west to reach the entrance of Colony 6 where you’ll find two more Heart-to-Hearts to register, a Nopon Merchant in Hope Farm and finally to the Main Entrance Landmark where you’ll find Otharon who will kick off the Reconstruction Side Quest.

The Road Home

Otharon will be stood outside the Main Entrance and he will tell you he has big plans to restore Colony 6, and asks you to bring back the refugees from the Refugee Camp. Raguel Bridge is overrun with monsters, so you will need to defeat the enemies on the bridge so the refugees have safe passage back to Colony 6. The fight is quite tough, first you’ll have to fight several level 30 Black Smoke Hox. Then once they’re defeated, a greater quantity of level 32 White Smoke Hox arrive on the bridge. Fortunately, if you die to the White Smoke Hox, you won’t have to fight the Black Smoke Hox again. Once you’ve defeated the 6 White Hox, head over to Juju in the Refugee Camp. He will give you the option to stall the move back home - choose this option if you still want to complete some of the Refugee Camp quests. If you’re all done then go ahead and pick “Let’s go” to complete the quest.

You’ll automatically find yourself back in Colony 6 after speaking to Juju, unlocking the Reconstruction HQ Landmark and will receive the useful EXP Up I and AP Up I Gems which you should find a slot for if possible. Once you’re ready to assist in rebuilding Colony 6, speak with Juju to learn how and get the ball rolling.

Essentially, you’ll need Collectables, Materials and of course Gold to assist in rebuilding the Colony and you can select a number of categories that you wish to build in. What’s more, by sending specific people to live in Colony 6, you’ll open up even more unique Quests. This is a slow burn Side Quest that will last the entire game but the rewards, especially near the end, are some of the best around. Before we even begin rebuilding any of Colony 6, take care of all the Quests currently available.

What is Love?!

After relocating to Colony 6, Ewan has asked you to speak to people about love, so that he can learn how to write a romantic novel. The quest will give you vague descriptions of people to speak to, but to make it simpler, you need to speak to the following: Olga, Gorman, Anna and Satata. Once you have spoken to them, return to Ewan to complete the quest.

What is Courage?!

After completing What is Love?!, Ewan will tell you that he needs to go on an adventure to gain courage. He will need some protection from you and your party, so you will need to accompany him. There are two possible areas that you can go to help Ewan, but both endings are exactly the same, so the outcome won’t be different.

  • Ether Mine (Route A) - Head down a narrow tunnel south of Test Pit 1 to the Secret Area called Glowmoss Lake (if you have already found this area then just fast travel to the landmark). When you reach the lake, you will see Ewan cowering in a corner and the quest-exclusive level 29 monster, Elegant Marinn by his side. Defeat the monster and talk to Ewan to complete the quest.

  • Satorl Marsh (Route B) - If you want a tougher fight, then head over to the Glowing Obelisk landmark and make your way over to Soter Ruins. Be careful here, there are several high level enemies here that will attack you on sight. Cross the first bridge in Soter Ruins then head west towards a narrow bit of land between the cliff and the lake below. You will find Ewan being attacked by the quest-exclusive level 33 monster, Hungry Volff. Once defeated, speak to Ewan to complete the quest.

Matryona’s Answer

After completing What is Courage?!, you’ll find Matryona outside Reconstruction HQ at 21:00 and she wants to send her reply to Ewan in the form of a painting. There are two possible items you can track down for her which will impact the relationship between the two.

  • Lake Drop (Route A) - Return to Bionis’ Leg and journey to Raguel Lake in order to find the Lake Drop. It is on the shoreline in the southeast corner of the lake, just north of the Tranquil Grotto area.

  • Nasty Weed (Route B) - For the more negative ending, make your way to Satorl Marsh’s Crown Tree Landmark and head east to find the item. It should be noted that taking the B route will end in worse Affinity between Ewan and Matryona and should be avoided if possible.

