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Baldur's Gate 3

Devil's Fee BG3 Location Guide: Infernal Transportation Ritual & Trader Items

Craig Robinson

The "Devil's Fee" iconDevil’s Fee is a small location in Baldur’s Gate 3, where players can visit, buy some powerful items, and go to if you intend on breaking into the House of Hope for the Voss, and to some extent, the Lae’Zel storyline. We will give you the low down on the Devil’s Fee and what to expect from this POI.

Devil’s Fee Location Walkthrough in BG3

Here is a closer look at the Devil’s Fee in Baldur’s Gate 3, a place with powerful items, and an optional part of the Free Orpheus quest process.

As you enter the Devil’s Fee, you are likely doing it to gain access to the House of Hope to grab the "Orphic Hammer" iconOrphic Hammer. If that’s your intention, feel free to speak to the lady at the desk, and agree to her deal to get you into the House of Hope. She will provide you with the reagents you need and the instructions on assembling them. Don’t worry; the header below will guide you through that process.

But, you may need to make a deal, either by giving her a lot of gold, or by making a deal that you intend to steal the "Gloves of Soul Catching" iconGloves of Soul Catching for her. They are stored on a wall, but they are also a quest reward for saving Hope from the House of Hope. If you are successful with your mission, you can either persuade her or intimidate her not to hand the gloves over, and she’s not that bothered anyway, or hand them over if you think you can’t make the checks.

You can also speak to the lady as a trader, who has some interesting items to sell. The main items you want to look at are as follows:

  • "Caitiff Staff" iconCaitiff Staff: Comes with Caitiff Restoration, which restores one Warlock Spell Slot once per long rest. You also get +1 to Spell Saves, and spell attack rolls, which is handy.

  • "Spellseeking Gloves" iconSpellseeking Gloves: Seeking Spell - When you make a spell attack roll, you can spend Sorcery Points to gain Advantage. It costs 1 per spell level slot. Cantrips cost 1.

  • "Shapeshifter Hat" iconShapeshifter Hat: Increases your Wild Shape Charges by 1. Also grants 1 to nature.

  • "Cloak of The Weave" iconCloak of The Weave: Gain +1 to Spell saves and spell attack rolls via Arcane Enchantment. Absorb Elements also allows you to take half damage from an elemental spell, and deal a 1d6 of that element on your next attack once per short rest.

  • "Gemini Gloves" iconGemini Gloves: The user can target an additional ally or foe with cantrips. One of the best items for "Eldritch Blast" iconEldritch Blast Warlocks, which you can read more about on our Gemini Gloves page.

  • "Gibus of the Worshipful Servant" iconGibus of the Worshipful Servant: Gain Momentum equal to your Charisma Modifier. And gain an Advantage on Concentration saving throws. This could be a very good helmet for a Paladin, who has Charisma and many Concentration spells, or even a Cleric. It is also a reference to the Dark Urge’s private butler.

If you decide to go looting upstairs, you can also come across the "Mask of Soul Perception" iconMask of Soul Perception. This mask awards +2 Bonus to Attack Rolls, Initiative Rolls, and Perception Checks. It also comes with "Detect Thoughts" iconDetect Thoughts.

Infernal Transportation Ritual: How to Get to The House of Hope

You must arrange the items in this pattern to enter the House of Hope.

The Infernal Transportation Ritual, which is the pentagram on the top floor of the building, requires you to place objects in a certain location. To do so, you need to do the following.

Open the Pouch that Helsik gave you as part of the deal. Or steal the items from around the top floor of the building and other basic reagent items. You can see the above image on how to place the items for reference.

  1. "Skull" iconSkull on the western tip of the diagram.
  2. Coin of Mammon on the northwestern tip of the diagram
  3. Diamond northeastern tip of the diagram.
  4. Incense on the Southeast tip of the diagram
  5. Infernal Marble in the center of the diagram.

If you don’t have the items, you can find incense in many places, especially places like the Shar temple. Skulls are very commonly looted on skeletons, which you can find everywhere, including the Helsik trader. The Coin of Mammon and the Infernal Marble are in the top floor’s chests in the Devil’s Fee.

Other than that, it about covers all you need to know about the Devil’s Fee location in Baldur’s Gate 3. Now you know everything you need to know about this place, why it’s worth visiting, and more.

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