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Gigantipede - Hard Mode

Ben Chard

This page is for tips regarding the first boss in INTERmission, Gigantipede on the Hard Mode Difficulty.

Boss: Gigantipede

The Gigantipede is the first boss in INTERmission.

Enemy Weaknesses Notable Loot
Gigantipede Lightning (Tail)
Yuffie Item
Weapon Boomerang
Armor Chthonian Armlet
Accessory Ribbon or Götterdämmerung
Materia Healing + Magnify, Revival, Chakra, HP Up x2 (~8000+ HP), MP Up x2 (~120 MP+), Steadfast Block
Sonon Item
Weapon Marshalist’s Staff
Armor Firebird Armlet
Accessory Kindred Cord or Götterdämmerung
Materia Healing + Magnify, Steadfast Block, HP Up x2 (~9000+ HP), MP Up (~100 MP+), Prayer, Elemental Materia + Lightning (on weapon)


When it comes to bosses with new mechanics on Hard Mode, Gigantipede has precious few compared to some of the bosses in the base game. Outside of the usual stat boosts that you can expect on Hard Mode, which is downplayed by your own power creep, there’s only one phase which is different to the strategy on Normal/Easy Mode and provided you enter this battle with more than half of your MP remaining, you should be fine.

Once you the Gigantipede jumps over to the wall to begin Phase Two, it’ll start using its Containment Drones which has many new features. Each Drone will either have the Shield status or Reflect status. If a Drone has Shield, you must defeat it with magical based attacks, while if it has Reflect, you’ll have to focus on Physical based attacks. This means you’ll need to be much more careful when picking your target. To make this even more dangerous, the Drones’ missiles will hit a lot harder meaning you’ll have to look to destroying as many as quickly as possible or guard (with Steadfast Block for the ATB gains) through them. Leave them alone however and you’ll soon be facing the game over screen.

(1 of 2) Use Synergize and then toss and retrieve the Shuriken for Containment Drones with Shield

Use Synergize and then toss and retrieve the Shuriken for Containment Drones with Shield (left), while you'll want to switch to Lightning Ninjutsu for the Drones with Reflect. (right)

Outside of this, the battle remains the same for the most part, use Yuffie to target the tail with Lightning Ninjutsu, have Sonon focus on the head and then make use of Limit Synch and/or Ramuh once they become available. With more than half of your MP for both Yuffie and Sonon, you should be able to toss our Magnified Curas at will to keep your HP topped up and bring down the Gigantipede. Once the Gigantipede is down to its last 10% HP, ignore the Containment Drones and go all out on the Tail/Head to finish it off. For defeating Gigantipede on Hard difficulty you’ll obtain the Secrets of the Ninja Vol. 10 and Secrets of the Staff Vol. 10 Manuscripts.


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