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Baldur's Gate 3

Investigate the Murders Walkthrough in Baldur's Gate 3

Craig Robinson

The "Investigate the Murders" iconInvestigate the Murders Questline is a long chain taking you through "Rivington" iconRivington and into the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. Moreso, this quest offers multiple ways for players to complete it, with them able to make some large decisions on how they can do it and the outcomes for the quest. Here’s a walkthrough on how to complete the Investigate the Murders quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, showing you the ways to find items, clues and more as you explore the city.

Investigate the Murders Walkthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is how to start and finish the Investigate the Murders Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

When you enter Rivington, you can enter a temple belonging to the Monks. If you walk in through the front door, you will come across a floating elephant called Valeria. You can speak the the lady he was talking to, and Valeria, and work out what the murder is about. This starts a quest called the Open Hand Temple Murder.

Solve the Open Hand Temple Murder Walkthrough

(1 of 3) You can start the Investigate the Murders quest chain in the Monk Temple beside Rivington village.

To pick up on the trail, the lady will direct you to towards a building called Sharess Caress. If you enter, speak to the lass at the front behind the counter, and she will let you in on a hunt that her colleague has gone missing. After that, go upstairs and speak to Valeria who unwinds at the brothel.

After that, you now want to go to a place called Fraygo’s Flophouse. Go to the upstairs section, and climb a ladder into a loft area, smash a bookcase down to reveal a secret bedroom, with a door you need to pick to enter it. From there, you can find a bloodstained note, containing the names of murdered peoples, helping to solve both the Brothel and the Open Hand Monk murder. You can also find a bed with a bloodstain. If you interact with it, you can make some checks, and find the missing girl who works at the brothel too in the same room.

Now, head back to the Sharess Caress, and tell the lady of your findings. You can also show Valeria your evidence and update the Investigate the Murders questline. The detective will hand over a key and a massive, which should enable you to get into the Lower City if you have not been able to do so already.

Investigate the Murder: Lower City Exploration

(1 of 2) The button needed to enter the Murder Tribunal area is hidden behind this picture in the Candulhallows’ Tombstones building.

The button needed to enter the Murder Tribunal area is hidden behind this picture in the Candulhallows’ Tombstones building. (left), You can either kill Dolor, or kill some of the murder contracts yourself and gain access to learn more about the Investigate the Murders in Baldur’s Gate 3 (right)

Now that you’ve entered the Lower City, you can find a lot of quest markers on your map. These are all the locations of the NPCS on the murderer’s list. This means there’s two ways you can solve the Investigate the Murders Quest, and also work your way through the Murder Tribunal Quest too.

The good playthrough will require you to check on them all and make sure they are alive and well. The one that is under threat is a mane called Filago, who works at a clothing store in the west side of the city. You can find this near the road to the Baldur’s Gate upper city waypoint, beyond the wall near the !Sorcerer’s Sundries. Once you enter, you’ll find a guard and a civilian on the list paralyzed. You can enter and handle the the murderous dwarf however you want. Defeat the dwarf and his band of shapeshifters, and then make sure to read the note on his body, and take the hands in the pouch as evidence.

With that done, you can now find the location of the murderous gangs, locating in the Bhaal temple located under the Candulhallows’ Tombstones building just north of the Elf Tavern. When inside look for a painting at the back of the building, as there is a button on it. Activate the button, go through the secret door, and enter the Crypt.

One you’re in you can infiltrate the cult and learn more about the serial killers causing the murders. When inside, approach the guards, and say the secret phase, or show proof of the murders via the bag of hands. Now you’re in, speak to the speaker of the cult, and you will learn more about Orin and her Bhaal followers, and ultimately know more about the main storyline in doing so. You can also find Valeria, the elephant man trapped in chains. If you wish to bring justice, you can break his chains and fight the cultists. Or, you can fully join the assassin and refuse to blow your cover and kill the detective. You can also kill the Cultists in the room you first speak to Saverak if you wan to and free him later.

(1 of 2) You need to use the hidden phrase you found on Dolor’s body to enter, or show them your killing trophies.

You need to use the hidden phrase you found on Dolor’s body to enter, or show them your killing trophies. (left), It’s time to kill Detective Nelly and join the dark Brotherhood. Oops, I mean Bhaalists. Or you can save him and get into a scrap, it is up to you. (right)

Both saving or killing the detective will lead to the conclusion of the Investigate the murders. Note, that killing the detective will make you an Unholy Assassin, granting an achievement, access to the assassins shop, and make it easier to track Orin. However, if you’re being a goodie, and you beat them, you get access to the "Sword of Chaos" iconSword of Chaos, a strong slashing necrotic sword, and Saverok’s Horned "Helmet" iconHelmet, which is a dark vision, crit lowering helmet that makes you immune to frighten effects. You can also loot the legendary, "Amulet of Bhaal" iconAmulet of Bhaal regardless of which option you pick.

Either way, the Investigate the Murders quest ends here, and so, you can complete it knowing more about the cult, your main quest, and have done a personal goodie or baddie ending to this side quest.

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