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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 - Selune Chest: How to Open The Gilded Chest

Craig Robinson

The Selune Chest is magically locked, protected by the Seal of Selune. All heretics who come close to the seal will feel its wrath, taking 4d6 in Radiant damage. For those who stumble upon that at the correct level range, there’s a solid chance that it one shots you. So, how do you go about removing that ward? Here’s everything you need to open the Selune Gilded Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Selune Chest

(1 of 2) Once you have picked up the Prayer Sheet, read it before the chest to break the Selune Seal and open the Gilded Chest.

Once you have picked up the Prayer Sheet, read it before the chest to break the Selune Seal and open the Gilded Chest. (left), You must jump across the chasm to find a Prayer Sheet in the dirt. This allows you to open the Selune Chest later. (right)

So, you’ve found the Gilded Chest, the blue gem in the cave of Owlbeasts. However, the Selune Seal is preventing you from opening it. Well, it’s time to pretend to worship Selune. If you jump over the small gap opposite the Gilded Chest location to where the Selune statue is, you can do a perception check. Go directly behind the statue, and have everyone roll the perception check to ensure you pass it. If you succeed, it will reveal an item on the floor, and if you read it, you can pass a religion check, to know if it’s a Selune Prayer Sheet or not.

Once you have the item revealed, players will need to pick up the item and return to the Gilded Chest. With the Prayer Sheet in your inventory, you may read it. Doing so will cause you to remove the Selune Chest seal, allowing you to open the Gilded Chest. Successfully opening it awards 15 XP for party members.

If you have Shadowheart in your party at the time, she will kick off about it as you go to open the chest. She’s not a very big fan of the Moon Witch god. This leads to a few conversations you can have. You can find out why she is so against it or persuade her to let it be, so you can loot it in peace. There’s also an option for you to let it be, which will raise Shadowheart’s opinion of you. If Astarian is in the party, it will lower his opinion of you because, you know, he’s a rogue and likes taking things from previously locked containers. We’ve not tested other party members, so some other approval or disapproval factors may play out, depending on who you have.

Shadowheart has a few things to say about looking to Selune Gilded Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3…

Even if you say you won’t loot it for Shadowheart, you can still get a party member to open the chest and take items. However, doing so will cause you to roll a Sleight of Hand check with a 15-pass rating. If you fail it, Shadowheart will lose 5 approval of the character that tried to loot it, but you can fully loot it if you so want to.

If you do loot it, expect to find a Silver Necklace, Blood Stone, and an Idol of Selune. You can also expect to get the Moondrop Pendant, which is an uncommon necklace, with the power of Writhing Dance. Writhing Dance grants the wearer: When the wearer has 50% Hit Points or less, they don’t provoke attacks of opportunity. It’s not a bad necklace for squishy melee characters or your ranged characters in case they get pushed by threats.

And there you have it, you now know how to open the Selune Gilded Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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