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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 - Owlbear Nest Walkthrough: Owlbear Egg & Chest

Craig Robinson

The "Owlbear Nest" iconOwlbear Nest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a region of the First Act grasslands towards the river flowing from Druid Grove. If you head inside this location, a few things can happen, affecting how the main story plays out, depending on your actions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Owlbear Nest, featuring how to get Owlbear Egg, and Owlbear Chest and other rewards.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Owlbear Nest Walkthrough

Upon entering the Owlbear Nest, there are two tasks at hand. One is to open the Selune Chest, requiring you to read the Prayer Sheet before the chest. We will leave that out of here, as we have covered that in a separate guide. While the other is to interact with the Owlbear.

Using Speak to Animals allows you to talk to the creature for better roll checks.

If you approach the far end of the cave, then you will find the Owlbear and the Owlbear Cub. If you get too close, the Owlbear will approach the character at the front and engage in dialogue. If you have Speak to Animals, you can talk to the creature and convince it you mean no harm. If you don’t, then you will have to make intimidation checks to scare the beast from not attacking you. Otherwise, it is time to run.

If you fail the persuasion or intimidation check or get spotted after it lets you go, you will fight the creature. You need to defeat the mother, as when the mother dies, the Owlbeast Cub will stop attacking you. In that moment, you get the option to either spare it, or kill it. If you spare it, it will completely ignore your presence and eat its mother. If not, then you will kill it, and that is that.

Also, you get to loot the Owlbear for the spear that is stuck in its head, called the Head of the Broken Spear. This item can be combined with the Shaft of the Broken Spear, which is found on the dead True Soul called Ed, which you find on the hill above the river where the Owlbeast Nest is located. You’ll have likely already spoken to him as he lay there dying with his Absolute companions. This creates the "Vision of the Absolute" iconVision of the Absolute, a rare quality spear with the Rush skill, and deals 1d8 in damage with its weapon attack.

How to Get The Owlbear Egg in Badlur’s Gate 3

You can grab the Owlbear Egg and some other uncommon medium armor if you’re cautious enough.

If you happen to either back the Owlbear Mother off, or defeat it, then you can get access to two other rewards. Players can get the Owlbear Egg in Baldur’s Gate 3 in this cave. This fetches a very high price from traders, making it a lucrative item to pick up and sell later. If the mother is alive, then be aware you have about a 10 meter distance before it will fight you. So, make sure to sneak to the egg if you want to grab it. Alternatively, come back later after the Goblins fight the Owlbear, as the egg remains with no one to defend it.

There’s also the potential that this egg may hatch, granting you another Owlbear Cub to get as a pet or companion later on. However, this is not yet known if this is true or not, as it is speculation as there are another two acts to come once the game leaves early access.

We know that Larian did have a chicken egg hatch in the Big Marge Chicken Quest at the start of Act 2 in Div Original Sin 2. Perhaps something like that may happen again. Only this time affecting the Owlbear Egg in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Get The Owlbear Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is how to get the Owlbear Chest in Baldurs Gate 3.

Lastly, there is another reward you can get from the Owlbear Nest in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Owlbear Chest is located above, where you find the Owlbear Mother and Cub. Look towards the inner cliff wall, you will find a rock wall you and your party can scale. Maneuver through this, ideally sneaking if the mother is still alive, and then jumping the gap. If you get detected, the mother will eventually guard the end platform, which is where you must go, meaning it is time to fight or flight.

If you manage to get to the end of the pathway, then you and your party walking to the end will roll Perception checks. Succeeding a Perception check roll results in you revealing a dire pile, where you can use a shovel to dig up the chest from the dirt mount. If you dig it up, expect to earn an Arrow of Ilmater, an arrow that prevents enemies from regaining health while it lasts, and an "Acid" iconAcid Vial for throwing.

This sums up everything you need to know about the events and small details in the Baldur’s Gate 3 Owlbear Nest. You now have an idea of how to handle the Owlbear Mother, and get your hands on the Owlbear Chest and Egg, among some other rewards from this nest.

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