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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Oathbreaker: How to Break Your Paladin Oath

Craig Robinson

The Paladin is an interesting class, where the player can get a hidden sub-class by making certain decisions in the game. These decisions are typically ones where you arrive at a rather unjust, or perhaps, an evil decision, resulting in an outcome you should not be proud of as a Paladin. If you fancy going into that dark side of the orders, then here’s how to become a BG3 Oathbreaker, including what you get as an Oathbreaker, based on early access. If you fancy undoing your mistake, we will also teach you how to restore your virtue and rejoin your order too.

How to Become An Oathbreaker Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is how to become an Oathbreaker Paladin in Baldurs Gate 3.

You can become an Oathbreaker Paladin in Baldurs Gate 3 in many ways. One of the many ways you lose your Oath is if you make a major decision that affects the Virtues of Paladins. Each oath has different virtues, but in general, these are often along the lines of:

  • Duty
  • Compassion
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Honor

If you make a decision that massively breaks those virtues, then chances are, you are breaking your Oath. Below we have included some examples we know that cause you to break your Oath, based on Act 1. Note that some of the decisions below are spoiler related, so we have marked them all in spoiler boxes. Feel free to reveal the information at your own risk.

Act 1 OathbreakersShow Spoiler

Some of the best-case examples of this is when your promise to do something, then completely blindside them. A solid case of this is the Tieflings you encounter as part of the rescue Lae’Zel objective.

There are also some other more specific examples in Act 1 that you can do:

  • You allow Sazza the Goblin to be killed by Arka - Disallows Justice
  • You free Sazza in the Druid Cove - Breaks Justice
  • Liam is tortured while you are in the Shattered Sanctum - Compassion, Justice, etc
  • Killing the Owlbear Cub after beating the Owlbear when you reach the Owlbear nest - Murdering Innocents
  • Kill Pandima, who is a Tiefling you can find in the Druid Grove, who is paralyzed - Dishonorable and killing an innocent.

Note that some of these options may depend on which Oath you are playing. As other subclasses are added, some may break one subclasses oaths, not another. So, be wary of making decisions if you’re trying to avoid breaking your Oath.

Once you break your Oath, the Paladin will get a cutscene, showing your characters with some form of chest pain that brings them to their knees. They will see visions of a full-plated knight, informing them they have broken their Oath. They will make an appearance at a camp whenever you make a long rest. You can then speak to the Knight in the camp, and confirm yourself as an Oathbreaker, and unlock that subclass.

Oathbreaker Paladins Features in Baldurs Gate 3

So, you had no choice but to take the Oathbreaker Paladin option and wonder what you get? Oathbreaker Paladins, at least at the time of writing in early access, grants the following subclass features and spell effects:

  • Subclass Feature: Spiteful Suffering - 1d4+ 3 Necrotic Damage. Lasts three turns.
  • Control Undead: Take control of an undead creature, which lasts until a Long Rest.
  • Dreadful Aspect: 10-turn Frighten Spell against a single enemy.
  • Hellish Rebuke: 2d10 Fire damage (Delayed) Reaction Spell, which can activate when you are attacked.
  • Inflict Wounds: 3d10 melee necrotic damage spell.

This turns the Oathbreaker Paladin into some sort of Death Knight-type character. You get the powers of controlling the undead, and can use fire and necrotic damage to damage an enemy. Therefore you thematically use dark powers to deal damage to foes and control creatures, rather than using more holy means to do it. It’s an okay subclass, adding yet more utility against undead foes. Some add melee and thorns-like damage to make it a menace somewhat different from a Devotion Paladin.

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Can You Get Your Paladin Oath Back in BG3?

You can speak to the Oathbreaker Knight in your camp to learn more about becoming an Oathbreaker Paladin in BG3, or restoring your oath…

If you want to get your Oath back in Baldurs Gate 3, you must speak to the Oathbreaker Knight in camp. Speaking to the Knight in the camp will grant you the option to earn back your Oath. However, it will set you back 2000 gold, so, be wary of this expensive process. If you break your oath and don’t intend to become an Oathbreaker Paladin, you must either save scum or reload to the nearest point before your mistake. Or, ride it out as a pseudo-Death Knight and then pay the fee when you can afford it later on.

You will need to pay this fee every time you break your Oath, so make lawful good choices as often as possible to avoid sinking your party’s gold into the richest Knight in the land.

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