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The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
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Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite
Arroyo Complete the Side Job The Beast in Me: Badlands:


The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo is one of the subquests of the superquest The Beast in Me. It will start after you finish The Beast in Me: Badlands

(1 of 4) Be sure to take turns slowly - there are a lot of them, and avoiding mistakes will save you more time than trying to be flashy.

Finish the Race: Santo Domingo

This subquest will start just like the previous two; after finishing The Beast in Me: Badlands, wait a day (again, this is a bit wonky - best to go do something else in the meantime, as skipping time 24 hours doesn’t always get you text from Claire you’re looking for) until Claire texts you. Read it, reply, then head to the marked location on the map. When you arrive, call Claire, then sit on a nearby couch to give the game time to load the race.

After the timeskip, head over to Claire and talk to her, then choose whether you want to use one of your vehicles or The Beast. Again, The Beast is quite sufficient here, and generally you should aim for something maneuverable rather than something fast - you probably won’t hit max speed in this next race anyways.

Control over speed has been a theme in the last few races, but this is emphasized even moreso in this race, as you’ll be racing through the narrow streets of Santo Domingo. Expect many tight turns (sometimes in quick succession) and even a stretch along the highway. You probably won’t lose this race by driving too slow, but rather by making a mistake and driving too fast - hitting a guard rail or missing a ramp on the highway being the most likely culprits. The winding uphill road at the end of the race - at the southeastern end of Rancho Cornado - is the synthesis of this race: lots of turns, relatively narrow route, high risk that a mistake will all but seal a bad finish.

Drive cautious, slow down on turns, and trust the guide arrows to keep you on the right route. Again, the AI is bumbling at best, and as long as you don’t miss a turn, get stuck on guard rail or otherwise fail to stick to your route you should be fine. Victory isn’t necessary, so don’t stress out going for it, just focus on finishing the race.

When you’re done, exit the vehicle and talk to Claire, who will tell you the real purpose of dragging you out to these races. If you want to give yourself more options in the next quest in this questline, be sure to say the following to Claire:

  • “Sorry, Claire, but I can’t help.”
    • “Okay, I’ll still drive. But only to win.”

Whatever you say, when you’re done talking to Claire the job The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo will end and this questline will continue with the superquest The Beast in Me for a brief period before ultimately transitioning to the final quest in this questline, The Beast in Me: The Big Race. Fortunately Claire doesn’t offer you a ride, so you don’t have to feel compelled to suffer her glacial hospitality.


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