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Baldur's Gate 3

Steel Watch Foundry Walkthrough in BG3: Boss Battle, Family Locations & More

Craig Robinson

The Steel Watch Foundry is a place in the southwest corner of the Lower City, where players can find the home of Gortash’s mechanical monsters. If you intend to upset Gortash and his army of minions, you must raid his Steel Watch Foundry to eliminate all the patrolling machines and make the city safer for yourself, and the people if you care about them. This guide is dedicated to all things Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3. We will show you how to defeat the boss, clear the factory out, and rescue the family members for you to complete the quest.

Steel Watch Foundry Walkthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3

To solve the mystery behind the Steel Watch Foundry, you need to get this blind worker to cooperate.

To start this mission, you need to head over to the docks in the southwest corner of the city, and find the factory with locked fences and machines patrolling the grounds. To enter, you can either climb the guard shed, and then jump over the fence (kind of like how you used to jump over the guard station to enter the airport in GTA: San Andreas). Or you can either Picklock or "Knock" iconKnock the gates and enter that way. You will more than likely need to fight the machines patrolling the grounds before you can enter.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find some humanoid guards inside, with them being aggressive to their workers like in true Victorian fashion. Feel free to step in and tell the staff to fight back with the backbone option. They’ll join you and your party’s murderous ways and kill the guards. Once they are dealt with, head into the security room by stealing the security room key and speak to the blind worker. He will tell you more about why the workers don’t go on strike, as the devices they wear are basically slave collars that will kill them, and their families too. So, tell him you will help him and their families, and you can progress.

(1 of 3) Fight the guards on the shop floor, and cause a strike with the staff.

Before continuing, we recommended you deal with the lower factory labs. This place is where the remaining guards hide, and the boss. You will need to deal with these at some point, as the blind technician needs to go down there. Feel free to go down there and fight the remaining enemies. Be warned, most of the guards have activation sequences. You need to spend an action in combat having someone in your party walk up to it and disable it. Otherwise, very bad things happen. Make sure to catch them every time they drop. Other than that, kill the enemies as normal.

Steel Watch Foundry Titan Boss Guide

(1 of 3) The boss is countered by high-damage casters, especially Forst and Lightning spells, as well as the most potent martial classes with two-handed weapons

Once you enter the room with all the brains in the jar, you can find a larger lab area, with three more machine guards. If you combat them, the boss will rise up from the ground and join the fight. If you want to give yourself the best opportunities possible, then be aware that all of these machines are susceptible to Lightning and Frost damage spells. So, if you have a Sorcerer, Wizard, or even Four Elements Monk, then you can use their skills to do some serious burst damage to the targets.

The other thing we recommend before starting the fight is to have one of your characters get as close to one of the machines as possible, and do your best to duel it solo. Normally, a class like Fighter, Paladin, or Barbarian can handle a machine alone, presuming you have reliable chances to hit them. You can do that, avoid having multiple machines slamming their giant swords at you, and deal large cleave damage.

Once you have your party set up and ready, deal with the supporting robots, you can then handle the boss. One of the reasons we recommend ignoring the boss is because of its restoration tactics. When the boss drops around 100 HP, it will enter a defensive stance, do a repulsion skill, and deal damage. It will also require you to hit for at least 20 in order to damage it, and restore its HP. Having all your party ready for this phase with no other distractions makes it much easier to deal with the defensive stance and push it out of it.

The other thing to be mindful of is that the boss has an MLRS, which will fire a barrage of rockets from it in a cone. Have your party spread around the four corners of the boss, and you will make it less impactful. Remember to burst through the window with empower melee strikes, or use cold or lightning spells, and the boss will go through its defensive phase and die relatively quickly and easily.

Steel Watch Foundry: Rescue the Families

(1 of 2) One of the key characters you need to rescue for the Steel Watch foundry can escape as soon as you enter the Iron Throne.

One of the key characters you need to rescue for the Steel Watch foundry can escape as soon as you enter the Iron Throne. (left), You can rescue the Grand Duke while you’re here in the Iron Throne. (right)

When you’re ready to help the families of the workers out, you can go to a location on the other side of the docks called Flymm’s Cargo. Head inside, fight the four Worgs defending it and then go on with your day. Inside the Cargo storage room is a basement trap door hidden in the Northeast corner of the warehouse. Move all the bosses out of the way, then click the trap door. You’ll enter a basement, with a submarine docked inside. Go to the submarine, and convince the Dwarf to bring you to a place called The Iron Throne (no, it is not a GoT reference).

When you move to the prison, Gortash will finally be aware of what you’re doing. So, tell him to shove it. When that happens, you have 6 turns to rescue the prisoners inside. The wife of the blind worker is the one you can find running to escape, so don’t worry about going looking for her. Your mission here is to attempt to free as many of the prisoners as you can, while fighting the fish people inside. There are also a few VIPs you can rescue here, too, with one being the Grand Duke, so make sure to grab him if you fancy some strong allies and rewards for it while you’re here.

Once the turn timer gets to 2, you need to run your party out of there. Get all of your party in the submarine. You may need to use the "Dash" iconDash button and make that extra movement, along with any other movement skills you can use to escape. Once all your party members are in the submarine, it will automatically leave dock. Any prisoners that could get into the submarine after your final characters are sadly left behind. Larian likes it when people who could live die. I see why they made The Dark Urge now.

Once you’re off the Submarine, feel free to teleport back to the Grey Dock Waypoint and reenter the Factory. There will be two final guards to kill that the factory workers are fighting. Once again, dispatch them, deal with the security motivator protocol, and you’re done. Now go and find the blind worker again, tell him his wife is free, and now he will walk with you to the room you had the boss fight. Walk him over to the big terminal at the back of the lab room, and he will deactivate all the Steel Watchers all over the city. Gortash is now much more exposed, and you can go and take care of him whenever you are ready to. Congratulations, you are now finished with the Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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