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Baldur's Gate 3

Where to Find Elixirs of Hill Giant Strength in Baldur's Gate 3

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to find Elixirs of Hill Giant Strength in Baldur’s Gate 3. Below, you’ll find information on where to purchase this potion from vendors and how to find it in dungeons!

The Elixir of Hill Giant Strength is a seriously OP potion, especially in the early game!

What is an Elixir of Hill Giant Strength in BG3?

The Elixir of Hill Giant Strength is a fan favorite potion because it increases the drinker’s Strength to 21 until long rest…yep you heard that right! Despite being a one-time use consumable, it’s super powerful for characters who use strength-based weapons and are looking for an extra damage boost during a difficult combat scenario. And don’t worry, if your character has a higher Strength Score than 21 it won’t have any effect and will not reduce your score!

Where to Buy an Elixir of Hill Giant Strength in BG3

The most surefire way of grabbing yourself one of these OP potions is to purchase it from a vendor. The vendor in question is called Auntie Ethel and you’ll need to do a tad bit of work before you can buy from her.

Auntie Ethel is an old lady located in the "Druid Grove" iconDruid Grove when you first start the game. When you arrive at the grove, she can be found in one the trader tents below the platform you find Wyll, and opposite the blacksmithing stall that Dammon runs. Every day that goes by, you will be able to buy one from her for around 70 gold each.

However, be ware that Auntie Ethel will eventually no longer be present at the Druid Grove if you do one of two things:
Travel South from the Blighted Viilage and near the swamp region
Save the grove from the Goblins, as the Tieflings clear out and she leaves too by that point.

Be warned though, you’ll find her on the road heading south from "Blighted Village" iconBlighted Village. You’ll need to defend her from the men and then she’ll head back home. Her house is further into the boggy area of "Sunlit Wetlands" iconSunlit Wetlands up ahead, and you can find it quite easily by following the path and looking for steps heading up into her house. After speaking with her a bit more, try not to go on the offensive and you’ll have the option to trade with her. This woman is tied up with The Hag side quest but try to put off pursuing this quest if you want to buy some elixirs from Auntie Ethel.

In her inventory, she has x3 Elixirs of Hill Giant Strength and the price will vary depending on her attitude towards you. At a neutral-ish attitude, the elixirs will cost around 230 "Gold" iconGold.

The other hotspot for Elixirs of Hill Giant Strength is the Dwarf called Derryth Bonecloak in the Myconid Colony in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. You can find her at the very northern point of the camp. She too sells one a per long rest. There’s also chances you can find some in the Toll House of Act 1 if you haven’t dealt with the Tyr Paladins and "Karlach" iconKarlach too. So, it is possible to stock up a lot from vendors before advancing further in the game. It’s very easy to stumble upon around 14 or so around level 3 for that matter.

(1 of 2) Find Ethel’s house in Sunlit Wetlands

Find Ethel’s house in Sunlit Wetlands (left), and you can purchase some Elixirs of Hill Giant Strength from her. (right)

How to Find an Elixir of Hill Giant Strength

There are couple of places you could get this potion, but their spawn isn’t 100% guaranteed. However, we list some of the potential spawn locations for this elixir.

  • Wither’s Tomb in the "Dank Crypt" iconDank Crypt - You may loot this tomb for an Elixir of Hill Giant Strength, but not guaranteed. You’ll still get some other strong loot though! Head over to our Dank Crypt Walkthrough for more information.
  • Doctor’s Cellar beneath the Potion Shop in Blighted Village - Head to our guide on the Search the Cellar side quest for information on how to loot the cellar for valuable potions, possibly including Elixir of Hill Giant Strength!
  • "Arcane Tower" iconArcane Tower - You may also find an Elixir of Hill Giant Strength on the southern balcony on the third floor of the Arcane Tower. Head to our guide for a full walkthrough of the Arcane Tower.
  • Roswyn Monastary in the Mountain pass
  • Popper, the Kobold at the circus in "Rivington" iconRivington at the start of Act 2.
  • Danthelon in Danthelon’s Dancing Axe (the harper building) in Wyrms crossing. They can occasionally sell crafting materials for potions
  • Oliver Tefoco, "Beehive General Goods" iconBeehive General Goods - Northwest side of the Lower City Wall waypoint. It’s down an alley and has with a beehive sign outside.
  • Blurg - At the society of brilliance building near the bottom left of the lower city map, above the harbor. He’s the same Blurg in the Myconid Camp.
  • "Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength" iconGauntlets of Hill Giant Strength: This is an epic item from the House if Hope in Act 3, which you can enter via the Devil’s Fee to the west of the graveyard in the Lower City. These are a solid alternative to getting the effect of those potions from gloves, so you can spec out of Strength or don’t want to use the potions anymore.

An Elixir of Hill Giant Elixir at Wither’s Tomb.

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