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Baldur's Gate 3

How Many Acts in Baldur's Gate 3?

Shane Williams

The full release of Larian Studios hit CRPG Baldur’s Gate 3 is here and lots of players seem to be wondering how many acts are now available in the game. There are a total of three acts, but each act has a ton of optional content for you to enjoy. Below you’ll be able to find out what to expect in each.

You can see any available quests via the Journal Tab.

What To Expect From Each Act in Baldur’s Gate 3

As mentioned above there are three acts but each act could take you about 40+ hours to beat if you choose to explore and do every available. Additionally, if you like save-scumming to see all the dialogue choice outcomes, then you could get even more time out of each act. In Act 1 you’ll want to work on getting to around level 5 before pushing onto Act 2 and thankfully there’s lots of things you can do to reach this.

Act 1

Whilst you’re exploring The "Wilderness" iconWilderness you can recruit lots of the NPC’s like Minthara, Gale and Astarion. Complete Side Quests, such as Baldur’s Gate 3 - Whispering Depths, Find the Missing Shipment, and The Hag, then once you’re done doing to the optional stuff you’ll want to focus on the main quest side of things, such as Clearing the Goblin Camp and solving the Defiled Temple Puzzle. When you’re finished with "Goblin Camp" iconGoblin Camp and you’ll find yourself in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. Here you want to track down the Grymforge Boss, but there’s a few optional things you can do here, such working through the Arcane Tower BG3, Find the Mushroom Picker and Investigate the Parasite.

Acts 2

Once you arrive in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, there a more NPC’s you can recruit like Jaheira and there is a large chunk of optional for you to enjoy, such as the Reithwin Toll House, Hide and Seek, Rescue the Tieflings and helping He Who Was, then once you’re done doing the optional stuff you’ll want to focus on the main quest side of things, like completing all the puzzles in the Gauntlet of Shar, Saving Nightsong and defeating Defeating Ketheric Thorm .

Act 3

Act 3 is the final chapter and you’ll find yourself in Baldur’s Gate where there is more Main/Side content to be consumed than the previous two acts. As for optional content you’ve got, Investigate the Murders, Finding the Dribbles the Clown Body Part Locations, solving the Chamber Puzzles, Free The Artist.

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