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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get The Chest of Mundane in Baldur's Gate 3

Shane Williams
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Throughout your playthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3 you’ll find tons of items to collect, but unfortunately you can only carry so much before you become over encumbered. Thankfully, you can obtain the Chest of Mundane which is an item that allows you to reduce the weight of heavier items. This is this game’s version of the Bag of Holding which was an item used in the previous Baldur’s Gate games. This page will take you through the necessary steps to finding the Chest of Mundane and taking out the Arcane Turrets.

Placing items into the Chest of Mundane will massively reduce their weight.

Is the Bag of Holding in BG3? Where is it?

As mentioned above the Chest of Mundane is Baldur’s Gate 3’s version of the Bag of Holding, but before you can start looking for the Chest of Mundane you’ll need to progress through a fair bit of Act 1 until you reach the "Goblin Camp" iconGoblin Camp. Here you’ll want to follow the steps on our Easiest Ways to Clear the Goblin Camp in BG3 page, then you’ll want to head through the "Defiled Temple" iconDefiled Temple which is located in the "Shattered Sanctum" iconShattered Sanctum. In order to find it you’ll need to head into the Priestess’ room and deal with the Ogre guard, then travel down the pathway to find a room which involves solving the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle. If you’re struggling to solve the puzzle, then checkout our How To Solve The Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle In Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Destroy the Arcane Turrets in BG3

Once you’ve reached the "Underdark" iconUnderdark you’ll want to work your way around to the southwest portion of the map to find the "Arcane Tower" iconArcane Tower. Here you’ll want to make your way into the building, but you’ll notice that there are multiple Arcane Turrets which will start firing at you as soon as you’re in their sight. There’s a couple ways around it, but the easiest method is to switch over to "Shadowheart" iconShadowheart and take them out with "Guiding Bolt" iconGuiding Bolt. However, you’ll have to hide behind a pillar and increase your defense with "Shield of Faith" iconShield of Faith, then quickly use Guiding Bolt to take it out before getting back into cover to restore your health.

(1 of 3) Head to this location on the map,

Alternatively, you can use something like "Pass Without Trace" iconPass Without Trace to bypass the threats of the turrets safely, or, have a stealth character sneak through passing checks and then stealth takeout the ones guarding the turrets. If you still having problems these turrets, then checkout our Arcane Tower BG3 Walkthrough: Elevator, Bernard, and Basement Access page. After you’ve cleared out the area, create a quick-save, then lockpick the door. Inside you’ll be greeted by another two Turrets, so use the pillars as a shield and take them out, then go out to the balcony on the right to find the Chest of Mundane!

What is the Chest of Mundane in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Chest of Mundane weighs around 20kg, so naturally you’ll want someone that’s a lot stronger to carry it, such as "Lae'zel" iconLae’zel. Once you’ve got the chest in your inventory, you’ll be able to place any of your heavy items into it and the chest will massively reduce the weight, as it’ll transform it into a cup/plate. However, once you remove the item from the chest, then it’ll return to its normal form. This chest makes exploring a lot more enjoyable, as you won’t have to constantly return to a merchant or transfer items to your camp storage chest.

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The Chest of the Mundane no longer reduces the weight of items, so it's just pointless except for getting the items out of it that seemed to be nothing.

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The Chest of the Mundane no longer reduces the weight of items, so it's just pointless except for getting the items out of it that seemed to be nothing.

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