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Baldur's Gate 3

How To Romance Lae'zel in BG3

Matt Chard

One of the first companions you’ll meet in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Githyanki warrior, "Lae'zel" iconLae’zel. The first place you’ll meet her is on the "Nautiloid" iconNautiloid during the prologue. After the prologue, you will split ways briefly due to the crash. Fortunately, you can find her not too long in the "Wilderness" iconWilderness at the start of Act 1. Lae’zel, a Githyanki who has only known violence at a very young age, whose own existence is to only be trained for war. As you progress through the story in Baldur’s Gate 3, tensions will be high, and emotions will run wild. Read below to find out how you can recruit, build approval, and finally romance Lae’zel.

Something good is happening in the camp tonight!

How to Recruit Lae’zel in BG3

At the beginning of Act 1, you’ll soon meet up with "Shadowheart" iconShadowheart. Proceed north along the beach to unlock the "Overgrown Ruins" iconOvergrown Ruins waypoint then head west through the ship wreckage until you can head northwest. Follow the path, and you’ll soon be able to head out of the wreckage via the north path. This will lead you to the Roadside Cliff ruins ("Astarion" iconAstarion will be to your west if you want him). From here, take any path north, and you’ll come across a couple of Tieflings who have cages up Lae’zel. As you approach them, you’ll get some dialogue checks.

(1 of 3) From the Overgrown Ruins waypoint, you can follow this route to find Lae’zel with minimal battles.

If you don’t want to leave Lae’zel’s fate hanging on passing some checks, you can shoot the bottom of the cage twice with a ranged attack to release her, but this will end up in an encounter with the Tieflings, and Lae’zel will be fired upon immediately. Instead, choose the “peaceful” route, and approach them, and Lae’zel will speak to you via the tadpole, telling you to free her. When you get the dialogue check, you’ll have a Deception, Persuasion, and maybe a class-specific choice (we had a Bard choice). Make a quick save, then pick any of the options, pass the check, and the Tieflings will run off leaving you with the option to free Lae’zel. Shoot the bottom of her cage, and she’ll talk to you. If your party is full, tell her to wait at camp.

How to Build Approval With Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3

As briefly touched upon above, Lae’zel has only known obedience and war throughout her life, so it makes sense that she would approve of anyone who is assertive, and agrees with her which go hand in hand most of the time, even if it can appear to be harsh at times. If you’re getting approval from Lae’zel, you’ll most likely be upsetting some other companions, especially Shadowheart as they don’t see eye-to-eye at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, Lae’zel isn’t particularly picky, and you can have intimate relations with her at around half (fair) of the Relationship/Approval bar, so you don’t need to continually agree with her at the cost of the party. Just make sure you balance it out, so one time, agree with her, the next, don’t. This will keep you at half at the bare minimum which is enough for your first intimate moment with her.

In general, you always want to take the options that show confident behavior, and agree with her when you get the chance. If you have a choice that impacts the whole party, choose the options that make you look like you know what you’re doing. Another thing about Lae’zel is she doesn’t really care too much about helping people if it doesn’t progress your common goal, and at times it can give you disapproval with her, but that isn’t all the time, so you don’t have to treat everyone like dirt.

Lae’zel’s Likes and Dislikes

Here is a breakdown of what Lae’zel likes and dislikes. The former actions will increase her approval toward you while the latter will reduce it.

Likes Dislikes
Arrogance Distractions (like side quests etc.)
Violence Indecisiveness
Confidence Ignoring her request to find the crèche (her companion quest)
Insults Shadowheart*
Standing up for yourself/party
Let her handle anything related to the Githyanki

How to Sleep With Lae’zel in BG3

You can sleep with Lae’zel relatively early on in Act 1, and it won’t take much for you to get there. Normally, it requires you to have enough approval (around Fair for Lae’zel), and complete a major story event, then when you’re at the camp, you can talk to her to begin the romance option. We had the chance as early as before the Saving the Refugees quest while heading to the "Goblin Camp" iconGoblin Camp. If your approval is high enough, you can say to her “Is it me, or have you been looking at me differently” in camp.

This will lead to her “flirting” with you which will eventually lead to a choice. This choice is only flavor text, and it won’t change any outcome for the relationship. After some more “flirting”, she’ll tell you what she really thinks about you, and you’ll have another choice to make. All of these will progress the relationship other than the obvious line “I have just one word: yuck”. Finally, she’ll tell you that she wants to taste you, maybe tonight, or some point late. Once again, as long as you don’t tell her “no”, your relationship will have progressed to the next level, at least in her eyes.

(1 of 5) When you’ve met the prerequisites, you can ask her if she’s looking at you differently.

This will be it for now, that is until you take a long rest. If it doesn’t happen the first night, it’s probably because you have an ongoing scene with another companion or the main quest. In that case, simply repeat a long rest, and eventually, you’ll sleep together. You’ll know this is happening if when you go to sleep, you get a scene with her starting with her saying “I’ve come to sate you, and be sated”. She’ll want to take the lead, and who are you to say no? But if you don’t want to take it to the next step with Lae’zel, you can tell her you’ve changed your mind.

