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Baldur's Gate 3

All Illithid Powers in Baldur's Gate 3

Craig Robinson

The Illithid Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3 are a way to add new and interesting powers to your gameplay. These technologies unlock after specific points in Act 1 and Act 3, where you can gain new powers. Thanks to the hidden nature of the UI, we have decided to write this Illithid Powers page for Baldur’s Gate 3, so you can get an idea of what you can expect from the game.

A List Of Illithid Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3

Mid Blast is among the most iconic Illithid Powers in Baldurs Gate 3 for its unique conal damage and stunning potential.

Below you will find a table featuring all of the Illithid Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3, featuring their names, descriptions, and rows they are on. Please note that all row 1 and 2 Illithid Powers are unlocked after the "Druid Grove" iconDruid Grove milestone, where you either side with the druids or the Minthara’s Absolute army.

The final set of rows unlocks towards the start of Act 3, where you make a decision about evolved illithid powers. You’ll know the decision when you get to it. For every character that does make the Illithid-related decisions, It will unlock that final third row of Illithid Powers, and they will also get the base ability of "Fly" iconFly. It acts like a jump combined with Feater Fall, so you can fly down heights safely, cross long distances, or fly up to higher reach places.

Illithid Power Description Row
Concentrated Blast 3D6 Psychic +3d6 (conditional) - You must be concentrating on another spell to cast this. If the target was concentrating, you heal as much as the damage dealt. 1
Transfuse Health Sacrifice half your remaining HP to heal a target for the same amount. 1
Psionic Overload 1D4 Psychic. Your attacks deal an additional 1D4 psychic damage, but you take 1d4 psychic damage every turn (Short Rest). 1
Favourable Belongings The first Attack or Ability Check you make against any target gains a bonus equal to your proficiency. 1
"Force Tunnel" iconForce Tunnel Charge forward, pushing all objects and creatures in your path 4 meters away from you (Short Rest). 1
Psionic Backlash When an enemy within 9m casts a spell, you can use your reaction to inflict a 1d4 Psychic damage attack to the caster once per the spell’s level. 2
"Shield" iconShield of Thralls Conjure a volatile shield around yourself or an ally, granting the target 10 temporary HP until the next Long Rest or when the hit points are consumed. Can only have temporary hit points from one source. 2
Perilous Strikes Give a creature HP restoration when it attacks, but it becomes vulnerable to all damage for 3 turns. (Long Rest.) 2
"Stage Fright" iconStage Fright Targets have a disadvantage on Attack Rolls and take 2-12 Psychic Damage each time they miss. Lasts 3 turns; can be saved via Wisdom. (Short Rest). 2
Ability Drain Once per turn, when you make an Attack Roll, the attack reduces the target’s corresponding Ability by 1. The reduced ability is the same as the one used to make the attack roll. Melee is Strength, Ranged is Dexterity, and Spells are Spellcasting modifiers. 2
Luck of the Far Realms When you make a successful Attack Roll against a foe, you can change that hit into a Critical Hit. 2
Charm Charm an enemy that attacks you, preventing them from attacking the charmer until the following turn. It can be saved. 2
Displace Creatures suffering from Falling damage because of your actions take an additional 1d8 Psychic damage. 2
Repulsor Dead 2d6 Force Damage, and push anything and anyone back 6 meters. If a target saves, they still take half the damage. STR Save (Short Rest.) 2
Cull The Weak When you bring a creature down to fewer it points than your number of evolved Illithid Powers, it dies, and all nearby creatures take 1d4 Psychic Damage. 2
Mind Sanctuary Allows you to take actions and bonus actions interchangeably for 3 turns (Long Rest). 3
Freecast Spell slots, charges, and similar resources for your next action or spell are removed. Refreshes after a Short or Long Rest. 3
Absorb Intellect Lower the intelligence of an enemy by 1 per turn and heals you for 5 turns. Healing is 1d8 Healing. (Short Rest.) 3
Displacer Beast Shape Transform into a displacer beast that can Displace itself and enemies, and has 85 Hit Points until your next Long rest or manual deactivated. (Long Rest). 3
Fracture Psyche Lower the AC of an enemy by 1 for 5 turns. Int Save and refreshes every short rest. 3
Illithid Expertise Gain Expertise in Persuasion, Deception and Intimidation checks. 3
Psionic Dominance When an enemy within 18 meters targets you with a spell of a level that is lower than or equal to your proficiency bonus, you can use your reaction to nullify the spell. 3
Black Hole Pull all nearby creatures and possibly slows them to a point you select within range. INT Save (Short Rest. 3
Fly "Fly" iconFly to a target position (movement speed-related) 3
Mind Blast 4D8 Psychic Damage skill deals damage in a cone and can stun enemies if they fail an INT save. (Long Rest.) 3

Remember that each Illithid Power will cost one of your spare tadpoles to empower, per character. So, remember to grab any from the corpses of any absolute members you see, or any tadpoles you find on the shelves of places like the Gityanki Creche, any healers rooms, science labs, etc. This is , of course, presuming you are role playing your character to use these powers, and have the party and other illithid power consequences on your relations factored in.

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