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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

How to play Fort Condor

Ben Chard

Fort Condor is a new mini-game found in the INTERmission DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. This page will detail how to play the game.

Fort Condor is introduced by Polk at the Avalanche hideout.

The Basics of Fort Condor

To start with, you’ll choose your Board while you can also see your opponents board. Boards are what determine your starting and total ATB along with which Materia is available on it, you’ll want to make sure you’re using one that can counter your opponents so it helps to collect different boards. Once your board is set, you’ll notice your Units below with a color background and an icon of a sword, bow or shield, these make up the classes in Fort Condor.

Vanguard (Sword) > Ranged (Bow) > Defense (Shield)

As you can see at all times, there is a rock-paper-scissors weakness system to Fort Condor and you’ll want to hit your opponents units with ones that hit their weakness. This is why it’s important to look at the Units your opponent is using on their board before you begin the match and add Units that will counter them. You’ll also notice you have access to Materia, these will change based on your chosen Board and have useful applications such as dealing direct damage to a Unit or healing a group of Units, be sure to study them on your chosen Board, just note that you’ll only be able to use each once in a match.

The final piece of the puzzle are the victory conditions to a match of Fort Condor. Each player will have one Headquarters and two Outposts and the objective is to take them out. If a player destroys the Headquarters, they win the match regardless of how much time is left however if you run out of time, the team with the most Outposts destroyed will be declared the winner. It can often be easier to take out an Outpost and defend yours to win matches at times, especially on Hard.

(1 of 5) Start by selecting a board to play with

Game Flow

Each Unit has an ATB cost (for this reason, don’t place only high cost Units in your deck) and the ATB will fill as the match continues. Once a Unit is available, select a location and place it, you can only place as far as your furthest forward Unit, this means that if you’re on the offensive, you can place Units directly in your opponents territory.

Obtaining Units and Boards

There are four methods for acquiring the Units and Boards that you’ll use throughout Fort Condor and they are as follows:

  1. Winning a match against an opponent for the first time will reward you with a Unit and sometimes a Board.

  2. Plunder chests in Chapter 1 for a few Units and a Board.

  3. Win matches to earn Condor Coins, then trade them with Old Snapper in the Sector 7 Slums. His wares update with each new Rank you gain.

  4. Visit the Junk Shop, his wares will rotate and will sometimes contain Units you can purchase with Gil.

Fort Condor Progression

Once you defeat Polk in the Tutorial, you’ll start at Rank 1, at which point three players will be marked on your map. Defeating these three players will progress you to Rank 2, at which point another two players will appear on your map. Win those, and you’ll have one Rank 3 opponent to beat before you can challenge the Grandmaster to complete the Side Quest and obtain your reward. Note that for both Trophies, you’ll need to win all of the matches while playing on Hard too.

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