During the scene, you can Intimidate her and tell her that she’s going to submit to you instead, but that’ll require you to pass a DC15 Charisma check which will alter the scene slightly. Once you’ve had your night together, tell her “Last night was wonderful. I really enjoyed myself” for an extra bit of dialogue with her regarding the time you spent together, and you’ll get another choice to make. All of these will end with the scene ending, but if you ask her “What comes next for us”, she’ll tell you that it was no more than sex, although she may “lay” you again. At least you know where you stand, right?

(1 of 2) After you’ve done the deed, ask her “what comes next”.

After you’ve done the deed, ask her “what comes next”. (left), Unfortunately, you won’t get the answer you were hoping for, at least not yet. (right)

Lae’zel Romance Act 2

After you’ve increased your approval enough with Lae’zel, she will challenge you to a duel during a Long Rest. This only occurs during Act 2 and will happen if you handle the whole crèche part of her companion quest to her liking, predominantly letting her sit in the Zaith’isk first.

There are two outcomes for this duel, and both of them are good.

  • If you defeat Lae’zel in the duel: Lae’zel will tell you to tell her that “she is yours”.
  • If you lose to Lae’zel in the duel: Lae’zel will ask you to say to her “that you are hers”.

The outcome won’t change much other than what she’ll call you. During the scene after the duel, you can smile and pull her to the ground and get a kiss with her.

A bit later on in the act, she’ll notice your growing obsession with her; tell her you can’t stop thinking about her, and it’ll end there…for now. Talk to her again, and ask her about “us” then ask her who you are to her, and she’ll reply that you’re the source of her bruises. Now, you can ask her to kiss you, and at first, she’ll tell you that she’s not keen on doing this out in public, but if you pass a DC16 Persuasion check, she’ll agree to it.

Lae’zel Romance Act 3

In Act 3, talk to her, and ask to talk about “us” again. This time say to her “My bruises still sing from our battle”. After a short talk, ask to kiss her again, and she’ll oblige. One of the first places you’ll visit in Act 3 is the Circus. Inside the circus, you can speak to Zethino who’ll ask if you are in love. Tell her that you are indeed in love and that it’s with someone close to you. Zethino will ask you to bring that person forward, and she’ll look into your hearts to see if the love is eternal.

Ask Lae’zel if she’d like to give it a try, and she’ll tell you that she does, but she plays to win. This will take you to a place conjured up by Zethino where you’ll have to answer questions based on how much you know about her.

The first question will be “What does she most desire?” Choose the second option regarding Orpheus, and you’ll walk a few steps closer to her. For the second question “What is the githyanki’s fondest memory?” Answer with “our night together”. Once again, you’ll move another few steps toward her, and you’ll get the third question which is “When the warrior dies, what legacy will she leave behind?” Finally, answer with option 3, liberator of the githyanki people. This will finish the game, and Lae’zel will cover the gap between you two as she tells you how she appreciates it and how you see her with open eyes.

Later on in Act 3, you’ll have a deal to make with Raphael regarding Orpheus. REFUSE his deal, and talk to her about it afterward. She’ll ask why you refused the deal; tell her “Because you can take the Hammer from the House of Hope”. Although she will be annoyed at your answer, at the same time, she’ll admire you for it.

Now, obtain the hammer from the House of Hope and speak to Lae’zel once you’ve acquired it. You can’t do much here, but she’ll show mention to tell Voss the good news while warning you that Raphael will be back to get the hammer. After stealing the hammer, you’ll have a big confrontation between Vlaakith and Lae’zel. Make sure you stand by Lae’zel decisions during this conversation, then talk to Lae’zel again afterward.

(1 of 4) When Raphael offers you a deal for the hamer, refuse the deal.

Once again, you keep surprising Lae’zel in a good way, and she’ll let you know how impressed she is with it. She’ll tell you that she wants you again, but this time to soothe and caress, unlike the last time you two were together. When you get the chance, tell her you’d like to talk about Vlaakith being in the camp, and she’ll tell you how she really feels regarding that. Eventually, she’ll ask why she feels so bitter. Answer her question with “connect with Lae’zel’s parasite and explore the furthest reach of her emotions which will require a DC10 Wisdom check.

You’ll find out that she mourns the person she once was, and can never be again which makes her sad, then choose the top option that relates to what you just witnessed. She’ll then tell you that she hasn’t lost everything though, she’s gathered a new regent, new lands, and new allies before bellowing out a new warcry, but not for Vlaakith, but for Orpheus instead.

A few Long Rests at camp later, she’ll wake you, and tell you to get up. Agree, and get up to see what the commotion is about, and you’ll get a scene where you get to watch the beautiful sunrise with her. This scene is more about how she’s changed than the actual moment itself, but it’s a great scene nevertheless. During the scene, she’ll tell you to look at the sun and tell her what you see. Once again, choose option 1 “Hope. Life. A future worth fighting for.” Lae’zel will then tell you “and beauty” before explaining to you how you’ve come to change her perception of life, a balance between war and peacetime, beyond passion and obsession, but most importantly, freedom.

Eventually, she will ask you a big question…“Will you stay with her for good?” Select the obvious answer to this question, which is the top one, and she’ll call you the source of her joy before the scene ends. The only thing left for your relationship comes after saving Orpheus and asking Lae’zel to stay with you.

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