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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Find the Suspicious Sound in Moonrise Towers

Nathan Garvin

"Moonrise Towers" iconMoonrise Towers are where the major antagonists of Act 2 can be found, and it should go without saying that there’s quite a bit to see and do here. One of the tasks that might not be high on your itinerary, however, is investigating some “suspicious sounds” that you hear while exploring the area. As history has proven, however, large developments - or at least interesting but missable story beats - can emerge from such innocuous beginnings. This page will cover finding the source of the suspicious sounds in Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

(1 of 4) In a room just west of the antechamber you can find a doorway blocked by mucus.

Where to Find the Source of the Suspicious Sounds in BG3

First things first, you need to head to Moonrise Towers, which can be found in the ruins of "Reithwin Town" iconReithwin Town, across the river along the western half of the map. Once you’re across the river, just head south to reach the Tollhouse, which you can safely pass through so long as you don’t climb any ladders, and from the western edge of the Tollhouse head southwest to find the Moonrise Towers waypoint. Cross a bridge to the south and you’ll be interrogated by Zealot Malik, who will let you pass so long as you avoid picking a fight. Score another victory for the tadpole!

You’ll be referred to Z’rell, but there’s no need to mess with important story matters just yet if all you want to do is find out what’s going bump in the evernight of the Shadowlands. Head up the stairs into Moonrise Towers, then continue down two flights of stairs before turning left (east) and going through a door past three goblins. Enter the room beyond and you’ll spot some unsightly pink tendrils blocking a doorway to the east. Walk near them to auto-pass a [Perception 0] check and get the “Suspicious Sounds” marker on your map.

There’s nothing of importance you can gain by examining the pink tendrils, so backtrack into the room with the three goblins and search in the corner near them to find a ladder. Climb it to reach the rafters and make your way across some beams to the west, south, then east to reach a gap. Even a poor jumper can leap across here - do so and continue east, where you’ll get a [Perception 5] check to find something amiss with a wall up ahead. Save your game, then interact with the “Cracked Wall”.

(1 of 3) If you reach into the crack you’ll have to succeed at a check to break free - or you can submit to encounter the Absolute.

Interacting with the Suspicious Sounds - Choices and Consequences

Interact with the cracked wall and you’ll get three checks - [Arcana 14] allows you to get some vibes from whatever is beyond the wall, but ultimately leads to you being grabbed by whatever is in the wall just the same as the option “Reach in.”. You could be smart and instead pick “Leave.”, but let’s be honest, you didn’t trek through a shadow-cursed hellscape, enter the stronghold of an immortal at the source of said shadow-curse, find some gooey pink tendrils and climb up to the rafters in search of strange noises all to not stick your hands in suspicious cracks in the wall.

Once you do the inevitable you’ll find yourself seized by whatever is dwelling behind the walls, and while you can pass a [Strength 14], [Dexterity 16] or [Sleight of Hand 14] check to break free, doing so runs contrary to the curiosity that got you into this predicament, so just pick “Do nothing.” instead to finally, formally be introduced to whatever abomination is at the heart of this cult. Ask what questions you will to score some vague answers about the beast, its handlers, its victims, and unusual role you play.

After the mass has expended its appetite for relatively civil discourse, it’ll try to pull you through the crack in the wall and you’ll get a number of checks, including [Strength 21], [Dexterity 20], [Melee Attack 0], [Wisdom 21] or [Paladin | Charisma 21]. These are generally more difficult than the ones when the Absolute first grabbed you, save for the mysteriously easy [Melee Attack] check. If you fail or pick “Submit. Become.” you’ll be pulled into the Illithid "Oubliette" iconOubliette under Moonrise Towers - an unpleasant place, to be sure, but not all that consequential in the grand scheme of things.

You’ll get a bit of expository dialog about this being the source of the tadpoles, but the only thing barring you from walking out are two Hook Horrors - perhaps a noteworthy encounter in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark a few levels ago, but by now they should be mere fodder. Your protagonist will, however, suffer the “Dislocated Shoulder” debuff from their encounter with the Absolute, however, giving you Disadvantage on Attack Rolls. This condition will persist until your next Long Rest.

You can’t do much in the Oubliette right now, and aside from ruining your tennis career this close encounter of the disembodied tentacle brain kind - aside from being a cool albeit optional story development - doesn’t achieve much save for removing the “Suspicious Sound” marker from your map and giving you a rather unorthodox way of infiltrating the "Moonrise Towers Prison" iconMoonrise Towers Prison area.

Now that you’ve finally met face-to-tentacle with the Absolute, check out the following pages for more quests to complete in and around Moonrise Towers:

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