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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Fighter Builds: Best Races, Feats & More

Craig Robinson

The Fighter is your go-to class for all things traditional martial prowess. The Fighter is adapt at using range weapons, sword and shield, or slapping enemies with mighty two-handed weapons. The result is a powerful class that you can flex around. If you want to run around as a Fighter, doing some very strong damage, then here’s a look at Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter build, featuring the best Fighter races, feats, and more.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter Build

Here is a look at a Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter builds, featuring the best race, multiclassing options, and feats. Image via Larian.

So, for this Fighter Guide In Baldur’s Gate 3, we will assume you want to be a Champion. Yeah, champions are somewhat boring. However, the role-play options, and the unique passive that grants crit rolls on 19’s rather than 20’s are huge. When you combine this with the Savage Attacks feat, and with your Paladin multiclassing, you can essentially fish for crits, and smite targets for a huge boost in damage. This is an alternative to the Battle Master Riposte meta, and, you get somewhat of an Eldritch Knight playthrough, thanks to Paladins Smites in BG3 essentially operating like Spells, especially the crit reactive Smite spell. Your build at the level cap will look something like this:

  • Fighter 7
  • Paladin 5
  • Fighter Fighting Style: Great Weapons - Allows you to re-roll 1 and 2 on attack rolls with two-handed weapons. (rolls made automatically when you attack in the background.)
  • Paladin Fighting Style: Defense - Grants 1 bonus AC while using armor.

The general idea is you want to get to Fighter to level 5. This will give you access to "Action Surge" iconAction Surge, Champion subclass, and then your extra track at level 5. From there, you want to go Paladin and get that to level 5. The main thing to note at level 5 is you get "Magic Weapon" iconMagic Weapon. This grants a bonus to attack rolls and damage, which improves the chances to hit with the Great Weapon Mastery feat, something you’ll be taking when you get your feat slot. You’ll also gain spell slots for your crit fishing, magic weapon buff, and for using "Bless" iconBless as a concentration spell to further increase your attack roll hit chance against targets. The final two levels go into Fighter for more Fighter synergy on your attacks, and you get your 7th level passive from Champion too to complete the build at level 12.

BG3 Fighter Build Feats

Here is a look at the best Feats for a Fighter in Baldurs Gate 3: You can use any of the following, but we highly recommend taking Great Weapon Master for the two-handed damage improvements. You’ll improve the missing hit by Magic Weapon and Bless buffs.

Other than that, you may consider using the following other Feats:

  • Sentinel: When an enemy within melee range attacks an ally, you can use a reaction to make a weapon attack against that enemy. Target ally must not have the Sentinel Feat. You gain advantage on Opportunity Attacks, and when you hit a creature with an opportunity Attack, it can no longer move for the rest of its turn.
  • Martial Adept: Learn two manoeuvres from the Battle Master subclass. You receive a superiority dice to fuel it. You re-gain your dice after a short or long rest. This is decent, since you are dipping into Champion for the build, and not BM. It means you can still get Riposte if you want it.
  • Polearm Master: When attacking with a "Glaive" iconGlaive, Halberd, Quarterstaff, or spear, you can use a bonus action to attack with the butt of your weapon. You can also make an opportunity Attack when a target comes within range.
  • Savage Attacker: When making weapon attacks, you roll your damage dice twice and use the highest result.
  • Any armor Prof, depending on how you are gearing it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter Races

The Shield Dwarf offers very high base strength and constitution stats, making it one of the best Fighter races in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Zarial Tiefling: Decent resistances to fire, and get "Thaumaturgy" iconThaumaturgy for intimidation checks, which benefit from your strength modifier.

  • Human: Human versatility for the extra proficiency, and the solid mix of weapon proficiencies. Also more carrying space.

  • "Shield" iconShield Dwarf: The Shield Dwarf is likely the best fighter race in Baldur’s Gate 3, as the race comes with many weapon proficiencies for axes, hammers, and light and medium armor.

  • "Gold" iconGold Dwarf: Gold Dwarfs get the same weapon profs as the Shield, but gain better health scaling per level. It’s an option if you want more HP for battles over armor profs.

  • Half-Orc: The Half-Orc is another race with lots of strength and con, and they get Savage attacks as a base race feat. When you score a critical hit with a melee weapon attack, you can roll one of the weapon’s damage dice one additional time and add it to the extra damage of the critical hit. This has great synergy with this BG3 Fighter build for further increasing your potential damage cap on crit fishing, but, it is not necessary.

  • Githyanki: Martial Prowess passive is very good, gaining light and medium armor proficiency and various sword proficiency’s similar to Dwarves and Humans, just with swords instead.

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