A Selfish Girl’s Mistake

Anna can be found near the Reconstruction HQ landmark in Colony 6. She tells you that she told Nikita and Kiroki to head into the mine to kill monsters, and now they’re in danger. You are tasked with finding them and getting them to safety. Kiroki can be found in the Drainage Control Room in the Ether Mine. Nikita, on the other hand, is slightly trickier to find. She will be on the lower levels of the Splintered Path near Colony 6. In front of her is the quest-exclusive monster, Lazy Hox. It is not required to defeat the enemy to complete the quest but it is difficult to maneuver around it without being seen. Talk to Nikita to save her from the monster, then return to Anna to complete the quest.

Chemist’s Reopening

Speak to Olga at Reconstruction HQ and she will inform you that she wishes to reopen the Chemist’s Shop and in order to do so, she’ll need your assistance in tracking down some ingredients.

  • You’ll find a Chewy Radish in Colony 9 via Collectables or by trading with Jackson.

  • The Red Durians are located on Bionis’ Leg via collectables, track the Quest to locate one.

  • Finally, a Sirius Anemone can be found right here in Colony 6, once again, track the Quest and it should lead you straight to one.

Once you have the ingredients in hand, return them to Olga to complete the Quest.

Satata’s Younger Brother

Once you have begun Reconstruction of Colony 6, Satata can now be found at the Reconstruction HQ landmark in Colony 6. He will ask you to find his brother’s misplaced keepsake. The keepsake can be found at the Mining Base of Ether Mine. The Mining Base is conveniently a landmark that you can fast travel to if you’ve explored enough of the Ether Mine. Once you’ve picked up the Mushroom Cap, head back to Satata to complete the quest.

Be sure to pick up Rest in Peace following this Quest but hold on to it for now until you make your way through Makna Forest as part of the story.

For the Restoration and Making a New Path

Gorman has asked that you fetch the Divine Rock from the top of Spiral Valley, so that he can perform a ceremony to ensure Colony 6’s reconstruction is safe. He tells you that a fierce monster is blocking the path to the Divine Rock. Once you have finished speaking to him, you may activate another quest from him, called Making a New Path. If you would prefer to avoid the monster, then you should follow the instructions for the second quest. You will most likely want to avoid the monster since the Unique enemy, Immovable Gonzalez is level 90. If you are able to fight him, then the Divine Rock is just up a ramp that’s right behind him. You’ll be able to retrieve it and return to Gormon to complete the quest.

Making a New Path - if you choose to avoid fighting the monster, then head over to the Ether Mine to collect 3 pieces of Dynamite so that Gorman can destroy boulders and create a new path to the Divine Rock that avoids the enemy. The dynamite can be found near Test Pit 2, Test Pit 3 and Test Pit 4. Once collected, head back to Gorman in Colony 6 to complete the Making a New Path quest.

Once Gorman has used the dynamite, you will be able to retrieve the Divine Rock without having to defeat the Immovable Gonzalez first. He will blow up a spiral pathway that begins in Windy Cave. To get to he spiral pathway, you’ll have to walk through the tunnels to Windy Cave, which can be a tricky task in itself. Take care to avoid all of the high level monsters, including Pandora Pods and Admiral Arachno, who will attack you if they hear you. Once you’ve reached the main area of Windy Cave, the spiral pathway up to the Divine Rock should be right in front of you. You’ll emerge from the pathway right behind the monster, then all you have to do is walk up a ramp to the Divine Rock. Return to Gorman to complete the quest.
If you’re tough enough you can face the Immovable Gonzalez head on
or you can choose to play sneaky and use dynamite to forge a new pathway behind him.

(1 of 2) If you’re tough enough you can face the Immovable Gonzalez head on

If you’re tough enough you can face the Immovable Gonzalez head on (left), or you can choose to be sneaky (advised) and use dynamite to create a pathway behind him (right)

Reconstruction Level 0

Category Material Requirements Gold
Housing 2 Spotted Volff Hide, 2 Steel Silk 9000G
Commerce 2 Igna Hide Jacket, 2 Amblygon Turtle 10000G
Nature 2 Sharp Hox Spur, 2 Dark Grape 5000G
Special 1 Light Rain Element, 1 Kneecap Rock 8000G

It’s time to get started with the reconstruction itself now that the Quests have been cleared up, take a look below to find out where you can find each item.

