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Baldur's Gate 3

All Adamantine Forge Items in BG3

Craig Robinson

"The Adamantine Forge" iconThe Adamantine Forge is an optional location in the depths of the "Grymforge" iconGrymforge location of the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. Players can get here at the end of Act 1, and craft some very good blue-quality items using a range of moulds. However, the moulds and Mithril ore you need to craft the items are scattered around the place. So you’ll need to do some exploring. Here’s everything you need to know on the Adamantine Forge Items in Baldur’s Gate 3 and the locations of the "Mithral Ore" iconMithral Ore you need.

All Adamantine Forge Items in BG3

(1 of 6) Next to the Ancient Forge Waypoint.

In total, you can craft six items from the Adamantine Forge. Each one will require one !Mithral ore, and the relevant mould to craft it. Below is a table showcasing the items you can get, weapon or armor effects they possess, the mould required, and the mould’s location.

Item Effects Mould Location
"Adamantine Longsword" iconAdamantine Longsword Grants Versatile Hitter: Make a target Reeling 1 turn, or two turns if you’re using it two handed. Also grants "Pommel Strike" iconPommel Strike, "Lacerate" iconLacerate, "Rush Attack" iconRush Attack. "Longsword Mould" iconLongsword Mould On the hanging bridge directly above the dock. You gain access to this via the lever bridge controls near the trapped pathway. Blow up the blockage near the western rear docks to access this stairwell. (X: -628 Y: 408)
"Adamantine Mace" iconAdamantine Mace Grants Swift Hitter: Make a target Reeling for 1 turn. "Concussive Smash" iconConcussive Smash "Mace Mould" iconMace Mould On a table near the Ancient Forge Waypoint. (X: -617 Y: 282).
"Adamantine Scale Mail" iconAdamantine Scale Mail Medium Armor. Reduce all incoming attack damage by 1. The wielder cannot be critically hit. "Scale Mail Mould" iconScale Mail Mould Near the Ancient Forge Waypoint, below the Animated Armor guards. (X: -615 Y: 267)
"Adamantine Scimitar" iconAdamantine Scimitar Grants Swift Hitter: Make a target Reeling for 1 turn. "Flourish" iconFlourish, "Lacerate" iconLacerate. "Scimitar Mould" iconScimitar Mould Found on a Skeleton at the second lever controls as you move towards the Ancient Forge section (X: -607 Y: 322)
"Adamantine Shield" iconAdamantine Shield Attacks are granted Reeling for 2 turns. The wielder cannot be critically hit. Grants +2 AC. Shield Bash Hit an enemy with a reaction to potentially knock them Prone on failed Dex save. "Shield Mould" iconShield Mould On the corpse of a skeleton in the Dorms area, located right above the "Grymforge" iconGrymforge. You can access it via the stairs near the dock, then jump across using the lever bridges. (X: -556 Y: 408)
"Adamantine Splint Armour" iconAdamantine Splint Armour Heavy Armor. Reduces all incoming damage by 2 and prevents being hit by critical hits. Intense Adamantine Backlash: When hit by melee attacks, the enemy is granted Reeling for 3 turns. "Splint Mould" iconSplint Mould Head east from the Ancient Forge waypoint, and you’ll find it on the left side of the stairs near the edge. (X -597 Y: 309).

Mithril Ore Locations For the Adamantine Forge

(1 of 2) You can find a Mithral Ore near the Scale Mail Mould.

You can find a Mithral Ore near the Scale Mail Mould. (left), The other Mithral location is north of the Adamantine Forge. (right)

At the moment, we are only aware of two locations for Mithral Ore. The Ore is used as the material to craft the above items, and so, you can craft two items of the six above.

The locations of the Mithral Ore are as follows:

  1. Lava Pit near the Ancient Forge Waypoint
  2. Lava Pit near the Adamantine Forge.

The Ancient Forge Mithral Ore is towards the southwest side. Defeat the Ancient Guardians (where you find the "Scale Mail" iconScale Mail) and you’ll find an earthy path leading towards the lava. Follow the path down, and you’ll find the Mithral Ore deposit. Simply hit it with your weapon attacks or spells, and the ore will drop from it.

The other one is towards the Adamantine Forge itself. You will find an alternative pathway north as you travel down the broken pathway to the Forge. This leads you to another Mithral Ore location.

And there you have it, you now know how to make and craft all Adamantine Forge items in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, you are not done yet, as when you activate the Adamantine Forge, you will need to beat Grym, a very challenging boss. You must beat the boss to escape the forge after you craft your first Adamantine item. We have a dedicated boss page on the Grym boss, and we have video here if you’re interested in the fight below.

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