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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Win the Spin the Wheel Jackpot against Akabi in BG3

Matt Chard
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As you explore the circus during Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3, you may come across Akabi, the Djinn who has a game where you can gamble your gold to win a jackpot among other prizes. The game it’ll have you play is Spin the Wheel, and each spin will set you back 500 Gold. If you check the treasure boxes to the side of Akabi, you’ll realize that all of its prizes are trash. So, can you win the jackpot? Read below to find out!

Akabi can be found in the Circus of The Last Days in Rivington.

Akabi Spin the Wheel Location

As briefly stated above, Akabi is in the Circus of the Last Days which can be found down the path from the "Rivington" iconRivington waypoint, on the left. When you reach the circus entrance, you will have some trouble getting in at first until you can convince the Klaus that you’re no threat. Akabi has setup its tent in the southwest corner of the circus, so head over and talk to the Djinn to find out about the game.

The rule of the game is simple, spin the wheel, and you’ll win prizes depending on where you land on the wheel. Here’s the kicker, it costs 500 Gold per spin, and all of the prizes are actual junk which can be confirmed by clicking on his “Worthless Treasure Crates” next to him. No matter how many times you play, you cannot land on the jackpot as it is rigged by Akabi.

(1 of 4) Select any of the options (and pass the check) to get Klaus to let you enter the circus.

How to Win the Jackpot from Akabi

So, do you want that jackpot? Well, you’ll have to get creative. Stand behind Akabi with a high-dex character, preferably a Rogue or Bard then sneak and pickpocket the Djinn. In its possession is a ring called the Djinni Ring. At first this appears worthless, but if you equip it, then spin the wheel again, you’ll win the jackpot. Naturally, this will upset Akabi, and it’ll teleport you to the jungle where you’ll find some dinosaurs, yes, I did say dinosaurs. Anyway, use Greater Invisibility if you have it, and sneak your way through the Jungle to the north.

(1 of 3) Use a combination of Greater Invisibility and/or sneak to make it past the dinosaurs.

At the northern end of the jungle, you’ll need to make a large jump across the chasm to find the portal to leave the place. This may require you to use an enhance jump spell or potion to make the leap if your Athletics are low. When you reach the portal, unlock the “Painted Chest” which requires a DC 20 Dexterity check to find the legendary trident, "Nyrulna" iconNyrulna! Once you’re done licking you lips, head through the portal to take you back into Rivington, although you’ll appear at the back of the Open Hand Temple which is just north of the circus. You can head back to Akabi for some gloating if you want, but that’ll be all you get.

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You can also just smash the chest open, if needed. My Paladin was the one to enter the jungle and would have needed a nat 20 to open the chest otherwise.

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You can also just smash the chest open, if needed. My Paladin was the one to enter the jungle and would have needed a nat 20 to open the chest otherwise.

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