  • Housing - You can find the Spotted Volff Hide from all Volff on Bionis’ Leg. Alternatively, you can purchase them for 900 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal. The Steel Silk on the other hand can be found as a Collectable in Tephra Cave, trading with Peppino at 3✰ in Colony 9 or can be purchased for 9,200 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal.

  • Commerce - You’ll find Igna Hide Jackets from any Igna at Satorl Marsh or you can purchase them for 1,400 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal. The Amblygon Turtles are Collectables here in Colony 6, you can trade for them via Arda also found here or you can purchase them for 4,300 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal.

  • Nature - You can find Sharp Hox Spurs from any Hox on Bionis’ Leg, trade with Matryona here in Colony 6 or by purchasing them for 800 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal. The Dark Grapes are a Collectable in Tephra Cave, trading with Dorothy in Colony 9 if you are at 3✰ or by purchasing them for 2,500 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal.

  • Special - The Light Rain Element can be tricky to find, you’ll need to defeat an Aqua Nebula on Bionis’ Leg when it’s raining or by purchasing it for 1,300 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal. The Kneecap Rock is a Collectable in Tephra Cave, can be traded for with Werner at Colony 9 if you are at 2✰ or by purchasing it for 6,700 Noponstones in a Time Attack Portal.

For completing Level 1, you’ll get the bonus of Street Lights being built along with an Ultra Small Reactor from the residents, this is needed for a Quest shortly. You’ll need to advance the story a little more before you can make some more progress on Reconstruction however now that you have Housing at Level 1, return to Colony 9 and speak to Werner at the Mechon Wreckage Site to have him make the move to Colony 6. Make your way over to Colony 9 and if you’ve never spoken to him before, speak to the Gem Man to learn about how Gem Crafting works, shortly after he’ll offer you a new Quest.

The Gem Man’s Invention

This quest will be unlocked once you have witnessed the Sororal Statues cut scene and also begun Colony 6 Reconstruction. The Gem Man offers to make you a Mobile Furnace if you reconstruct Colony 6 to level 1 and collect an Ultra Small Reactor. Once completed, return to the Gem Man and receive the Mobile Furnace.

The final Quest for you now is a bit tricky to make appear, you’ll need to ensure you’ve done every Colony 9 Quest at this point in the game and spent time talking to all the named residents to update their Affinity profiles in turn, creating a small bump to your Affinity Rank. Eventually, you’ll find Desiree at 19:00 near the Gem Mans Stall and she’ll offer you a new Quest.

Desiree’s Future

You may find Desiree with this Quest so long as you have Shulk as the party leader and you have exhausted all Affinity Boosts with Colony 9. She’s looking for advice on what route to take in life and looks to Shulk for advice. You’ll need to listen to all of the stories that Desiree tells you and then at the end of it all, you’ll be given a choice for her future. There’s no real winner here as you’ll get the same rewards but there’s a better Affinity ending for her and Betty should you choose the Soldier Route.

(1 of 3) You’ll need to be at Rank 4 Affinity and progress all Resident’s Affinity to trigger this Quest

What’s special about this Quest is your reward, the Pessimism Skill Tree for Shulk will open up a whole new line of Skills for Shulk to learn from. There’s plenty of useful Skills to learn here, not least the first one, Fight the Future which will extend how long you have to react to Visions while Stealth Warrior will reduce aggro drawn from using Arts. If you’ve had Dunban in the party with Shulk this whole time, you should be ready to complete another Heart-to-Heart before pressing on so warp to Crown Tree in Satorl Marsh and make your way north to the Heart-to-Heart there.

Heart-to-Heart Characters Location Affinity Answers
The Shimmering Marsh Shulk + Dunban Satorl Marsh - Zaldania Waterfall Green Really? Interesting, Will it ever run out?

With that out of the way, it’s time to make your way back to Makna Forest to continue the journey towards Prison Island.


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