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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Complete the Riddle of the Night at the Silent Library in BG3

Matt Chard

When you reach the "Gauntlet of Shar" iconGauntlet of Shar during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll be tasked to search the temple for the Nightsong as well as help "Shadowheart" iconShadowheart become a Dark Justiciar. As you progress through the various trials and tribulations you’ll end up at the Silent Library. Which is aptly named as the room literally silences you as you enter it. Read below to find out how to solve the Riddle of Night and what silences the Nightsong.

The Riddle of the Night requires an item, what could it be?

Finding the Silent Library

The Silent Library can be found on the bottom floor in the room next to the Faith-Leap Trial. To reach this area, teleport to the Gauntlet of Shar waypoint, head north down the corridor bypassing the Soft-Step and Self-Same Trial until you reach the stairs at the end. Follow the stairs down and head past the Faith-Leap Trial room. You can find the Silent Library next door. Note: Although you don’t have to complete the trials to access the library, you will need to at some point anyway.

Silent Library Encounter

When you enter the room, you’ll have a battle on your hands. There’ll be five Dark Justiciars, three Nightweavers, and two Soulhunters in here, and you won’t be able to use magic due to being silenced, hence the room name. That is until you defeat The Librarian, who is in the center of the room, this tricky purple shadow is the cause of the silence, and once you take it down with a few well-placed ranged attacks, you’ll be free to use your magic again.

The Justice Nightweavers are melee-focused enemies while the Soulhunters are ranged. If you let The Librarian get a turn, it can summon more Justiciars which will be more than likely Avengers, who are clerics/fighters. Your first call of action should be to take out The Librarian, and it should be defeated within the first turn. Not only will this rid the room of "Silence" iconSilence, but it’ll also stop it from summoning more enemies.

(1 of 3) Before you get noticed, sneak into the room and take out The Librarian, or at least deal damage to it.

Once The Librarian is gone, focus your melee characters on the Soulhunters at the back while your more magically inclined party members focus on the Nightweavers. The Soulhunters should not last more than two turns each unless you’re incredibly unlucky with the RNG. One thing that may cause you some trouble is the Beckoning "Darkness" iconDarkness ability that the enemies have which will deal damage to you every time you’re obscured, but this can be nullified by casting "Daylight" iconDaylight: Sphere which will brighten the room. Now take out the Nightweavers, and the room will be free for you to explore minus some traps.

What can silence the Nightsong? Riddle of the Night Solution

The first thing you’ll want to do after looting the bodies is interact with the second shelf on the second bookshelf that sits on the right wall nearest to the entrance. Be careful though as this will also have a trap on it, so disarm it first then pick up the Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger book. Next up is either picking the locks of the Iron Portcullis at the back of the room, or pressing the button closest to the portcullis on the right, but once again this will be trapped.

(1 of 5) Search the booby-trapped bookshelf to acquire the Nightsinger book.

When the gate is open, head on in and make note of the vent traps near the Riddle of Night pedestal then interact with it to place an item on it. If you get this wrong, the vents will go off. Fortunately, you have the correct item on you, place the Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger into the slot, and watch the wall behind it open up a new passage. Here you’ll find the Spear of Night, a "Dark Justiciar Half-Plate" iconDark Justiciar Half-Plate, and a Gilded Chest that contains some nice loot.

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