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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Recruit and Revive Gale in Baldur's Gate 3

Nathan Garvin

Magic is common in the Realms to the point where its presence is more or less mundane, and there’s rarely any stigma against its practitioners. That said, recruitable characters are usually unique in some way, with ulterior motives and mysterious backstories making them more interesting, in addition to whatever personality quirks they may have. "Gale" iconGale, a potential companion and origin choice, might not have the standard “persecuted mage with a chip on his shoulder” backstory to fall back on, but his over-educated and verbose personality still make him an interesting - if potentially annoying - character. His access to arcane magics gives him great utility in combat, however, especially for a warrior-heavy party. This page will provide a walkthrough for recruiting - and, in case you find your initial encounter with the talkative mage violently irritating - how to follow Gale’s instructions and revive him.

(1 of 2) As you explore between the Nautiloid crash site and the druid grove you’ll find a magical anomaly at a Waypoint.

As you explore between the Nautiloid crash site and the druid grove you’ll find a magical anomaly at a Waypoint. (left), Investigate and help a Wizard named Gale through the unstable portal. (right)

How to Recruit Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3

Recruiting Gale is fairly easy, and there’s a good chance he’ll be the third or fourth permanent character you add to your party. To find him you’ll need to head to the Roadside Cliffs waypoint. This won’t be marked as such on your map until you’re done with Gale, however, but the swirling vortex of purple energy on the rocks just off the road should mark the location well enough - look for it just north of the "Nautiloid" iconNautiloid crash site, west of the ruins located along the eastern edge of the first wilderness area, and south of the druid grove… or head to the coordinates x=222, y=323.

When you’re ready, interact with the Arcane Sigil Circle and choose the option Touch the sigil, after which you’ll have a variety of options for giving Gale a hand. If you hinder his attempt to pass through the portal, well, you’ll succeed. He really did need help passing through, after all, and this is one of the least interesting ways this encounter can play out… unless you’re the Dark Urge, who is uniquely poorly equipped to respond to disembodied hands entreating for aid. Anywho, assuming you’re not a heartless psychopath, opt to help Gale and you’ll likely get a [Strength 7] check and possibly some class-related check. Pass either of these and you’ll extract Gale from his predicament.

Once Gale is free, he’ll do what he does distressingly often - talk. Stick to the upper options and you’ll chat about your mutual predicament, after which Gale will suggest you team up. Agree and, after a good bit of chatter, you’ll end up with a new Wizard companion following you around. Simple.

(1 of 2) While talking to Gale you’ll notice that, oddly enough, you have the option to pick a fight.

While talking to Gale you’ll notice that, oddly enough, you have the option to pick a fight. (left), If you indulge your homicidal instincts, you’ll find that not even death can silence this loquacious mage. Even better, he’s got a puzzle that’ll help you correct your oopsie and bring Gale back to life. (right)

What Happens if You Kill Gale - How to Revive Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3

After freeing Gale and navigating a dialog option you should see the option You don’t trust this man. Draw your weapon., after which you’ll get the weapon to Attack. These choices do what they suggest, and you’ll end up in a fight with Gale. It’s (hopefully) at least a three-on-one battle and Gale’s low Armor Class and 8 Hit Points won’t do him any favors, RNG and initiative rolls permitting.

Once Gale is dead, his corpse will be engulfed in a necrotic aura which will deal damage to you, and a projection of himself will appear and scold you about what you did, promising ramifications if you don’t follow its instructions and resurrect Gale. Guy’s dead and he’s STILL talking… Anyways, here are the instructions you’ll be given:

  • Loot Gale’s Pouch from his corpse.
  • Pull the purple seam to open the pouch and obtain a letter and a flute.
  • Read the letter and note the… notes you need to play on the flute.
  • Play the aforementioned notes on the flute. This will summon a Magma Mephit.
  • Respond with “K’ha’ssji’trach’ash” and give the mephit the letter.
  • The letter will turn into a Scroll of True Resurrection. Use it to bring Gale back to life.

(1 of 7) Loot Gale’s body to recover Gale’s Pouch - you’ll suffer necrosis damage due to the aura coming off the corpse.

So, let’s get to it. Loot Gale’s corpse and take Gale’s Pouch off his body. You’ll probably take some necrosis damage doing this, but let’s be honest - you kind of deserve it, either for killing Gale or being indecisive about leaving him dead. Open your inventory, right click on Gale’s Pouch and open it to bring up another dialog screen. At this point pick the options Pull the purple thread in a counter clockwise fashion. If you persist in taking the wrong action here, the pouch will vanish in a puff of magical smoke.

Once you’ve opened the pouch you’ll be returned to your inventory where you’ll find a Scroll and a Flute in the pouch. Take them both out of the pouch, then read the Scroll to find the following text:

The page is blank except for four letters, one in every corner. In the top left corner is an A, in the top right corner a D, in the bottom right corner another D, and in the bottom left corner an E.

Another puzzle, but not a terribly clever one. You shouldn’t need any trial and error to figure this out, just note the four letters provided and think about the situation at hand and it’ll become painfully obvious what the order is: D-E-A-D. You need to be at least intelligent to be a !Wizard, folks. Anywho, put the Flute in your instrument slot and you’ll get some more dialog, where you should pick the option Position your fingers on the flute, ready to play individual notes. before playing the notes D-E-A-D.

After the notes have been played, a Magma Mephit will appear and speak to you. Respond with “K’ha’ssji’trach’ash”, then pick the option Hand over Gale’s letter, and just like Gale said the mephit will do its thing and you’ll end up with a *Scroll of True Resurrection. This scroll is worth 100 gold to a merchant, which is… kind of moot considering there’s an [infinite gold exploit] you can take advantage of, but if you want to bring Gale back after playing his stupid little game, right click on the scroll and pick the option “cast spell”, then just select Gale, then pick a location for him to respawn at to revive him.

Gale will decide that it was most rude that you killed him, but you did bring him back to life, so he’ll let bygones be bygones. You won’t get an option to attack him again… at least in dialog - you can just attack and kill him again. There’s no puzzle the second time, but you can just use a Scroll of "Revivify" iconRevivify on Gale to bring him back to life. He declines to comment on any subsequent murders. In any event, when you’ve tired of murdering Gale, accept him into your party. Death clearly doesn’t shut him up, so you might as well get a !Wizard out of this.

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