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Baldur's Gate 3

Hide and Seek Walkthrough in BG3 & Lifting The Shadow Curse

Craig Robinson

For those of you exploring the wilderness of the Shadowlands, you will stumble upon a place called the House in Deep Shadow. It turns out there’s a quest you can pick up here called Hide and Seek, where you can play with a little Tiefling boy called Oliver, who wants to play Hide and Seek. If you chose to do this quest, you will need to find an invisible boy, and deal with him, which can lead to some other interesting side effects too, depending on your quest progress with Halsin, in regard to Lifting the Shadow Curse on Art Cullagh.

Hide and Seek Walkthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3

(1 of 2) If you fail the perception check, you can use something like See Inivisbility to catch him instead.

If you fail the perception check, you can use something like See Inivisbility to catch him instead. (left), You can find Oliver in the Hide and Seek quest hidden behind the Wheelbarrow. (right)

You will play Hide and Seek when you decide to play with Oliver. The boy runs off invisible behind a wagon in front of the house. You will need some form of detect invisibility to catch him. Your options are to cast some form of "Faerie Fire" iconFaerie Fire on him before he runs off, or, you can use Detect Invisibility, which some classes have access to, or use it via a Scroll. If you don’t have those things, don’t worry; you can roll perception checks to find him behind the wheelbarrow anyway. It’s just handy in case things fail.

Once you find him, he wants to play again. Only this time, he gets his mother, father and doggy ghost to come and find you, meaning there are some fights to be had. Once you defeat them, you can win and talk to the boy again.

Once you complete the quest, you will get the ring reward, "Ring of Shadow" iconRing of Shadows, which comes with the ability to cast "Pass Without Trace" iconPass Without Trace as a concentration spell from the ring.

If you’re playing an evil playthrough, the quest pretty much ends there. However, if you are playing a more kind-hearted playthrough, then there’s more to this storyline.

Lifting the Shadow Curse With Oliver

If you have Halsin in your party or camp, and have not destroyed Last Light Inn, you will find that there’s more to this quest, as it is related to Art Cullagh and the Shadow Curse over him. Once you awake Art Cullagh, you will find that there are two lost spirits in Art’s Shadowdream. One of them is Thaniel, who you can find in the questline by following the objectives. Once you’re done with Thanial, you’ll find a kindred spirit, who is Oliver.

If you’ve done the Art Cullagh and dealt with Thaniel, you can now speak to the boy and get more dialogue options after playing Hide and Seek. He will run off through a portal, arriving at a graveyard. Depending on how his things played out, you may need to fight his mommy and daddy again. Once they are dealt with, break down his barrier, and speak to the lad. Once you can do that, you can unite the boy with the earlier parts of the Lifting The Shadow Curse and Halsin can do his thing and complete the quest.

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