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Baldur's Gate 3

Should You Kill or Help Yurgir in BG3

Shane Williams

Once you’ve explored a large chunk of the Shadowlands, you’ll reach an area named the "Gauntlet of Shar" iconGauntlet of Shar. Here you’ll encounter a demon named Yurgir and you’ll be presented the choice of killing him or working alongside him. This page will detail the outcomes of both choices.

Following the Displacer will lead you to Yurgir’s Lair.

Where to Find Yurgir in BG3

When you enter the Gauntlet of Shar, you’ll want to follow the path around until you reach the northeast area or alternatively, head to the coordinates (X: -677 Y: -777). However, along the way you’ll encounter some puzzles, such as the Faith-Step Trial. When you reach the coordiantes you’ll come across a Displacer Beast which you’ll want to follow as it’ll lead you to Yurgir’s lair. Upon entering you’ll engage in conversation with Yurgir himself and depending on your choices, you could end up fighting, working alongside him to complete his contract or convincing him to kill himself.

What’s The Reward For Keeping Yurgir Alive in BG3

Whilst speaking with Yurgir you can choose the following dialogue options listed below to help finish off his contract that was given to him by Raphael. However, by working alongside the devil you’ll notice some effect on the storyline with "Astarion" iconAstarion, as it’ll prevent him from being able to learn about the markings on his back and you’ll no longer be able to consider him as a romance option. Checkout ["Break Yurgir's Contract" iconBreak Yurgir’s Contract] page for tips on how to complete the quest.

  1. “Put that thing down. I’m here to talk.”
  2. “Wait - you know Raphael”
  3. “I’ve had dealing with that devil. Maybe we can help each other”
  4. “Raphael could be anywhere. But let me go, and I’ll free you from his grasp”
  5. “You’re hardly free as it is, trapped here. Maybe you’re better off indebted to Rapael.” or I happen to be an expert in such deals - and there is always a loophole“ (Warlock Choice)
  6. “Raphael wanted you to kill Dark Justiciars? Why?”
  7. “There must be something you missed. Let me search this place for you” (Persuasion)

What’s The Reward For Killing Yurgir in BG3

(1 of 2) You can choose this option to help Yurgir break his contract

You can choose this option to help Yurgir break his contract (left), or just simply attack him! (right)

If you wish to keep Astarion happy so you can continue working towards completing his companion quest or romancing him, then you can ignore all the nonsense that Yurgir has to say and just choose the “Attack” option. This will trigger a battle where you will face multiple Merregons, Displacers, and Yurgir and this can be a difficult encounter for the not very experienced CRPG players, as Yurgir has the height advantage and he can shoot you with his Crossbow as well as launch bombs at you, so you’ll want to use "Bless" iconBless on your companions that will be getting close to the action, such as your hero and "Lae'zel" iconLae’zel.

You’ll want to focus on taking down Merregons and the Displacer first as they’ll have less HP (Health), so you’ll want to make use of ranged attacks, such as "Guiding Bolt" iconGuiding Bolt, "Fireball" iconFireball and "Eldritch Blast" iconEldritch Blast. Additionally, try using crowd control spells, such as "Grease" iconGrease to prevent the enemies from rushing to your location.

How to Make Yurgir Kill Himself in Baldur’s Gate 3

Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with the faff of battles, then if you’re a Bard or Barbarian, then you can convince him to kill himself by following dialogue options below. However, you’ll want to create a backup save, as you’ll have to pass several checks in order to successfully convince him. Even if you convince Yurgir now, you’ll still be able to make an ally out of him in the battle against Raphael in Act 3, but you will need to pass a 30 charisma check to get him on your side.

  1. “I’ll burrow my fist into your chest if you don’t stop mouthing off.”
  2. “He wants you dead”
  3. “Let’s share our experiences about Raphael. Perhaps we can help each other”
  4. “Show me this contract. Perhaps there’s something you missed”
  5. “Raphael wanted to kill Dark Justiciars? Why?”
  6. “The lyrics are a trick. You’ve always had an audience - your followers. Get rid of them” (Persuasion Check)
  7. “You’re not finished yet - the displacer can hear you, can’t she? Kill her.”
  8. “Exactly. Kill yourself, complete the contract, and you’ll be reborn in Acvernus. Free.” (Persuasion Check)

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