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Cyberpunk 2077

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With a Little Help from My Friends

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

The second Side Job in Panam’s Side Job questline, this will begin a good while after Riders on the Storm ends. Skip a few days and you should get a call from Panam asking you to return to the Aldecaldo camp for another Saul-related emergency. Talk to Panam and hear her plan.

(1 of 3) If you decline to ride with Panam, you can tell Saul about her plan.

Sabotaging Panam’s Plan - Shion “Coyote”

The first consequential decision (aside from outright refusing to participate) comes after you agree to help with the heist:

  • [Stand] “I’m riding with.”
  • [Stand] “We’ll meet there.”

This might not seem very important, but if you decline to ride with Panam you can seek out Saul in the Aldecaldo camp and tell him about Panam’s plan:

  • “Panam’s got no idea I’m here.”
    • “Panam swayed Cassidy and the others.”
      • “Plan makes no sense.”
      • “Worried about Panam.”
      • [Nomad] “No “sides” here. The good of the clan - that’s what count.”
    • “Rather not interfere.”
  • “Idea with the Basilisk - it’s shit.”
    • “Panam swayed Cassidy and the others.”
      • “Plan makes no sense.”
      • “Worried about Panam.”
      • [Nomad] “No “sides” here. The good of the clan - that’s what count.”
    • “Rather not interfere.”

If you talk to Saul and start to tattle, you can only abort by saying “Rather not interfere.”. Any other option will lead to you ratting out Panam and preventing you from completing the quest normally. After this the objective will change, and some time later you’ll get an angry call from Panam. Following this you’ll get a message from Saul, who, at length, tells you to pick up a vehicle from the Sunset Motel as thanks. This will score you the Shion “Coyote”, but you will not be able to complete Panam’s Side Job questline or romance her.

(1 of 2) Chat with Panam atop the control tower, and if you want to romance her, avoid saying "Not doing it for free.".

Chat with Panam atop the control tower, and if you want to romance her, avoid saying "Not doing it for free.". (left), At the campfire later, if you get the option to scooch closer to her, you should be on track to romance Panam. (right)

Romancing Panam

Riding with Panam will allow you to finish her questline as normal, and perhaps even romance her. Do the menial tasks Panam sets you to at the train station and after you get the train running, talk to Panam by a window. As odd as it sounds, this seems to be the only dialogue choice in either her Main Job or Side Job questlines that actually determines whether you can romance her or not… assuming, of course, your V has a male body type.

If you start out with [Stand by window] “Missed you.” you should set yourself up for a future romance whatever you say next. Pick anything else and Panam will ask why you’ve been helping her out:

  • “Know it’s important to you.”
  • “Wanna see how it plays out.”
  • “Not doing it for free.”
  • “What, trust issues, again?”

If you want to romance Panam, you must avoid saying you’re helping her for a reward. There’s really not a lot of ways to mess this up - as long as you avoid picking “Not doing it for free.” you should be fine.

After some more chatter (and a message from Saul that doesn’t affect anything) you’ll find yourself sitting around a campfire. The only thing that really matters here is a dialogue choice that’ll come after you declare that you’re going to try to sleep:

  • [Scooch closer] “Gotten kinda cold.”
  • “Can tell you won’t be getting any sleep.”
  • “ Wake me if anything happens.“
  • “Mad at me?”

You will only get the option “Mad at me?” if romance with Panam is off the table, which only seems to be possible at this point if you picked the dialogue option “Not doing it for free.” up in the control tower earlier. Otherwise you should see [Scooch closer] “Gotten kinda cold.”, which should mean romance with Panam is still possible. Note that you don’t actually have to pick the dialogue option [Scooch closer] “Gotten kinda cold.” to romance Panam - as long as you see it, you should be good.

None of the other decisions or actions you undertake during this job are particularly consequential.

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