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Baldur's Gate 3

Chamber of Courage Walkthrough in Baldur's Gate 3

Craig Robinson

The Chamber of Courage in Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of four chambers you need to beat to access the final room in the Wyrmway. The room is not like the other three puzzle rooms, as this one is about resource management, understanding how to propel crowd-control enemies, and dealing with harassment yourself. Here’s a look at the best tips we can recommend for the Chamber of Courage.

Chamber of Courage Tips in Baldur’s Gate 3

(1 of 2) A list of tips and tricks to help you make the Chamber of Courage easier to fight through.

A list of tips and tricks to help you make the Chamber of Courage easier to fight through. (left), The enemies you need to fight are all low AC spellcasters. Either land your CC spells, or do your best to kill as many as possible. (right)

The Chamber of Courage battle is largely dependent on how your party is built. However, there are many tools you can use to help survive the onslaught.

The main thing you need to know is that there are around two elemental spawns per turn, and you need to survive all four turns. So, you will likely be dealing with eight enemies over the course of the battle.

To help manage the overwhelming odds, we highly recommend the following:

  • "Hold Monster" iconHold Monster - A 5th-level spell, which can hold most creatures in place. The elementals that spawn are easy to hit with this spell. Landing this spell also enables you to land guaranteed crits on them with your martial characters. If you can Twin Spell Hold Monster using a Sorcerer, then you have a very easy time.
  • Banish: Banish essentials makes an enemy skip about two turns of combat, which means you can Banish some of the later enemies that spawn and make the waves much more manageable.
  • "Banishing Smite (Melee)" iconBanishing Smite (Melee) - A type of Paladin Smite, which can help you nuke enemies and then banish them, rather than kill them.
  • "Command" iconCommand (Halt): Command allows you to make an enemy run away, or go prone, meaning you can add some more CC, which is available to Paladins and other martial classes.
  • Control Elemental: This is a spell that offers Wizard and Sorcs the ability to control these elementals as your own, which can help manage the numbers against you.
  • "Silence" iconSilence: A spell that Clerics, Rangers, and Bards can access, with certain types of Druids and Paladins can too. This makes the elements borderline useless for damaging attacks, as they rely on spells and attack modifiers to deal magic damage or control your party. It likely means you can’t cast, but, it’s much worse for the elements than it is for you.

These tips should help you manage these creatures a lot easier, and make you pass the Chamber of Courage much easier. Once you’re done with the four turns, the elementals will despawn, so you will complete the challenge. You can now either go through the large doors, or complete any other chamber challenges you can encounter.

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