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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Complete the Avenge of the Drowned Quest in BG3

Matt Chard

In the far southwest of the Lower City in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll come across a group of Waveservants mourning the dead. When you investigate the funeral, Flood Tide Allandra Grey will task you with finding the beast that took the unfortunate Waveservant Holli’s life in the Grey Harbor.

Speak to Allandra Grey in the Water Queen’s House to start the Avenge the Drowned quest.

How to Start the Avenge the Drowned Quest

Make your way to the southwest of the Lower City until you find the Grey Harbor Docks waypoint, if you have it already, teleport there. From the waypoint, continue south, and you’ll hear a beautiful melody being sung from the Water Queen’s House. Proceed south, and the melody will get louder, as you continue in that direction, you’ll find out where the song is coming from. It appears the Waveservants are honoring their dead who goes by the name of Holli. Speak to Flood Tide Allandra Grey, and she’ll describe to you the details of Holli’s death. It appears she was attacked by a beast that bleeds black while she was swimming in the Grey Harbor.

After some dialogue, Allandra will ask you what your tribute is. Respond to her question by telling her that you’ve brought your weapon to help avenge Holli’s death as she’ll like that, and it’ll save you some gold. When you can, tell Allandra that “I’m good at slaying beasts - maybe I could help you”, and she will happily agree to your proposition and even throw in a reward for your effort. Go through the rest of the dialogue, to unlock any potential hints to the quest then make your way back to Grey Harbor Docks. You can use Speak with the Dead on Holli, but you won’t learn anything that you didn’t already know.

(1 of 2) The Water Queens’ House can be found south of the Grey Harbor Docks while Flymm’s Cargo can be found in the east.

The Water Queens’ House can be found south of the Grey Harbor Docks while Flymm’s Cargo can be found in the east. (left), Tell Allandra Grey that you’re good at slaying beasts to begin the quest. (right)

Where to Find the Beast that Killed Holli

Head south onto Grey Harbor Docks and speak to the numerous fisherman there, and you’ll soon find out that the beast was sighted near Flymm’s Cargo which is to the east of the Grey Harbor Docks, south of The Blushing Mermaid. While you’re in the docks, make sure to save Volo from execution if you haven’t already then head to Flymm’s Cargo.

As you reach the warehouse, there are a few ways to get into it. There are three doors you can lockpick around the perimeter of the building and a sewer entrance. The quickest, and safest route there is through the back of the warehouse as there are fewer prying eyes. Pick one of the doors locks, and head into the building. As you head inside, you’ll get an encounter immediately against some Worgs. These are relatively weak, and shouldn’t cause you any problems, but make sure they don’t all gang up on one person.

(1 of 3) If you picklock the top door on the back of Flymm’s Cargo, it’ll be easier to pick its lock.

Once that’s dealt with, move away some crates and trunks in the northwest corner on the lower floor to unveil the Basement Hatch. This area is surprisingly quiet, but there’s not much to do down here other than find the “beast”. Proceed south and then go through the door in the east at the end of the hallway to find a big open room. Here, you’ll find a singular person who goes by Redhammer the Deviser. Talk to him, and he’ll ask what you’re doing down here, and you’ll spot a submersible in the water.

You’ll then have the option of five choice to make which are:

1. That submersible - why is it here? What is this place?
2. [Deception] Boss sent me to check up on the situation down here.
3. [Intimidation] I have questions. You have answers.
4. You killed one of the servants of Umberlee, Now they want you dead.
5. Sorry, I just got turned around.

You may get another 5 choices to make after this one depending on which option you picked. If that’s the case, continue the charade, and pick one of the answers that require a check. Or, if you’re curious about the submersible, and you should be, then select options 1-3. If you just want to do the quest, choose number four, and be ready for an encounter with Redhammer. This is a really easy battle where poor old Redhammer will barely get a chance to attack you, so end his futile attempt to stop you quickly then head back to the Water Queen’s House and tell Allandra Grey that the beast is dead.

(1 of 3) In the empty basement, you’ll find Redhammer. Speak to him and let him know that the Waveservants want him dead.

This will please her and the other Waveservants deeply, and you’ll complete the quest which will reward you with the Wavemother’s Robe. Before you go, you can interact with the submersible down here, which will take you to the sunken Iron Throne. As you make your way to it, but as soon as you get close to it, Gortash will speak to you and threaten to blow the place up full of hostages if you don’t turn around. Heed his warning for now as he will go ahead with the threat. The Iron Throne isn’t related to this quest, but it is involved in the Steel Factory and other quests.

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