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Baldur's Gate 3

Where to Find Zevlor during Act 2 in BG3

Matt Chard

When you reach the Last Light Inn during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll find out that some of the people you’ve met during your travels, including Zevlor, were ambushed by the Absolute in the darkness of the Shadow-Cursed Lands. After speaking to the patrons at the Inn, they’ll mention that the prisoners were taken to the "Moonrise Towers" iconMoonrise Towers, but did Zevlor end up there too…Read below to find out Zevlor’s location and how to save him.

You’ll find Zevlor in the Mind Flayer Colony.

Zevlor Location in BG3

This whole quest won’t even happen if you didn’t save him during the Emerald/Druids Grove conundrum. Still, if you’re here, it’s likely you did. The quest descriptions and general NPC chatter regarding Zevlor sort of suggest that you’ll find him at the Moonrise Towers, but this would be wrong as you won’t find him there. Instead, you’ll find him in the "Mind Flayer Colony" iconMind Flayer Colony that appears right after finishing the Moonrise Tower arc.

Once you defeat the boss at the top of the tower, a large tentacle will come out of the tower where the boss will escape to. Before following the boss, make some room in your party, and get Jaheira to join your wayward band of adventurers. When you’re ready, head down the “Hollow Tower” where the tentacle came from to end up in the Mind Flayer Colony. At first, most things will be neutral to you, so you can traverse the flesh-covered floors with impunity. Follow the path east until you reach an intersection then take the northern path through the Flesh-Wrought Door. Here, you’ll find numerous pods similar to the pod you started the game in, and here, you’ll find Zevlor. Easy, right? Well, now you have to get him out of the pod, and that’s where the difficult part comes in.

(1 of 3) You can find the Mind Flayer Colony atop the Moonrise Tower after defeating the boss there. Drop into the Hollow Tower to reach it.

To open the pods, you’ll have to use the Neural Apparatus at the far end of the room, on the right, but you will only have the options Release or Purge. If you choose Purge, it will destroy everything in the pods including Zevlor whereas Release will open up all the pods including the Mind Flayers. Choose to release the pods if your intention is to save Zevlor, but be prepared for a difficult battle. Mind Flayers are tricky enemies to contend with as they have a penchant for mind-control spells like Charm, or Dominate, so I hope your party has high Wisdom. There are four Mind Flayers in this battle with several Intellect Devourers, but you will have Zevlor, and the Orc, Manip helping you out in the fight. The Intellect Devourers are more of a nuisance than a threat unless they all gang up on one person, so focus on the Mind Flayers.

If you’ve brought along Jaheira, you can conjure an Elemental to help in this battle, preferably the Fire Elemental as it does respectable damage. This will also get some Mind Flayers’ attention of you. One of the more frustrating parts of fighting Mind Flayers is they have a Reaction called Tadpole Charm that can charm you from a counter! Although the fight can be difficult as long as you reduce the effect of getting charmed, you shouldn’t have too many problems, if they do, cast "Greater Restoration" iconGreater Restoration on them immediately.

Mind Flayers have the ability to charm your party or the NPCs in the area. Make sure you’re aware who is being dominated.

When the battle is over, you’ll get some dialogue with Zevlor. After he thanks you for your help, he’ll ask you what happened to the others that were ambushed, and when you explain to him what happened you’ll find out that he was taken briefly as the Absolutes thrall which led him to letting the cult torture the other victims. All the choices with Zevlor don’t appear to change much, so pick whatever you feel at the moment. After you’ve finished talking to him, the quest will be complete.

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