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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade


Ben Chard

This is a VR Battle against Ramuh, a new summon for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. You can first fight Ramuh during Chapter 1: Wutai’s Finest after speaking with Chadley.

Ramuh in Final Fantasy VII Remake, INTERmission, the Lord of Levin.

Availability Prerequisite
INTERmission Chapter 1 Speak to Billy Bob in the Sector 7 Clinic

Pre-battle Preparations

The Lord of Levin is a new addition to the roster of Summons in Final Fantasy VII Remake and you’ll need the INTERmission DLC to be able to do battle with him. Before you can even attempt this, you’ll need to advance far enough through Chapter 1: Wutai’s Finest to reach the Clinic for the first time, then, when you speak to Billy Bob a second time to have him introduce Chadley. When this first unlocks you’ll only have Yuffie available to you and although it’s more than doable solo, the smart choice here is to wait a few minutes until Sonon joins the party.

Your equipment and loadout choices are rather limited at the earliest point you can fight this battle. Just having Sonon along for the ride will make life easier and you’ll want to ensure you complete the Happy Turtle Flyer Side Quest to obtain the valuable Magnify Materia that you should pair up and give to Sonon for healing duties. If you’ve yet to master the Brumal Form ability from the shiny new Boomerang, be sure to have that weapon equipped as the ability will be useful for avoiding certain attacks.


Enemy Weaknesses Notable Loot
Ramuh Wind

Ramuh on Normal and lower difficulties is less daunting than he may appear at first, with Sonon in the battle party, it becomes easier yet. Your biggest obstacle is most likely down to being a bit rusty if you haven’t played enough to get used to Yuffie’s playstyle. Ramuh’s largest danger comes from the fact that many of his attacks will inflict Stun so prioritizing defense and evasion should be your number one focus, getting caught with it can mean the difference between a quick death or beating him handily.

(1 of 8) Use Wind Ninjutsu to strike Ramuh’s weakness

To begin with, Ramuh will use Levin Arrows to shoot out multiple bolts of Lightning that will persist on the ground around him. Wading into any of these will inflict Stun on Yuffie which will almost certainly spell an early death from his follow-up attacks. This is easier to avoid than you may expect, once you see Ramuh begin to cast, keep running out and to the left to avoid the attack. He will still attempt the follow-up, Luminous Falchion, where he will teleport to your location and use a swipe of Lightning to attack you, this is avoided by simply guarding (or better yet, Precision Defense) or Brumal Form.

Ramuh will also use Voltaic Lance, this is a deadly unblockable attack that you must avoid (denoted by an !). Ramuh will charge up and deploy an electric beam in your location that will deal heavy damage and inflict Stun, opening you up for more Luminous Falchion attacks. To avoid this attack, wait until he starts casting and then dodge or Brumal Form at the last moment. Another deadly attack from Ramuh is his Charged Current, this will see Ramuh slam the ground in front of him and cause an electrical explosion that will propel you into the air.

Ramuh’s fast paced Thunderous Orbs ability is a tricky one to avoid, the pace at which he casts the three hit Orbs at a single target is tough to avoid so it’s best to Guard through this instead, especially as it doesn’t have Stun properties to the attack. Lightning Strike on the other hand is much better served by keeping on the run, Ramuh will strike a lightning bolt at your current location and follow it up with multiple more strikes so simply keep running to avoid all of them.

This covers all Ramuh’s attacks during the first phase, as you may expect, being the Lord of Levin, Ramuh’s weakness is Wind and using Synergized Wind Ninjutsu along with Sonon can help to bring up his Stagger bar quickly. Be sure to keep your HP topped up for the more difficult phases but it shouldn’t take too long to bring him to the next phase.

This next phase is indicated by the use of Summon Spark, this will see Ramuh summon three Sparks that will slowly rotate around him, granting him access to new abilities and he’ll increase the number of Sparks should you let them stick around for too long. On the other hand, this is a prime opportunity to go on the offensive, defeating these will Pressure Ramuh, allowing you to go for the Stagger.

(1 of 7) Stick to the outside of the arena to avoid Circuitous Bolt

The first of these new abilities is Circuitous Bolt, this will cause huge lasers to rotate around the arena, you’ll need to ensure you’re on the outside of the arena to avoid them as the attack continues. Likewise, Orbiting Wand is similar in nature to the previous attack, just at a closer range. Ramuh will cast this quicker than Circuitous Bolt so you’ll need to move as quickly as possible to avoid the attack. Electric Rampart acts very similarly to Charged Current, a close ranger area of effect just at increased damage. The final new attack from Ramuh here is Spark Flail, once again Ramuh will teleport towards you and slam one of the Sparks into you which, unless you time Brumal Form perfectly, will almost certainly hit you.

Ramuh’s most deadly attack is, however, as you may expect, his Ultimate, Judgment Bolt. Once you see him readying this, you have a short period of time to heal up, ensure your HP is as close to full as possible or you’ll most certainly lose the battle. You can use the free DLC and equip the Superstar Belt to survive this attack at 1HP if you don’t quite have enough HP. Immediately heal up following this attack so that you don’t die from his quick follow-ups.

As you can see from above, Ramuh becomes more deadly as the battle continues, once you’re in the second phase, focus on taking down the Sparks as quickly as possible to limit the abilities available to him and make constant use of Wind Ninjutsu and Windstorm to drive up the Stagger bar. Keep a close eye on your Limit Breaks and make use of them to put a hefty chunk into his HP and eventually Ramuh will fall, awarding you with the Ramuh Summon Materia.

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