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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Druid Moon Build: Best Race, Feats & More

Craig Robinson

The Druid is a fairly flexible class, offering a lot of playstyles and some playstyles among the subclasses grant many options for the builds you can go. While the class is somewhat similar to the 5e route, Larian has added more spin to the game, offering players some new taunt skills. For this reason, the Moon Druid in bear form might actually be one of the best tanky classes in the game, which, we know for certain makes some of the boss fights much easier, like the Grym boss in the Adamantine Forge. So, if you want to make some of the harder fights in the game a lot easier, a moon druid is one of the playstyles worth tagging in your party. Here’s a Baldur’s Gate 3 Moon Druid build, featuring the best race, feats & more.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Moon Druid Build: Grizzly Rage

This Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid build for bear tanking can be used for a custom character or for Halsin.

The level layout for the Druid build in BG3 is as follows:

  • Druid - 9
  • Barb - 3

This build will start as a Druid at level 1, then multiclass into Barb for one level as soon as possible. You are doing this for the rage effects while granting more hp to your playstyle when raging. After that, you want to get your Druid to 3, and then Barb to 3, with your remaining points in Druid.

The reason you need to get Druid up as soon as possible is for the Wild Shape Bear form. This is your main wild shape form. What you do here is take this, as it has around 30 HP. This is equivalent to a level 5 with decent constitution for most classes, so, it makes you a very good early-game tank. When you reach level 6, you get Owlbear, another really tanky creature, with the addition of flying. Therefore, you have two wild shapes you can use for various situations. It’s also with noting that if you lose your life in wild shape, you go back to normal form with the health your character had when you entered, so treat form health as temporary health.

With regards to the Barbarian, you get a few decent features. At level 2, you get Danger Sense, helping your saving throws against traps. There are times when you’re likely face tanking for the party, and stumble into traps. So, that’s decent utility. You also get Reckless attack actions, for more attack rolls, which is useful for your bear. When you reach 6th level with Moon, you grab primal strikes, which can be really good for bypassing some enemy’s damage resistances. Finally at level 3 with Barb, you get a subclass and an extra rage charge. The extra rage slot is self-explanatory, while the subclass adds some extra nuance. Your option is Wild Heart, since it grants some extra actions. You can take either Elk for a stampeding charge and knock enemies prone to get into combat faster or go bear for an extra action heal. You don’t really need Bear, since you get a druid action that heals you while in shapeshift anyway, but it’s there for the double heal.

Best Feats for Druid Build in BG3

Okay, now you want to get the best feats for the Druid build. More than likely, you want one of the following;

  • Sentinel: Reactions to attack enemies that hit nearby allies
  • Warcaster: This makes maintaining your concentration spells much easier, as you will take a lot of damage. This is the one you likely pick for when you use a concentration spell and transform into a bear before you start raging.
  • Resilient (Constitution): Increase your stat by 1 and get better-saving throws against that ability check.

Best Druid Races in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Gold Dwarf is one of the best druid races in BG3 because their passive of greater HP per level means your Bear Druid tank gets even tankier.

The main thing to note about a Moon Druid build in BG3 is that you need Con, Dex and Wisdom. Wisdom for your ability modifiers, Dex for AC, and Con for HP. Druids have low AC, so their health will matter more. You may also need strength for your barb modifiers, but, it won’t matter too much, as you are tanking, and not dealing all that much damage.

The recommended stats that Larian give you are fine, but you could lower Charisma to 10, and place an extra point in Con and Dex if you so wish.

  • "Gold" iconGold Dwarf: Gold Dwarves get Dwarven Toughness, which grants 1 constitution, and another per level. This means more HP to be tanky with.

  • Elf / Drow: These races get Fay Ancestry, which helps save against charms, which are a nuisance from off-CC against Druid tanks. Elves get proficiency with quarter staves too, which you’ll likely use.

  • Human: Better carrying capacity

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