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Baldur's Gate 3

Best Enchantment Wizard Build in Baldur's Gate 3

Craig Robinson

Ah, the !Wizard, the learned master of the weave, the great student of the library. All magic forms are on the table for an interested !Wizard, with the ability to study, practice and master its various guises. And while you can destroy things with Evocation, and do things no mortal man can with Illusion, Transmutation, Divination and Necromancy, yet, it is the support schools that stand out the most. While the Warlocks and Sorcerers tap into their magic for power and fame, you, the Enchantment student, will find the road to peace, a path of control, and the road to your future. So, young one, master the weave with us, and learn everything you need to know with an Enchantment !Wizard build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Enchantment Wizard Build for Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is our Enchantment Wizard Build, which you can run on a custom character or as a Gale Build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Enchantment !Wizard is a build that you will likely spec into from the start, and then level through as you play the game to access more spell levels and class features. Your build leveling will look something like this

  • Enchantment !Wizard: 10
  • Sorcerer 2: (Pick your preferred Sorc subclass)

The main things you want to get as an Enchantment !Wizard come at various milestones.

Level Feature Description
Level 2 "Hypnotic Gaze" iconHypnotic Gaze Once per long rest, use an action to target a non-ally creature within 1.5 meters. The target must succeed in a Wisdom Saving Throw or become charmed or incapacitated for 2 turns. As an action, while still within Range, you can maintain the charm, extending the duration for another 2 turns. If the target takes damage, the effect ends.
Level 3 2nd Level Spells.
Level 5 3rd Level Spells.
Level 6 Instinctive Charm As a reaction, charm an enemy who attacks you. They must succeed a Wisdom Saving Throw, or it will attack a new target if possible. If a target succeeds in its saving throw, it cannot be affected until after the next long rest.
Level 9 5th Level Spells.
Level 10 Split Enchantment You can target two creatures with Enchantment spells that would normally only target 1 target.

The big ticket reason you’re going !Sorcerer anyway is for Meta Magic. At level 2, you can get your hands on Twinned Spell. This allows you to do some Twinned Spell setup using any spell you want, combined with the Enchantment !Wizard’s Split Enchantment. This is great for a lot of double combos in two turns. Most of these spells are saved via an enemy’s Wisdom Saving Throws. So, you can use Split Enchantment to apply "Bane" iconBane to lower their saving throws, or hex their Wisdom if you want to. You can now use Twinned Spell to cast something Like "Tasha's Hideous Laughter" iconTasha’s Hideous Laughter, "Hold Person" iconHold Person, or "Confusion" iconConfusion, making it more likely you heavily CC enemies in a fight within a two-turn period. This can be a very powerful combo in some of the fights in Act 3, creating some really heavy disruption.

Best Enchantment Wizard Spell Options

The Enchantment !Wizard is a subclass dedicated largely to a support playstyle. The reason for it is for two reasons, Enchantment spells are typically status effect modifiers, which either CC enemies, or leave behind nasty debuffs. Some examples include, which are all spells you may want to learn for combat purposes are:

For turns, you don’t need to CC and can deal damage, we recommend taking spells that deal Psychic damage. This is so there’s some synergy with your Vicious Mockery cantrip and you can befit from Psychic damage items. There are few Psychic damage skills in Enchantment, as most are either Illusion or Evocation spells, such as "Dissonant Whispers" iconDissonant Whispers and "Phantasmal Force" iconPhantasmal Force. Still, find those Scrolls, and you can learn them at a more expensive rate and learn those skills. You can also grab the Illithid Power called Horrific Visage, a !Sorcerer-associated Illithid spell. You deal Psychic damage and regain Meta-Magic points by doing so.

All of these spells are very strong for controlling battlefields. You can weaken an enemy’s attacks, take outright control of enemies, and make the enemy teams’ turns a lot more volatile, making it harder for them to move the fight in the way they want it to go.

Obviously, this has slight weaknesses, as many are for controlling Humanoids. However, not all fights are against Humanoids, so, if you’re fighting beasts, elementals, constructs, etc, the build will somewhat falter. Yet, you can still take advantage of spells like Hex and Bane to make it easier for your team to fight them instead. So, you have enough CC tools on your table to make every fight in the game much better for an Enchantment !Wizard. Overall, it’s one of the stronger battlefield support builds in the game, but, it does compete with things like Trickster and Life Clerics, and Bards for places in a party, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

Best Races & Ability Scores for Enchantment Wizards in Baldur’s Gate 3

Halfings once again appear in our race section, with Lucky once again making them a contender for Best Wizard Race in Baldur’s Gate 3.

When starting this class in character creation, you’re ideally looking for something along the lines of

  • STR: 8
  • DEX: 14
  • CON: 14
  • INT: 17
  • WIS: 10
  • CHA: 12

Your main stats are Intellect for your Spellcasting !Wizard modifier, followed by 14 Dex for initiative and AC boost. You always want Con since !Wizards are very squishy, so, the extra Con helps. Charisma is also fine, thanks to it befitting some of your Sorc scalings late when necessary.

As for the races, there are not many great races for !Wizard, bar a few exceptions:

  • Dragonborn: Dragonborn sub-races come with built-in learned spells, which can help you with some casting options if one stands out. You also get a dragon breath option of its corresponding elemental dragon type, which is nice for some close ranger cone-al attack type damage as an action per long rest.

  • High Elf: High Elves come with a fire spell cantrip for an alternative damage source in cantrip form.

  • Halfling: Star twitch Brave and racial Lucky: Allows you to re-roll 1s and uses the other dice rolls value. Makes it easier to save or land your spells. Brave is nice for granting resistance to fear effects.

  • Gold Dwarf: Grants +2 HP and 1 extra HP per level. 14 bonus HP is a lot for free when you reach max level.

This concludes this Enchantment !Wizard Build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Now you know what the playstyle is about, some of the benefits, weaknesses, and other things you can do to push this class further in the character creation screen.

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