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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Nero - Hard Mode

Ben Chard

This page is for tips regarding the final boss in INTERmission, Nero the Sable on the Hard Mode Difficulty.

Boss: Nero the Sable

Nero will be a tough challenge on Hard Mode.

Enemy Weaknesses Notable Loot
Nero the Sable Lightning
Yuffie Item
Weapon Boomerang
Armor Chthonian Armlet
Accessory Ribbon or Götterdämmerung
Materia Healing + Magnify, Revival, Chakra, HP Up x2 (~8000+ HP), MP Up x2 (~120 MP+), Steadfast Block
Sonon Item
Weapon Marshalist’s Staff
Armor Firebird Armlet
Accessory Kindred Cord or Götterdämmerung
Materia Healing + Magnify, Steadfast Block, HP Up x2 (~9000+ HP), MP Up (~100 MP+), Prayer, Elemental Materia + Lightning (on weapon)


Nero on Hard Mode is a strange one, for being the final battle of INTERmission, you’d expect some new attacks or a change up to the way the battle works but for the most part, you can follow the exact same strategy as the Normal Mode as there are no new attacks to learn. What has changed, however, is the damage the outputs, more than any other enemy in INTERmission. This means you’ll want to make sure you meet the preparations above such as multiple HP Ups, Healing + Magnify and Revival on Yuffie, odds are Sonon will die at least once during this battle. It’s also well worth taking the time to earn the Götterdämmerungs before this battle as it’ll make life a lot easier.

As for Nero himself, his main threat comes from when you enter the third and fourth Phases, once he has the ability to start using Dark Matter. The HP Drain effect from this (and all his other attacks that feature this property) ticks at a much higher rate. It’s for this reason that you really need to enter this battle against Nero with at least 80-90 MP on both of your characters as you’ll need to do plenty of healing. Additionally, unlike on Normal Mode, you’ll want to focus on his wing in the final phase to Pressure him and end the final Phase quicker, he’ll use Dark Matter often here and it’s a race against the time to finish the battle before your MP is depleted.

(1 of 2) All of Nero’s HP Drain attacks will tick for more HP per second

All of Nero’s HP Drain attacks will tick for more HP per second (left), Nero will also use Dark Matter more often, meaning you’ll want a lot of MP for healing for this battle. (right)

Your reward for defeating Nero the Sable on Hard Mode are the final two Manuscripts, Secrets of the Ninja & Secrets of the Staff Vol. XIV along with unlocking The Road to Revenge if you’ve also cleared Chapter 1 on Hard. With that completed, all that’s left to cover in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is defeating the ultimate boss with Cloud’s party, Weiss the Immaculate which is by far the most challenging encounter in the game.

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