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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Yuffie Kisaragi

Ben Chard

This is the character page for Yuffie Kisaragi, the main playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERmission.

Yuffie is the main character in the INTERmission DLC.

Yuffie Max Stats

4,338 71 91 91 57 57 72 65

Yuffie’s Weapons

Weapon Ability Location
4-Point Shuriken Elemental Ninjutsu Yuffie starts INTERmission with this weapon.
Boomerang Brumal Form Sector 7 Slums - Avalanche HQ Chest
Steel Reaper Banishment Chest when tracking Zhijie at the end of Chapter 1
Cacstar Cactuar Caper PlayStation Store DLC (paid or preorder)

Yuffie’s Abilities

Ability Effect
Throw Throw the Shuriken at range and allow casting of Ninjutsu.
Retrieve Jump over to where you last threw your Shuriken.
Ninjutsu Cast non-elemental magical attacks when your Shuriken is thrown.
Art of War Buffet an enemy with blows, and all subsequent attacks deal increased damage. Can be Synergized.
Windstorm Create a gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them toward you. Can be Synergized.
Elemental Ninjutsu Set an element to enhance and use for ninjutsu attacks.
Brumal Form Evade an attack. ATB increases when successful. Can use while airborne.
Banishment ATB spent on other commands increases damage dealt. Affinity changes with ninjutsu. Works in the air.
Cactuar Caper Let the shuriken run around, mowing down all enemies it touches. Can use while airborne.

Yuffie’s Limit Breaks

Limit Break Effect
Bloodbath Unleash a flurry of slashes on the target with Yuffie’s giant throwing star.
Limit Synch In unison with Sonon, unleash a devastating flurry of attacks on the target.

Yuffie: Overview

Yuffie is the main character of INTERmission, and the only playable one at that. With that in mind, it may be of no surprise that Yuffie has an extremely powerful toolset at her disposal compared to the characters from the regular game if they were solo. As such, you can choose to build her in a number of ways, with a focus on magic, physical or even support however with Sonon only really able to play the role of tank, you’ll want to focus on damage dealing with Yuffie as much as possible.

Yuffie sits in the middle compared to the other characters in terms of most stats however she ranks highest in LCK and SPD. Despite sitting in the middle for most stats, Yuffie’s arsenal makes her far more versatile than every other character in the Final Fantasy VII Remake and allows her to fulfil any role effectively. Being able to throw the Shuriken and then pelt them with Ninjutsu of any element at zero cost to MP is massive, allowing Hard Mode to become a lot easier and if you get used to the timing of Brumal Form, you can evade most attacks and gain ATB at the result of it. This of course allows you to use her MP for situations such as healing or buffing with Haste or Barrier as you won’t need to worry about offensive spellcasting.

Yuffie is also the only character in the game that can make use of the new Precision Defense mechanic debuted in Intergrade. If you guard just before an enemy hit strikes you, you’ll significantly reduce the damage, gain ATB and depending on your Weapon Upgrades, gain positive effects such as Regen or Barrier. Even more useful, you’ll be able to cause many foes to enter the Pressured state once executed. Yuffie is best played by selecting the correct Elemental Ninjustsu, tossing the Shuriken and using Windstorm (which works better when the Shuriken is thrown) to build up Banishment and unleash Banishment III for massive damage, killing most foes outright. Furthermore, once you learn Synergized Limit Breaks for Sonon, Limit Synch will become one of the hardest hitting Limits in the game, becoming a must for some of the more difficult encounters in INTERmission.

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